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Bears taking a look at LB Pisa Tinoisamoa

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In need of depth at linebacker, the Bears are bringing former Bears linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa to Halas Hall for a workout, league sources have told the Sun-Times.

Tinoisamoa, 30, is an eight-year NFL veteran who started 12 games for the Bears in 2009-10, including 10 starts last season. He also played for Lovie Smith as a rookie with the Rams in 2003. Tinoisamoa has been an effective player when healthy, but has struggled with injuries in recent seasons.

Tinoisamoa started at strong side linebacker last season, but suffered a knee injury and was replaced by Nick Roach in the last four games. Roach has been the starter this season. But the Bears have little NFL experience behind their starters at linebacker. Their backup linebacker are Brian Iwuh, who has four career NFL starts and rookie Dom DeCicco.

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OK experts, on Sunday there was a report that Seattle( I know another rusk pick) Arron Curry was avaliable for a 4th round pick and he plays SLB. Can someone tell me if he would be worth it or should the bears stay away? Not crazy about signing another old injury prone player, bears have to many old players already. Sean I would prefer your scouting report on Curry, to many people post as others on here. Thanks

love me some pisaaaaaaaaaaa... hope hes healthy and can help... hes a tackling machine!! now if we can just cover someone we will be ok..


With a quarter of the year over, it's good the BEARS are keeping some players in the roledex in case of injuries. How about corners, who is available as a FA with some NFL game exeperience to keep on file for the BEARS. We have been lucky to have no serious injuries at corner, but all it takes is one for us to have some problems.

Sean, on Sunday the FOX show said Arron Curry LB form Seattle was avaliable for a 4th round pick. Is he worth it? He is 5-6 yrs younger than pisa and I believe healthier, kind of tired of the bears bringing in old/injured players. This is one reason they don't have good depth. Interested in any other opinions on Curry.

up rooted:

Great question, I had heard that myself, I know he was a high draft pick and could possibly help, but I think Angelo is a little gun shy in traidng during the season after what happened with Gaines Adams

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