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Bears release Chris Harris

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Days after starting against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London, veteran safety Chris Harris was released by the Bears this morning.

The Bears on Wednesday worked out defensive linemen and two safeties, Darcel McBath and Tom Nelson, who played at Illinois State and is from Arlington Heights. But early indications are the Bears will not fill the roster spot with either of those players.

Harris was expected to return to the bench, when Major Wright got healthy. Wright said earlier in the week he expected to return after the bye.

"I was just released this morning by the Bears," Harris wrote on his Twitter account. "Thank u for the opp to play football n do what I luv. I'm looking toward my next venture."

"This business known as the NFL is a strange one," he wrote. "Chicago I want to thank u for all the luv u have shown me over the yrs. u will b missed."

UPDATE: The Bears website confirmed the news of Harris' release at 9 a.m.

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There is no way the release of Harris makes the Bears a better team. He started all of the games last year. You're tell me he could not be backup? This decision does not make sense, especially with Wright being injury prone.

Team Chemistry is critical to success and at first blush it appears that Harris disrupted team chemistry with his public antics and who knows what happened in the locker room?.Chris Harris was performing poorly and was out of position a number of times against Tampa Bay and in the game against Detroit when he was subsequently benched, his comment about some players not being held accountable but regardless of whether it is true or not, you do not say that in public.

Belichek would have made the same move as would many other coaches and GM's for insubordinate actions.

Go BEARS!!!!

I agree they will do fine without him, he looked pretty pathetic against Tampa Bay. Would not surprise me if he ends up with Green Bay or Detroit this year and you know the rest.

I just wanna thank Chris Harris for all the wonderful memories! You gave the bear fans alot to cheer about over the years... You will surely be missed! Good luck with your future, and I hope you find a good team to finish your career... You deserve it! Die Hard Bear Fan! ! ! !

I am in no way defending Harris. I don't think his leaving will affect the team much, but this is a prime example of why I think Lovie is a bozo. If Harris is not good enough to even be on the team, then why was he ever starting? Once again, Lovie proves he can't identify who his best players are. If Harris is better than some of the other safeties but is being a distraction, then how about showing some leadership and coaching to get the guy back onboard. You think Phil Jackson ever had chemistry issues? But he knew how to handle them and still get the most out of a player. Lovie is such a simpleton it drives me nuts.

I wish someone could tell me why Chris Harris keeps getting cut.

Why didn't they trade him before the deadline? Even if they only got a 7th round pick, better than nothing and you could choose were he goes!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not just Lovie. The entire organization has no concept of development of players, and they have managed to survive by playing band-aid for the last 8 years. How many times in the last few years have we seen a starter be de-activated from the active roster after a bad outing, or when the coaches decide they want to see what another player can do. Dez Clark was kept in street clothes while Manumaleuna stole money from us all last season.

Chris Harris is a relatively smart, savvy player. But his physical limitations are to the point where he can't make up for a mistake with his legs. He is out of position, takes bad angles, and misses tackles far too often for a safety.

The Bears gave him permission to seek a trade prior to the deadline, and no one came calling...That should tell you a lot.

Most teams know when player is gonna be cut because a team shops the player. So they sit and wait for the player to be cut.

Here is a question for you, why was Harris starting in against Tampa and Meriweather was not? If they like Meriweather more than Harris why was Meriweather on the bench?

Yeah Creighton I know, I'm just a 40 yr bear fan who's just frustrated and PO'd. Have a feeling someone wanted harris to have 1 last chance before they released him.

Hey Joe,

I heard you shot your woman down (just kidding).

I think you are making my point. Yes, the Bears have organizational problems, but developing players is solely up to the coaches and Lovie is the number one coach. It's not Angelo's, or Teddy Bear's, or a McCaskey's job to develop talent. That falls on Lovie and the staff that he hand chose, and they've been terrible at it. And, you're right about Clark and Manumaleuna, but that is just another example of Lovie not knowing who his best players are and putting the wrong ones on the field.

Chris Harris says..."there is a lot of football ahead of him"...yeah, and a lot of receivers behind him. Some where along the line this guy las lost it physically. And his decision making was much to be desired. They have hung their safety future on 2 third round picks. This all goes back to them getting "pantsed" by the packers in the 2010 draft with the Morgan Burnett pick. But we always have the 2012 draft where Angelo could draft 2 more safeties.

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