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Roy Williams fully participates in practice

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Bears receiver Roy Williams appears recovered from a groin injury that sidelined him for last Sunday's game in New Orleans.

Williams practiced in full Thursday, which bodes well for his chances to play Sunday against the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field.

Asked what Williams brings, Bears coach Lovie Smith said, "A lot.

"Big receiver, good blocker. He's a good football player, and we need all of them this week against a great Packers team coming in here," he said. "Roy's made a lot of progress. It seems like he's ready to go."

Receiver Earl Bennett (chest) did not practice for a second consecutive day, and indications are he will not play Sunday. That would thrust rookie Dane Sanzenbacher back into the lineup, as a slot receiver.

Safety Major Wright (head) and right tackle Gabe Carimi also did not practice.

Bears running Marion Barber (calf), safety Chris Harris and guard Lance Louis were all limited in practice Thursday.

For the Packers, linebacker Clay Matthews and cornerback Charles Woodson did not practice again, after missing Wednesday's session. Defensvie end Ryan Pickett and cornerback Tramon Williams were limited.

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Losing receiver Earl Bennett is a blow, especially going against a set of corners like what the Packers boast. Bennett is without a doubt the Bears best receiver not named Matt Forte. Getting Roy Williams back should help, but with Williams you gotta wonder, just exactly how long will he be back for? Williams is injury prone. Nonetheless Chicago needs his size going against a very physical Packer seconday, this is where I think the Bears think Williams should help the most, getting off the line and being able to get some sort of separation. That will be key sunday for the Bears if they hope to have any type of attack via the passing game. Getting another injury prone player back named Marion Barber will also help sunday, his power inside running will be greatly needed to slow the game down and keep Aaron Rodgers off the field.

Yes the Pack have allowed a lot of passing yards this season, but a big reason is because their offense is so quick strike. They come in and just put points up on teams so fast and teams are forced to pass to play catchup with them. And it hurts to admit this, gotta force myself to say this...give me a second. Aaron Rodgers is simply the leagues best passer right now, there I said it!! And if Rodgers catches the Bears in their cover zero like what Drew Brees did last sunday, they will also fall behind early and be forced to try and out gun the Pack, isn't gonna happen. Chicago's only chance of winning is running the football, and running the ball effectively, this will keep the machine known as Aaron Rodgers off the field. If not its gonna be another long sunday for us Bears fans.

There is hope however, the Pack is just as banged up as the Bears. Safety Nick Collins is out for the season, this will help. Both corners Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams are banged up. Clay Matthews is banged up, good thing because he's going against, gulp, Frank Omiyale. And tackle Chad Clifton has been banged up this season also, Peppers should take advantage of this. Should be a close game that Chicago needs to win, if not, they're gonna be in a hole. GO BEARS!!

I'm glad Williams is back and hope he can make a difference.The Bears need to shape up really fast and beat Green Bay or they will be in a pretty deep hole. With Detroit showing that they can be a force, Division victories are likely to prove to be significant in making the play-offs.Wouldn't it be great for the Bears to click in the Martz offense and score a bundle while the defense sacked and frustrated Rodgers the whole game? Neither is all that likely to happen, but dreams do not cost anything.

I agree Kevin losing Bennett is huge for the BEARS, as he is our most consistent receiver both in running routes and with his dependable hands. Now is the time to see what Williams got, the BEARS brought him in for games like this.

I'm not sure that Barber is injury prone as much as he creates contact as a back, I think getting him off turf on a regular basis will help his legs and he should be productive later in the year. He is needed this week as we need to run the football close to 30 times to Win the game, anyting less than that and Cutler's sack numbers will go up !

I may be the only one on the blog who does not like the make-up of the offense from this point of view, we have no lead blocker in the backfield to help in the run game, and second we don't seem to have more than one "hot" read for Jay on blitz pick-up. It seems that teams can over load a side and get a clean shot at Cutler with no one filing in behind to make the defense pay when you see this coming. In the Saints game it was easy to see where the blitz was coming from, but we seemed to have no answer on hoiw to counteract that in the game. Everyone says Martz is a genius, but I'm starting to wonder....this week is huge for Martz job and reputation......Go BEARS....ity's pack week now let's get a WIN !

"but a big reason is because their offense is so quick strike. They come in and just put points up on teams so fast and teams are forced to pass to play catchup with them. And it hurts to admit this, gotta force myself to say this...give me a second. Aaron Rodgers is simply the leagues best passer right now, there I said it!! And if Rodgers catches the Bears in their cover zero"

Not trying to fight with you Kevin but I think you need to remember that Carolina was leading the Packers for more than half the game. If not for the picks Newton would have thrown for 500 yards on the Packers. The only guy who could run against the Packers was Newton. The Saints had to Pass to play catchup, but I think the Saints would be passing anyway, cause that is what they do. I don't know what it is, but something is wrong with the Packers passing defense. Woodson may have lost another step, Collins is out, and if I haad to guess I would say their LB's are the problem in pass defense, none of them are good in coverage and most of them are strong against the run. I think that is creating a bit of a hole between them and the secondary, and teams are exploiting it.

One thing to consider, you said they will be in a hole if they lose on Sunday. They are already in a hole. Sounds crazy right? I here nfl teams and players say it all the time, we don't want to go in a hole. I think they are wrong, you don't get in the playoff's if your a 500 team. At least almost never. I don't believe there is a 500 in the because of this, your either a team with a winning record or a sub winning record.

Last week I didn't feel like the Bears could beat the Saints. This week I don't feel like the Packers can beat the Bears. The offense is amazing, but so far the Packers are playing a little soft, I think the Bears need to go out and hit them in the mouth and play nasty football. The Packers players seem to be pretty happy with themselves. I don't think they got the eye of the Tiger, I don't know if the Bears do either, but this would be a hella of good game to find it.

Creighton, I agree with what your saying, Green Bay has had trouble defending the pass this season. I think the reason is right in front of us, to many injuries on defense, especially to their secondary. And I agree Charles Woodson has probably lost a step, he's a 14 year vet, its like how much longer can he be an effective corner in this league? Will he be able to go 20 like Darrel Green? And Tramon Williams is also banged up and safety Nick Collins is lost for the season, not good for them. Charles Woodson made this defense, they'll go as long as Woodson can carry them. Woodson is to their defense like what Urlacher and Peppers is to ours. He's that one blue chip player that makes everyone around him so much better. His decline may be why their defense is on the decline, especially vs the pass? Woodson's elite ability to cover as well as play the run allowed the Pack to move him all around, even playing him at nickle, it just opened a lot of things up for them defensively.

My thing is, can our receivers be effective vs their secondary? I think this is whats been killing the Bears when they play the Pack. It seems like the Packers secondary has been able to straight up shut down our receivers. The Bears certainly have an opportunity to take advantage of a banged up Packer secondary. The question is, will they?

The Saints game worried me also, the thing that worried me going into that game was the offensive line. Not just the Bears linemen getting beat one on one, but center Roberto Garza's ability to call protections, he failed. I realize you can't totally put the blame on him, way to many 5-7 step drops called and not enough running of the football. But, there something wrong here, why is the line getting beat by so many blitzes? The Saits found something out about Chicago's line and went after it, I think it was the protections, that falls back on Garza. Chicago needs to fix this and quick, Garza needs to step up or maybe its time to see what Chris Spencer can do at center? Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

If the bears what to win this wek they need their WR to stop being wussies and go over the middle. When teams blitzs the middle of the field is open and that where the top WR make their money. I saw a play on Cutler only near interception Knox stop in the middle of the route. I understand why Knox and Hester dont go over the middle just look at what happen, but someone going to have do the dirty work since Bennett is gone and beyond that Cutler has to do a better job of picking up the blitz and finding the open man.

How could you say that about Rodgers, Creighton,I'm really surprised at you.

BREAKING NEWS! Creighton says Aaron Rodgers is simply the league's best passer right now. So even the maverick jumps on band wagons? I'm so disillusioned. He is no longer the man. Just another weak conformist. He lost his strength. Age?

@ western roll, Actually Kevin said that, that's why it's in quote marks. Let's be honest the fact that Kevin said it is way more shocking anyway and far more inresting than if I said it. If I say it it's just me being me. Although I am not a Rodgers fan, Brady is currently the best but I can't stand blue steel so he sucks anyway.

If your saying the Best overall including injured players, that it has got ot be Manning, just look at the Colts without him, he is the whole damn team. When Brady went down with an injury Cassel took over and the Pats were still really good, take a look at Cassel in KC, nothing special. Brady benifits a lot from his coach, team and system. Brees also benifits from his system, he played in a Coryell offense and was nothing special, gets with Peyton and boom super QB.

Basically when it comes to QB's you need the right coach, right system, and right team for you to get that special offense. Put Rodgers on the Bears, first year in a Martz offense, with these players and a head coach that does not know where the offensive meetings are held at Halas hall, let's see how he plays then.

Speaking of systems you ever wonder why when Al Saunders the assistant Head Coach of the Rams in 00 left for KC the number 1 ranked offense went with him? People always forget about him he was part of the greatest show on turf. He was a Coryell disiple, and he had this 700 page playbook he carried with him everywhere.

Saunders was a firm believer in a timing offense, but said it will only work if the timing is there and the QB can trust the recievers. Mark Brunell struggled with this offense in Washington. Back in his Rams days he was the guy on the Field while Martz was in the booth. He is currently the new OC for the Raiders who are ranked 8th in Points and 12th in yards, he is doing this with Jason Campbell and a patchwork O-Line, the Raiders are ranked 4th in rushing. Funny thing about Saunders, everyplace he goes the RB's explode into career years, the offense becomes more stable and improves, and you never hear about his QB's getting killed.

In KC as the OC: 2001 first year 39 sacks, in 02 26 sacks on 477 attempts, in 03 21 sacks on 536 attempts, 32 sack on 566 attempts passing(this was with the loss of John Tait the starting RT in his prime, 05 32 sacks on 507 attempts and both starting tackles missed half the season including Willie Roaf. In 99 with the Rams 33 sacks on 530 attempts, and in 2000 44 sacks on 587 attempts., that's after Martz took over. After Saunders left, the Martz offense would have one more first place year, then fall off the map, Saunders however would hhave is offense ranked number 1 three times, and number 2 once. I think the Bears hired the wrong guy.

That's my take on QB's and what is going on with the Bears. Thank you and read more carefully next time.

Hey western maybe you should read every post and not just creightons. Kevin is the one who said that, creighton only reposted what Kevin said.

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