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Bears might be catching Eagles at the wrong time

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The Bears caught the Philadelphia Eagles at the right place at the right time last season. But after the Eagles routed the Dallas Cowboys 34-7 at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday night, it doesn't look like the Bears' timing is quite as fortuitous this time around.

When the Bears played the Eagles last Nov. 28, they were at Soldier Field; the Eagles were coming off an emotional come-from-behind victory over the rival New York Giants in a pivotal game between 6-3 teams that ultimately decided which team would make the playoffs and which would not; and the Eagles were without star cornerback Asante Samuel. The Bears won 31-26 to move to 8-3 en route to the NFC North title.

Just the Bears' luck, the Eagles (3-4) are looking like the "Dream Team" for the first time since a Week 1 victory over the Rams. Nnamdi Asomugha had an interception of Tony Romo and Jason Babin sacked Romo in the first quarter to spark the impressive rout. The Eagles dominated time-of-possession, controlling the ball for 42:09 to just 17:51 for the Cowboys.

Babin, who parlayed a breakout year at 30 into a five-year, $28 million contract to rejoin the Eagles (he had 12.5 sacks for the Tennessee Titans last year -- he had never had more than five in a season), had two sacks against the Cowboys and has nine in seven games this season.

Michael Vick was 21-of-28 for 279 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions for a 129.9 passer rating and added 50 rushing yards on seven carries. And running back LeSean McCoy rushed for 185 yards on 30 carries against the Cowboys top-ranked rush defense (69.7 yards per game, 3.3 yards per carry). He also caught two passes for 15 yards to give him an even 200 yards from scrimmage for the night.

The Eagles are now 13-0 after the bye week under Andy Reid. In fact, bye teams were 5-1 on Sunday. The only loser was the New England Patriots, who lost 25-17 to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh -- no shame there. It's the Bears who will have the extra rest this time --  they had a bye Sunday and will have had two full weeks off since returning from London after beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last weekend.

The Bears might be catching the Eagles at the wrong time -- or not. The New Orleans Saints, after beating the winless Indianapolis Colts 62-7 last week, lost to the winless St. Louis Rams 31-21 on Sunday. The winless Dolphins, who lost the Denver Broncos at home last week, nearly beat the New York Giants in the Meadowlands on Sunday. They lost 20-17 on a touchdown pass in the final six minutes. Fortunes change quickly in the NFL, maybe even moreso this season than most.

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I'm thinking "not" Mark.

The Cowboys are a complete joke. While talented, they are total losers; it's a mentality thing I think. I imagine at the beginning of every year Jerry Jones tells them all how great they are and how their headed to the Super Bowl so the team believes this and then fails to put in the required effort to win. Anyway they're a bad team and because Dallas gets a lot of attention they're always in the spotlight but make no mistake, they suck.

I'm not saying the Bears will win against the Eagles, but they've got a fair chance. Recall how good they usually do against Vicko. Also, what are they doing with Asomugha on that team? He looks terrible. It's like they put him in that "free-roam" position that the Saints did with Sharper in their Super Bowl year. It worked with Sharper, but I don't think it's working with Nnamdi. He's a man cover guy and that's what he excells at. Better for us though I guess.

Within The Context Of American Football, The 'Good' Teams Need To Play, & Win... Against Other Good Teams.

This Is The Fifth Straight Year, That These 2 Clubs Have Faced Off Against One Another.

Da BEARS Supposedly Employ A Very Experienced & Professional Coaching Staff, And That Staff Has The 'Tapes' Of Last Night's Game.
So Let's All Just Hope That They Can Collectively "Game Plan" To Defeat A Familiar, Now Regularly Scheduled, Foe.


The Eagles' wide-nine defense looks vulnerable to the Forte strengths. He will run at will all night between their ends and tackles. The Eagle offense will have a field day, too, so we will have to win in a shootout.

Yeah yeah, nice article Mark. Very true as well. Eagles line up their ends in a wide nine, Bears can run on that unless Jenkins has a big game, but they are askign Jenkins to do to much trying to fill a gap that size. Cowboys tried to get by to often with just a 5 man front on the O-Line. You can run on the Eagles unless you are down by a lot. So if the Bears can keep them from running up the score they will be fine.

Anyway, I got a question. I keep hearing rumors about Carimi having a pre-existing knee condition and thats why he fell in the draft. I heard he aggrivated it while playing for the Bears and that the Bears are trying to figure out if playing him will make it worse and that's why he is not back. I also heard he will need off-season surgery. Is there any validity to this? I asked this last week and got no answer, the rumor has now expanded, and was being talked about on the score this monday. So again is there any validity to this? Or at the very least have there been whispers among the reporters, or have you heard this discussed at all?

Have a happy Halloween, don't eat to much candy its for the kids, I don't care how fun the fun sized candy is. Except for Payday's and Snikers, they have nuts, that means protien, so they are good for you, go nuts. See what I did there?

Maybe the Eagles caught the Boys at the right time. Coming off a bye where Reid has won 13 striaght including yesterday and they got up real quick on a team that uses the run to set up pass against a regressing Romo. People say Philip River isnt playing well, but Romo has look awful at times this year.

Im not guranteeing a bears victory, but i feel we're a better team than the Boy's and our defense can do better than what the Boys did. To be honest the Eagles defense scares me more than their offense with 3 CB that can potentially shutdown or WR's and 3 pass rusher than can get through our oline.


It's all about taking "your-ens and beating they-ens" as Bum Phillips would say.

The Bears always play Vick pretty tough, and The Eagles are gonna be hard-pressed to run on the Bears so, Vick better be on his game- passing wise.

All the talk is about Vick. but Cutler will have a breakout-break-through game next Monday, before a National audience.

I predict the offense will be crisp, precise and have the Eagles reeling as the Bears pick the Eagles defense apart.

Time to put on your Big Boy Drawers! Bears dominate the Eagles as a nation watches!!!

You heard it here first!

Monday night record and at Philly, if they win it could set them up for a good run

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