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Bears lead league with 17 false starts

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The Bears offense is struggling. But, the unit is complicating matters with offside and false start penalties.

According to STATS, the Bears lead the league with 17 offsides/ false starts on offense and special teams. The league average is six, and the Seattle Seahawks are second worst with 12.

On Monday night, in Detroit, the Bears offensive players were flagged for eight false starts - more than 25 NFL teams had committed for the season, through Sunday's games.

The Green Bay Packers have the third-most false starts, with 10. But the Packers and Seahawks have both played three of five games on the road.

The Bears, meanwhile, have hosted three of five games at Soldier Field. Yes, the Bears played at the Superdome, which is notoriously loud. But, the Houston Texans were flagged for just one false start in a 40-33 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

At Ford Field, in a blowout loss, the Kansas City Chiefs committed one false start. But the Bears offense was flagged for eight of them Monday.

Overall, J'Marcus Webb and Frank Omiyale lead the way with five false starts each, while tight end Kellen Davis has two. For perspective, Omiyale and Webb have more false starts apiece than a dozen teams.

I definitely have to look at myself and where I'm at right now," Omiyale said. "I have to dig deep and get better.'"

Chris Williams, Matt Forte and Devin Hester have one apiece. Chris Conte and Pat Mannelly have them on special teams.

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This is the last year of Mike Martz deal. Do the Bears let him go and hire an in house guy..... You know what clean house alltogether. The talent the Bears have on both sides of the ball, a all new staff could work it to get the Bears back on track.

Oh my the Bears are the league leaders in "false starts" you say? Jimminy, that's swell! I new we were good but leading the league means we are really something huh!?

God bless yoiu Mr. Angelo and Mr. Smith. Keep up the good work.

You know, if the haters win and get the Great Jerry Angelo fired after this season, I wonder if the Bears would be sagacious enough to hire Jim Hendry as GM. It sounds too good to be true, I know, but a Bumstead can only dream!

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