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Where do the Bears stand after first 3 games?

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The Bears knew where they would stand, after playing three 2010 playoff teams.

The opponents were as challenging as any team could face, but the Bears would at least get the benefit of playing two of those games at Soldier Field.

Many figured 2-1 would be a good start. But 1-2 is their reality, and even more discouraging is the way they got there: a lot of the same problems from 2010, with a few new concerns cropping up.

The Bears struggled on third down, and they had problems establishing the run, protecting the quarterback and making routine catches.

There were also a litany of penalties and blown assignments.

But, the Bears run defense has also looked suspect, with Michael Turner gashing them in Week 1 and Green Bay Packers running back averaging 5.4 yards carry on Sunday, as his team reached 100 rushing yards on the nose.

That the Bears have dug a hole in the NFC North isn't a surprise; the Packers are the defending Super Bowl champions, and they're among the favorites to win this year. But the Packers have company atop the NFC North with the Detroit Lions a surprising 3-0.

The Bears face a must-win game next Sunday, as they host the Carolina Panthers, then they will play in a rare Monday night game in Detroit.

In other words, the Bears face a desperate situation, or else they could dig themselves too big a hole to dig out of.

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The 'Defensive Minded' Head Coach?.. Insistantly Runs A 10+ Year Old Scheem, That Any Good Opositiong Coach.. Has Figured Out How To Beat Long Ago.

The Egotisic Offensive Co-Ordinator?.. Is So Busy Trying To Prove He And His Plan Are 'Genious', That He Has ZERO Idea What The Reality Of His Roster Holds For Talent. A Successful Coach (At Any Level) Needs To Look Realistically At What 'Cards He Has To Play'.. Before He Goes 'All In' On Almost Every Down.

The General Manager?... What-Ever!

The 'Machine' Is Faultering BEARS Fans, And The Big Boss'es Are At Fault.

Time To Do What's Been Needed For The Last 4 Years... Empty The Front Offices And Get Some New Ideas.

Getting Out Coached Every Sunday.. Is The Worst!

I've been a Bear's fan since the mid 70's most of which has been miserable. Have no fear, they will dig themselves a DEEP hole. This team is average at best in a division that is getting better. Write this year off and hopefully Angelo will be gone next year. Anyone notice when the Packer's O-lineman went out with an injury yesterday, they never skipped a beat? Try that one with the Bears.

I don't know where to begin, but I will give it a shot. At 9:45 left in the 4th the Bears played the worst offensive series of football I have ever seen in my life. What do they do well, they run screens to try and hide the fact they can't run block. They run screens to try and hide Garza, Williams and the rest. Chris Williams is just bad at football.

The recievers suck and are in a offense that exposes how bad they are and exposes their weaknesses. Watching the Packers recievers yesterday and looking at the Bears was night and day.

Cutler is a read react QB in a timing offense that forces him to stay in the pocket and trust recievers who have no clue along with a offensive line that has no clue as well. The offense does not fit Cutler and just like the recievers it exposes Cutlers flaws rather than exploit his talents.

Mike Martz is obsolete and has no clue how to use his players or adjust to them. He wants to paint a picture he sees in his head and does not care that he does not have the paint, canvas or brushes. He is trying to force guys into a scheme they don't fit in.

The offensive line, they provided some blocking this week, pass blocking, usually against the three man rush, the Packers dropped 8 all day. I thought they were bad in pass blocking, and I new they were bad in run blocking, but not this bad. Brutal, they are just brutal! What is with all the delays and stretch plays? Plus yesterday I saw Williams not blocking anyone multiple times, you see that guy standing in front of you? Block him!

Lovie Smith, is there a head coach in the nfl that knows less about offense than him? Is there a head coach that so little to do with his offense as Smith? Is there a head coach in the nfl that has undermined his offense as much as Smith buy ignoring it? The guy wants no part of his offense, he wants nothing to do with it. He had no clue that Martz and the offensive players would not fit together, none. No offense to the Lovie fans but half the guys on this board new it was bad match the day they hired Martz and said so. Even Angelo new it was a bad match, he never wanted Martz and looked all over the place for a different OC.

Angelo and scouting, these guys are lost, they have no clue how to draft offense, and have no clue about what offensive players fit what scheme. The only positiong Angelo thinks about, dreams about, drools about, is the 3 tech.

Ownership, no clue about modern football.

The defense, for the second week in a row they kinda sucked.

Dave Toub, wow.

Almost forgot, Lovie Smith said he would get it fixed, he said he would find balance. 12 Running plays? 12 r u n n i n g plays? That was the balance he was seeking? Worst rushing attack in Chicago Bears history.

A defensive power house that used to beat the snott out of teams, beat them up, attack them, is now the bend don't break team that breaks a little to often.

One of the greatest rushing teams in nfl history is now the worst rushing team I can remember.

Halas believed in a powerful dominant offensive line. He believed in strong drafting, inovation, and hard nosed players. He had a vision for his team top to bottom, well this is not that vision, and this is not Bear football. I don't know what this is but it's closser to Cub baseball than Bear football.

This is Bear country and nobody is affraid to feed the damn Bears. This is not a modern version of Bear football, they don't attack on defense, the don't punch you in the mouth with the run game and hit you with an invotive passing attack. This is not an inovative offense, it was inovative over a decade ago. No audibles? Who the hell does that, the Packers are dropping 8-9 guys and they can't switch to a run play, cause Martz sees pretty passing pictures in his head.

Sorry Sean I am done now, I had to get that off my chest.

I couldn't agree more with you, JImmy - right down the line. Hopefully, our new Chairman of the Board, George McCaskey, is more than just a good old boy, more than just the next McCaskey in line, and has the strength to boot Phillips out, along with Angelo and Lovie. After all, it was Phillips who hired a management consulting firm to find us a general manager because he didn't know enough about the position to hire one himself. I have my doubts already, because McCaskey has already praised the efforts of Michael McCaskey and Ted Phillips in helping him transition from ticket manager to CEO. Does anyone really think Phillips is capable of hiring Angelo's replacement? Or McCaskey of hiring Phillips replacement.? We really do need to empty our front offices. Years and years of lousy drafting and coaching will come to a head this year. Fans have got to start understanding that these are management problems. Ronnie Lott always made a point to give owner Eddie DeBartolo credit for much of the 49er success in their glory days. DeBartolo hired Bill Walsh...and you know the rest.

I wish younger Bears fans understood just what you are saying, Creighton. The Bears were once the most forward-looking team in sports. They hired Clark Shaughnessy, the inventor of the T-formation at Stanford in the early 40s; they were one of the first teams to draft players from small schools - Harlon Hill from Florence State Teachers' College, Perry Jeter from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Willie Galimore from Florida A&M, Johnny Morris from University of California at Santa Barbara, Henry Mosely from Morris Brown,
Andy Livingston from some J.C. in Arizona. Jim Dooley, Halas's golden boy,was hired to be one of the first quality control guys. Ken Margerum, a Bill Walsh student, exclaimed that Dooley would talk about deep soup, medium soup, and short soup, terminology that Bill Walsh had used at Stanford! The Bears now are buffoons. The new Cubs will beat them to the next championship. The game has passed the Bears by. The whole thing will fall apart this year. We gave up a 4th to move up to get Paea? C'mn man!

This is a worse than normal Monday after losing a winnable game at home to the slackers. I am disgusted in the overall look of the team at this point. On all the passes to Finley you could tell where the pack was going each time, especially on the last one a straight iso play to get Stelz in coverage.

I thought the area that lost us the game was the first play of the first series in 3rd quarter, when BEARS with reasonable field posisiton call a pass play and williams completely let's the guy go,that was straight over him to give help on the iinside. Yes, it was dumb on Williams's part, but why in the Hell weren't we running the ball in the first place. This line needs some confidence they will not get it until there is a real commintment to running the ball and allowing those guys to drive block to hopefully wear down the defense, Martz's play calling is killing this team and the o-line.

Time of posession another key stat, pack had the ball for 38 minutes and had BEARS playing from behind at the start-3 straight losses to them, says we are in trouble, Hell I'm hoping we don't show up in Detroit at 1-3 on Monday night the way the Lions are playing does not bode well for the BEARS in the division.

Everyone knows the nfl is the copycat league, abck i nthe day Halas was the cat everyone copied. I don't expect Halas style football in the modern era, what I expect is a modern version of his vision.

We don't set the trends anymore, this is not the inovative Buddy Ryan defense. This is a Tampa 2 defense that was brought to Chicago a decade after it was inovative. Dungy was using this defense with Vikings in 92. After half the league had started using it the Bears jumped on the wagon. A decade after the Martz offense was inovative the Bears decided to bring it here.

Do the Bears do decade long studies on everything before they bring it here? Where is the inovation?

My god they just made a trade a few years ago for a pro bowl QB, and I think they destroyed him. Chicago is not where QB's go to die, it's where we bring them to kill them.

I remember the days when the Bears were not very good (After Sayers and before Sweetness) but when you played the Bears, you felt it and usually lost the next weekend! This current team is a joke and it makes me what to hurl. Now you see the Bears on your schedule and "Cool, it's time to pad the stats!". Keep on losing, maybe everyone will get shown the door!!

Creighton, you are on a roll. Keep it up, man.

If Cutler is getting killed so much, why don't they just throw some quick outs to Devin Hester and let him do is thing. Mike Martz needs more Smartz!!

Not asking me to eat Crow today are we Tripper? Now if I am not mistaken you guaranteed a Super Bowl title this year for the Bears. Funny how you want everyone fired after 2 loses, considering you refer to everyone as wagon jumpers. Guess you just jumped off the wagon, it took you two whole games, wow what a fan.

Say what you want but at least I am consistant.

@PJ Ford because Hesters thing consists of getting jammed, running the wrong routs, not going hot when he is suppose too, giving up on routs, dropping passes, getting in stupid fights. Quick out's are not helping much anyway they are using to many guys to protect the pass, have no second level blocking and a quick out does little for you in 3rd and 33. The offense has also been very predictable this year, its limited and teams are sitting on it. Try a quick out with 8-9 guys in coverage and 3-4 rushing, 7-8 guys trying to block those rushers 3 recievers and a check down back.

They can't fire everyone in the middle of the season.

However, they should fire Martz. The scheme is simply bad. He doesn't have Torry Holt, Azir Hakim, and Isaac Bruce at WR. He doesn't have Orlando Pace at Left Tackle. His offense looked good years ago because of that incredible offensive talent. He has repeatedly shown to be incapable of adapting his offense to the talent he has on the roster.

Fire Martz, and promote Tice to O-Coordinator. Not an A+ move for sure, but better than now. Plus, they have probably just played the 2 best teams on their schedule the last 2 weeks. They can still salvage the season, but not with Martz calling the shots.

If they miss the playoffs, Martz has to be gone for sure. I think Angelo should be gone too. I think Lovie Smith should stay. With the crap talent he has been given, it is pretty amazing he has had the level of success he has so far. I mean, taking a team to the superbowl with "Rex is out QB" has got to be the best damn coaching job ever.

Ryan you are joking about lovie right? lovie has lost so many games for the bears with his ineptness and his blank stares. lovie didn't take the bears to the superbowl, a great defense with players that were there before lovie and one of the greatest special teams play ever. lovie needs to join that list of firings.

Ryan he got to the Super Bowl, because the division was weak that year, Jones was running the ball, the defense was in it's prime, and the offensive line was respectable. They played 13 games against teams with a 500 record or worse, they played three games against teams with winning records. Olin was still Olin, Brown had a great year, and Tait was a very solid player, Moose and Berrian were better than what they have now. Hester was unkown and surprised everyone in the return game, Toub special teams had better rules to work with, and again they could run the ball. The league has changed and Lovie is not adjusting to it very well.

You may as well say Turner was a great coach cause Lovie as nothing to do with the offense. They won because of Defense, Special teams and running the ball. That is hard to do these days, but then again look at the Raiders. By the way the Raiders run basically the same offense as the Bears and ranked number 1 in rushing. Gibbs did it with this offense, Coryell used a TE, and I can't figure out for the life of me why Martz does not like using them in the passing game, seems to be working for the rest of the nfl, but not good enough for Martz.

And up rooted is right a lot of the players on that defense were not Lovie guys or Angelo draft picks. Another thing to remember is that the Turner offense was not Lovie's first plan, Lovie always said they are a running team, but lets be honest he has never been devoted to running the ball. The Bears ran because they had to run, they couldn't pass. Lovie has always wanted a high powered passing attack, why else would he have brought in Terry Shea, Shea runs a Coryell style offense. Lovie was just trying to copy what he saw with the rams. Well he didn't learn with Shea, and now he is not learning with Martz. Martz was Lovie's first choice for OC, his only choice for OC, and he got him. He didn't seem to realize he did not have the players to match the system, that's the second time he has done that. Don't get me started on all his bad coaching choices. Look most of the people on this board new it was a bad hire day one, I wrote an entire piece about this being a bad fit for Cutler day one, I wrote about Tice being a bad fit with Martz, day one. There is no way any fan should no more about offense than the head coach of the Bears.

A modern version of Halas's vision...I really like that. But let me ask you a question pertaining to your comment that we brought Cutler to Chicago only to kill him. This morning, Moon Mullin raised the question whether we are letting Cutler off the hook in our readiness to blame Martz, the OL, the wide receivers, etc. How many of his throws are in the numbers? Even the TD to Sanzenbacher was behind him. He is very inaccurate and, with his mechanics, always will be. My question is, "Do you think Curler would have succeeded with the Rams during the days of "The Greatest Show in Turf?" I really wonder, even with all those tools.

Hear1 Hear! Sean.

I am not letting Cutler off the hook, but I understand what his problem is. I wrote about it here on the blog the day Martz was first brought up. Lots of people new this was going to be a bad mix. I also remember seeing what Happens to Martz QB's that do fit his system, they all get punchy and gun shy in the end. Even after he was in Arizona Warner was still gun shy, and scared, watch some of those games, when Warner saw pressure or got hit he was not mister brave stand in the pocket guy, he would throw a stupid pass or run for his life, he would get an itchy trigger finger and his passes would be eratic.

I have also seen almost all of these offensive players in a different system. Forte's worst year has been with Martz, Jay Cutler was a Pro Bowl QB in Denver, he led the league in 3rd down conversions, the money down, and comeback wins. I saw Cutler play in Chicago with the Broncos and just sliced up our defense. If I did not have that to go on, I wouldn't have a lot to say, but I have seen him play on a talented offense in a system perfect for him and was really good and still developing.

Hester has struggled in 2 offenses, and you can just see how bad the recievers are and the bone head mistakes they make.

The O-Line was bad before Martz and worse with him and everyone new it would be worse because of his system.

My beliefe on Cutler is this and I have said it before, put him in Wahington and put Grossman on this team today. Now ask yourself what do you think you will see. Put Rodgers in this offense and Jay on the Packers what do you think you will see?

If your QB does not trust his line, does not trust his recievers, does not trust his OC, does not trust his head coach, is getting hit all the time, can't Audible, etc... When things are bad they become exagerated. Most QB passes are not perfect, you might get 4-5 dimes a game if your lucky, when QB's have all the crap going on that Cutler has they tend to be less than the sum of their parts. They all look bad in this type of situation. It wouldn't matter who was throwing the ball, every QB gets erractic when they are getting hit or have been beat up for to long, or lack trust in the other players, Jay has all that to deal with.

Sean I want to see how they respond too but this team is getting to the point that it will need to be white flagged. The defense is old, and I don't care how they do against the bad teams with bad offenses, you got to beat the good teams to win the big dance. The Bears have not had a good offense under Angelo, ever. The Martz experiment is not working, it didn't work last year and is not working this year. Evreyone told me it improved and just wait till this year, at the end of last year all I heard was how much it had improved at the end of the season. I told you then, it didn't look that way to me.

If I had the choice I would house clean. I would ask Washington what they would give me for Jay, you know they want him and he knows that offense. This team needs a total house cleaning, start over and build it back up. Get in the Luck sweepstakes and build the offense around him. If they have to try and rebuild the offense around Cutler he will be 31-32 before they are done, a FA and gone or dead. The need to draft and develop almost a whole offense, 2 recievers, 3-4 offensive linemen, a number 2 back, a TE, and the aging defense will need to be addressed as well. The Bears screwed up, they had one shot to reset this team after the brought Cutler in. They kept Lovie, they Brought in Martz and the drafted one offensive linman. That was the big offensive fix.

Sean they have been selling the same crap to Bears fans on offense for 2 decades. The organization as a whole has no clue about offense. If they did Martz would not be here, and they would have been drafting offensive linmen like everyone else in the NFL over that period. We go through more QB's than anyone else, year in and year out we almost always have one of the worst O-Lines in football, we always have bad recievers, it took forever to get a decent back, this organization has no clue about offense. You don't don't give up two first round and a 3rd for a Pro Bowl QB and then do nothing to improve the supporting cast around him when you know the cast sucks. One of the worst lines in football for the last 4 years and it keeps getting worse. How stupid does anyone have to be to not see how bad the line has been and that it needs a major fix? 1 damn draft pick Sean, worst line in football and they added 1 draft pick. Who does that? Every move they make on offense says they have no clue how to build an offense.

Yes, Sean you make a great point. this team is devoid of playmakers in key areas and that is hurting the performance on the field. I don't see any players on the defensive side of the ball outside of Melton and Okoye who are young that we can build around who make plays. Roach has done nothing through three games at SSLB, Jeninngs tackles well, but we need someone other than Urlacher to get a few INT's in a game. Bottom line is we NEED PLAYMAKERS.....

On Offense Knox is hit or miss, and when he misses they are huge such as in sundays game. That drop was critical and could have least got them into field position for a FG try, and what about the personnel decisions, although it looks they have done well with FA's this season; our drafts have been subpar since Angelo has taken over. Cutler not making the reads and who is the idiot who said we could run the ball without a lead blocker.......As for the Receivers Williams through three games is a bust, Hester will never be counted on for more than three catches per week, same with Knox...Cutler needs both Bennett and the Great Dane on the field, as it stands right now they are the only ones who can catch other than Forte on offense. I hate losing to the slackers, and three in a row is sickening......

I pause at your comment that even Aaron Rodgers would fail in our system - and agree. I saw the fear in his eyes last year when he'd taken a couple of hits from Julius Peppers, and think maybe he'd fare even worse then Jay if he were with the Bears. I also like the idea of giving Jay a break by re-uniting him with Shanahan. We need to start from scratch, and that starts with the draft. Of couse, getting rid of Angelo is a given. I have a question: Why don't you point more criticism at Ted Phillips? After all is said and done, he created this mess by hiring Angelo, who hired Smith, who hired Martz. I strongly believe he would just re-cycle the same ignorant decision--making if given the chance. Any opinion yet on George McCaskey? He'd be the one who would have to can Phillips and I have my doubts whether he has the strength to do it. I like the way he handled the fiasco with the Ravens on draft day by saying "sorry" but "that's all your going to get from us." That was Halas-like.

I pause at your comment that even Aaron Rodgers would fail in our system - and agree. I saw the fear in his eyes last year when he'd taken a couple of hits from Julius Peppers, and think maybe he'd fare even worse then Jay if he were with the Bears. I also like the idea of giving Jay a break by re-uniting him with Shanahan. We need to start from scratch, and that starts with the draft. Of couse, getting rid of Angelo is a given. I have a question: Why don't you point more criticism at Ted Phillips? After all is said and done, he created this mess by hiring Angelo, who hired Smith, who hired Martz. I strongly believe he would just re-cycle the same ignorant decision--making if given the chance. Any opinion yet on George McCaskey? He'd be the one who would have to can Phillips and I have my doubts whether he has the strength to do it. I like the way he handled the fiasco with the Ravens on draft day by saying "sorry" but "that's all your going to get from us." That was Halas-like.

I like calling the Packers the slackers, but for what reason other than Aaron Rodgers slovenly appearance? He looks like the Beatnik on Dobie Gillis. On draft day he sat patiently in that gold room, or whatever it is called, with that obtuse smile on his face, with everyone praising his calmness, when, in truth he was just slacking and would have slept in the room all night eating potato chips and watching TV, if his name hadn't been called and he had to get up. Showed symptoms of being a true slacker.

Lots of interesting commentary and lots of finger pointing going on. The upshot is that the bears played poorly and looked poorly coached, which is unfortunately true.Like Sean, I am looking closely at the next two games because those could easily mean the season for the Bears.

I have been on this board a long, long time, and I have nailed pretty much everyone to the wall for years. I get tired of naming names and writing the same stuff over and over. So if I don't have to I just don't bother, Phillips, Angelo, Lovie, Martz, dude I have even named their scouts on this board, their actual names, not just saying the word scouts. I don't hammer Angelo or Lovie as much as I used too, cause I get board doing it. This isn't new news, it's same old, same old here in Chicago.

Creighton, I am glad you are on board - they are all at fault. Yet some yokels like Moon Mullin question who is at fault if the demise continues. I think he should devote full time to his teaching gig at DePaul. My dad watched Mikan play there in the forties, and Mullin spoils the story. Not to point fingers, but...jeez!... who's at fault? EVERYONE.

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