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Bears take a crack at cricket

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Before a practice Friday at the Surrey County Cricket Club, the Bears visited with some cricket players, who showed them the basics of their sport.

Then, they gave it a shot.

Brian Urlacher had a few nice liners, then he took over pitching duties.

Lance Briggs didn't fare so well, although Urlacher didn't give him much to work with, and Charles Tillman had modest success getting the ball to travel too far.

But Jay Cutler was a natural -- and he lined up as a lefty.

A decorated baseball player in high school, Cutler hit the cricket ball -- made of solid leather with a rubber core -- a decent distance in the air.

Click here for the video of Cutler.

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Thanks as always for news on Cutler- actual objective news.

Does anyone know if Jay Cutler golfs? His beautiful follow through on his cricket swing makes me think he would be a heckuva golfer. I don't golf myself, but even his body build seems right.

He still hits at the batting cages, quick bat. Cutler bats lefty? Is he a natural lefty?

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