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What should we be asking at Halas Hall this week?

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Finally, it's Game Week at Halas Hall. The roster is set -- for now, at least. And the Bears can turn their attention to Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons instead of Matt Forte's contract, Lance Briggs' trade request/demand, the Soldier Field turf, the absence of Olin Kreutz, and whether or not Chester Taylor was released.


We know we don't have all the answers. But do we even have all the questions? Probably not.

So what should we be asking this week at Halas Hall? Here's a list for starters:

1. Will Lance Briggs play on Sunday?

2. Will Anthony Adams play on Sunday?

3. Will Marion Barber play on Sunday? And how will he be used?

4. Who will be the third defensive end in the rotation if Corey Wootton can't play on Sunday?

5. How does Brandon Meriweather fit into the game plan for the Falcons?

6. Is Roy Williams still the starting split end? Can you put Williams and Johnny Knox on the field at the same time?

7. Will Dane Sanzenbacher be active Sunday?

8. Will Gabe Carimi need "help" in pass protection in his first NFL game?

9. Who will be the kick returners on Sunday?

10. Will Kellen Davis play on Sunday?

There obviously are many more questions -- and more probing questions -- to be asked this week. But remember, answers are hard to come by at Halas Hall in general. And especially during game week, when there seems to be an inverse relationship between the quality of the question and the quality of the answer. So keep in mind that you have do what we often are forced to do at Halas Hall -- dumb things down to a level they can handle.

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Well your rules are fair but, until Sunday, I don't think there is a question more important at Halas Hall than Forte's contract status. They need to get something done on that.

As far as football questions:

The Bears look a little thin at both linebacker and corner. What about the depth chart for those positions should somebody get dinged?

With Sanzenbacher, Williams and Knox getting all the preseason ink, Sam Hurd seems to be an almost forgotten man. Is he in the recevier rotation somewhere?

agree linebacker and whats up with pisa as a possible add on?

When was the last time some of these guys practiced, Adams, Briggs, Wootton, Barber etc?

I heard Josh Moore got cut so the 2010 draft looks like this so far.

Traded away a second round pick on a high risk move that ended in tragedy. Could have kept it and drafted Carlos Dunlap. It was a bad trade with the draft pick holding peak value and the player at his lowest level of value.

Drafted Wright in the third round and he has struggled a bit, just signed Meriweather which suggest how the team feels about the safety position. I know two guys are hurt but they are minor injuries.

4th rd. Wootton a player with a large injury history is currently injured.

5th Moore, cut

6th LeFevour released by the Bears

7th Webb starting LT, lowest rated RT in the NFL in 2010, but still developing.

So far they have two starters from the draft, but nobody knows what kind of starters they are yet. But the first years was very rough on this draft. lets hope year 2 is better cause if it isn't, the Bears are gonna have problems.

Hey Sean really appreciate your work. You avoid personal criticism and provide interesting info into what's going on.

I'm a fan of Lovie and enjoy his blah blah blah answers for the most part because he's got a good vision for success and seems to know how to relate to players and expect professional performance and get it out of his guys. Experts all expect Bears on the outside looking in come post season. I expect a better Bears this year if we remain relatively healthy. The NFC North will be tough, though the vikings must be favored for the bottom. Jerry Angelo's moves this off season seem better than last year except we got Julius Peppers last year. No Tommy Harris, no CT, no Olsen. Liked Garrett Wolf and Dez but their time was up. Olin sadly was not very good last year though professional. All the moves seem sound. Love Marion Barber move. Like the tight end situation. Love the D line and safety situation now with Merriweather. Don't like linebacker depth nor the corner depth. The O-line is showing signs of at least the possibility of excellent run blocking... if that is the case the experts are going to be wrong and packers are going to be in the rear view mirror like fresh road kill. Like the rookie free agents esp. Venable. The Lions will be tough unless injured.

If I was Jerry, I would pay Forte substantially. He is just as solid as a back can be. I would give Lance his final year this year as well simply because he has consistently given the bears top play at a more than fair price. Bless him. Bears may not like to admit that they have been much worse when he has been sidelined. We don't have 2 years from now in the linebacking corp realistically.

My Question as dumb and as specific as possible. What are the specific expectations for this year's Bears performance?

Hey Sean, do you feel any potential aspirations for dominance in the air? Any "shutdown" expectation in the defense? Any "we're gonna put up 45 good luck catchin' up" in the offense? I would like to see the look on Martz's face if you asked him, "Any possibility of the da Bears putting up 35 points a game this year?" Can't wait for football. Go Bears!

1. QB LeFevor has been cut by the Bengals. Why not bring him back to the practice squad?
2. LB Maybin has been waived by the Jets. Are the Bears still interested in him as a DE?
3. DE Brown was cut by the Panthers. How about him working with Marinelli?
4. Any chance of trading Briggs before the end of the season? Hasn't ownership had enough of his bad act yet?
5. The Bears used to make available to the fans the annual Bears Media Guide which was chock full of facts about the team. The Bears discontinued publishing it in 2008 saying the information would be made available on the Bears web site. It has not done so. Will the Bears either do so or once again publish the Media Guide?

Detroit picking up a couple of Bear releases and Arizona getting Taylor are interesing developments. Let's hope they do not come back and bite the Bears the way trading Lee burnt the Cubs.Playing a team as good as Atlanta to start the season is not the best case scenario for a team that has not really shown that it is ready for the long haul. Green Bay has New Orleans and the Breesy one to confront though, so I guess things could be worse. I think Carimi will do fine, that Briggs, Adams and Barber will play, That Williams will start and play on the same field with Knox at times, and that Knox will return kickoffs.


Here's one for you.

Does Garza at C and Lance "I am great at pulling and blocking LB's" Louis at G give you a better OL than Spencer at C and Garza at G? You brought this guy in, gave him a big contract, and he's running with the second team.

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