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Bears have a strong international following

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the "home" team at Wembley Stadium.

But Bears fans are here in force, too.

I saw many on my flight, and I saw even more Bears fans throughout the city -- at all hours. I ran in many who made the trip from Chicago or somewhere else in the U.S.

But I was fascinated by fans of the Bears who are from other parts of the world. I met fans from India, Germany and several other European countries. But the one I got to know best was Keith Wallace, who works for the Royal Bank of Scotland.

He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and he became a fan, because of the 1985 Bears. He traveled to the Bears preseason game at Wembley Stadium, and he's been a loyal fan ever since.

He watches all of the games.

But here's what blew me away. He and his wife Lynn named their daughter Devin.

"We agreed on Devin as the name, as he returned the Super Bowl kickoff."

Devin Mitchell is four years old.

His oldest daughter is Tayne, 9.

Click here to see Keith's daughters.
Keith and his family took a six-hour train ride from Scotland to the game. He was among those who met up with me, Michael Wright of ESPN Chicago, Albert Breer of the NFL Network and Neil Hornsby of Pro Football Focus at Sports Cafe Saturday night.

I was fortunate to buy him a beer.

They are at the game tonight.

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Who cares about an international following when the Bears can't even stand still and be respectful for the National Anthem of the United States. I was very disappointed in the team being shown on national (international) TV talking and moving around during both anthems. I am not saying this only about the Bears but, it seems to be a common thread among many other teams and sports. On the other hand, if we're going to move around and open our mouths during the anthem then lets do it like a Blackhawks game and cheer for our country! At least the English were singing theirs.

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