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Big crowd expected at Wembley Stadium, although tickets remain

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LONDON -- Less than 48 hours until kickoff, and the game between the Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium is selling well.

Because of the lockout, ticket sales didn't start until September. But about 75,000 tickets are accounted for, which is about 9,000 short of capacity for an American football game.

This, however, doesn't reflect poorly on the NFL here.

A Sept. 6 match between England and Wales had an attendance of 77,128, about 13,000 short of capacity. And the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final between Wigan and Leeds had an attendance of 78,482, which means there were about 12,000 empty seats.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster by clicking here

UPDATE: According to Pro Football Talk, last year's game between the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers had an official attendance of 83,941. In 2010, the game between the New England Patriots and Bucs had 84,254.

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I'll be there!

You do realize that the England and Wales game had empty seats was because the English Football Association wanted it that way. In soccer the home fans and away fans are separated from each other. Because Wembley has no natural separation area for the away fans they had to make an artificial barrier to keep the Welsh and English fans separated by leaving rows of seats empty plus putting security in those seats. The rivalry between the welsh and english is very fierce and hate each other. If these measures did not happen you could expect fights among the groups of fans. Only a Scotland vs England or Ireland vs England match would be a higher security risk than England Wales. If it was an England vs Montenegro game then the seperation of the 2 groups of fans would be smaller since their is really no rivalry among those 2 nations and a less security risk thuis allowing more seats to be open.

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