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Put your score on record

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I got Bears beating the Atlanta Falcons 24-17. What about you?

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I have the Bears losing 27-13. I really hope I'm wrong.

Bears 31 Falcons 17. Forte big game...Bears D 4 sacks + 2 turnovers ....Bears Down :)

My bet is Bears 20, Falcons 17 in OT.

Bears 17, Falcons 14

Bears 44 Falcons 20
Greatest show on a marginally-playable grass surface beings TODAY!

Falcons 21, bears 17

Bears 21, Falcons 10 don't listen to my husband

Bears 34 Falcons 7

Nice blog! :) 27-20 BEARS

Bears 35, falcons 21. I hope the Bears score more than 35 and the Falcons fewer than 21, but I'll stick with 35-21.

Last time the Falcons beat the Bears Urlacher was out and they didn't have Peppers. Both teams have gotten better since then. Bears are at home, Flacons LB's are a weak link in coverage. Bears offense plays it safe and does not try to many 7 steps. Falcons O-line should have some issues just like the Bears. Bears 23 Dirty Brids 20.

By the way, Mark Potash picked 20-13, Bears.

Rick Morrissey did 21-20, Bears.

Joe Cowley picked 24-17, Falcons. And Joe also picked the Steelers to win 67-0.

34-13 Bears hammer Falcons!

Fix, highway robbery, cheating, they stole my s ore from me Sean they stole it. Urlacher just had to score. The offense put up 23 points. Then the stinking Falcons instead of going for the extra point had to go for 2. Then they blew a score in the 4th. I had it, it was right there, but Brian stinking Urlacher had to ruin my score. That son of a #####. So damn close. I will never forgive him for this.

Dirty birds exposed.

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