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Pushed by Knox, Roy Williams says he's ready to go

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After an unimpressive preseason, Bears wide receiver Roy Williams is confident he'll produce when the bell rings Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons at Soldier Field.

''Am I unsure? Heck no. I'm good. I'm comfortable. I'm going to be ready to make plays,'' Williams said as he chilled out in the Bears' locker room at Halas Hall. ''I know if I mess up or anything it's going to be blown out of proportion. I'm not the perfect player. I'm going to mess up. But other than that, I"m ready to go.''

Williams, a disappointment with the Dallas Cowboys the past three seasons, will be a larger-than-life hero in Chicago if he becomes the big-play receiver the Bears have lacked for more than a decade. But with just two receptions for 33 yards in the preseason, he hasn't really connected with Bears fans.

He said, though, that he understands the skepticism.

''I totally understand it,'' he said. ''I know I played on ''America's Team'' and everybody watched it and watched what happened down there. I know it's not a clean slate here until Week 1s over and then we'll see what happens. So I understand where fans are coming from.''

Williams did not begin practicing with the Bears until Aug. 4 because of hte lockout. But he said he feels much more comfortable now than he did earlier in the preseason.

''It's been a progression and we've made a lot of progress,'' he said. ''We should be ready to go.''

Bears wide receivers coach Darryl Drake, who two weeks ago put Williams on notice that he needed to improve or risk losing his spot back to Johnny Knox, said Williams has responded to that challenge.

''He's playing faster. He's getting himself in better shape. He's getting over some of the nagging injuries that he's had,'' Drake said. ''It's just a matter of getting him out there and him doing it on Sunday. And I'm confident he will.''

With Knox looking more than ready to reclaim the starting split end job, the pressure is on Williams to produce early.

''Expectations should be high. I want 'em high,'' Williams said. ''So talk bad about me [now]. I appreciate that. But if I do well, just please write that you're sorry.''

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You know if you think about it, this should really be the other way around.

I care more about the south end of a north bound rat than about William's preseason results. Don't mean nuthin to me.

But you asked for it dude and you got it. We have high expectations for you in this offense. Put up or shut up.

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