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Nine rookies make Bears roster; Dez Clark, Taylor cut

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Nine rookies made the Bears' 53-man roster Saturday, including five who were signed as undrafted free agents. But with only five linebackers on the roster after the Bears made their cutdown-to-53, a few of the bubble players who received good news Saturday will have to sweat out the next couple of days before celebrating.

There were no big surprises among the cuts. Tight end Dez Clark, a surprise addition to training camp after falling out of favor with the coaching staff last year, was cut. Running back Chester Taylor, figured to be on the bubble ever since the Bears signed Marion Barber early in camp, also was cut. Fourth-year defensive tackle Marcus Harrison was on the bubble after arriving in camp overweight and missing the first few days of practice. Linebacker J.T. Thomas, the only drafted rookie to not make the roster, was put on the reserve/injured list.

The five undrafted rookies to make the 53-man roster is the most since the 1970 merger and probably the most in team history: wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher, defensive end Mario Addison, tight end/h-back Kyle Adams, linebacker Dom DeCicco and safety Winston Venable.

The drafted rookies to make it were offensive tackle Gabe Carimi, defensive tackle Stephen Paea, safety Chris Conte and quarterback Nathan Enderle.

Most of the players cut Saturday are prime candidates for the practice squad: wide receiver Kris Adams, guard Ricky Henry, tackle Levi Horn, running back Robert Hughes, defensive tackle Jordan Miller, tight end Andre Smith, linebacker Patrick Trahan and safety Anthony Walters.

The Bears can name their eight-man practice squad Sunday.

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This is an attempt to get younger by the BEARS, I like It, but it brings up two concenrs for me, first are the Bears veterans good enough and healthy enough to keep winning games. Most people covering the Bears predict a step back, are these guys still good enough to win. Second, coaching, we have heard a lot about how well these guys coach, the scouts went out and found FA guys that fit the mode. Now, can the team coach up the talent to where they can contribute and make game winning plays by mid-season.

The season's first three weeks, the vets have to play and get wins, it could set-up the rest of the year if they do .

Leaving the final roster to Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo is a real crap shoot. Neither is a good judge of talent. On occasion they get lucky and obtain a player who is drafted and actually plays. Most of their draft picks are busts, eg, Major Wright, who can't tackle a sandwich.

So, linebacker J.T. Thomas is this years "redshirt". I had a feeling the Bears liked Dom DeCicco, the former college safety turned linebacker is a good fit as the #2 middle linebacker in Lovie Smith's scheme with his ability to drop back in coverage, and he's not bad coming up in run support either. He's not an Urlacher by any means, maybe a poor mans version, but he'll add nice depth. The fact Chicago only kept 5 linebackers is interesting, especially with all the bull going on with Lance Briggs right now.

Safety Winston Venable is a head hunter, you can't ever have enough of them type of defenders no matter what type of scheme you run, he'll be one to watch on special teams this year I'm sure also.

Rookie tight end Kyle Adams basically beat out Dez Clark. Adams is an effective blocker, he had a big game in the East-West Shrine game as a blocker, thats probably where Angelo and co found him. The scouting report on Adams said he gets off the ball quick and into his blocks quickly, and is willing to fill multiple roles (h-back).

I think this years find is gonna prove to be rookie defensive end Mario Addison, the guys got a motor and seems to be around the ball a lot, Addison made some nice plays throughout the pre-season in camp and looked good vs the Browns where he brought some pressure and had a couple tackles for loss GO BEARS!!

Way to go Nathan!!!!!

I know you will make the Bear fans as happy as you did us Vandal fans in the Dome


Looks like the Bears will be going with a linebacker in next years first or second round. If your so desperate that DeCicco is your backup you got some problems. I mean the kid plays the run really well and is an in the box safety type, but he can't cover to save his life.

Kyle Adams must be thrilled Clark got hurt or else he is not making the team.

Mario Addison, would like to see him against some first string line talent, not the bears first string line in practice. From what I have read he beat Webb all week long like a red headed step child. But to me Addison looks like he needs to get in the gym and work on his upper body. When I see him I think 3-4 OLB, he also looks like a kid who has one instinct, get up field. I think when teams actually put there game plans into effect he is gonna be lost out there. At least for awhile. Could be a decent prospect he looks like a decent athlete, but I would still rather have Carlos Dunlap, but someone traded away the Bears second round pick, ooops.

Stephen Paea has surprised me, he is consistently the slowest guy off the snap on the D-Line and that is with the second string. He really does not seem to anticipate the snap count at all. I know the Bears tried him at 3 tech first and I am at a loss as to what they were thinking, even I new he was a undersized 1 tech project, good thing they gave away an extra pick for him. Still not a fan of this pick and he has not won me over so far.

I'll be surprised if a team does not pick up Robert Hughes, he looks like he could play FB in the right system, I am sure someone can use a power back. It's to bad so many teams don't really use a FB these days I always have liked the position. He reminds me a little of Mike Tolbert or Leonard Weaver.

I am trying to remember from watching them last year, but I think Venable was used a lot in the box, and blitzing, so he played more like a rover/Polamalu style role than a traditional safety. But I think the team wants to replace that type of physical presence on special teams.

I am very concerned about only 5 LBs, but I think Potash is right that they will find a few options to consider from the final cuts on other squads.

I am also surprised both Reed and Addison made the team. If they don't find a LB on the waiver wire, I wonder if they will try and convert Addison to a SLB? 6'3, 252 lbs. is a little bulky for a LB in this system, but he appears to have the athleticism to at least consider the transition...If nothing else, he can play the Izzy role on special teams as the much bigger player in the return game.

Just a little info for all you BearBashers who ripped on the Bears for releasing these "Stars"......
Alex Brown.....cut by Saints!
Tommie Harris.....cut by Colts!
Brad Maynard....cut by Texans!
And the list goes on and on...............................................
GO BEARS!!!!!!

I like that the Bears are going to give some young kids a chance instead of bringing in a mediocre veteran like they usually do. That being said, I hope Angelo is scouting the waiver wire right now for linebackers. I didn't see anything special from DeCicco. He seemed real good at making tackles five yards down field or missing them altogether (granted I didn't see all the games). The chances of Roach, Urlacher, and Briggs making it through the year without injuries are slim to none. We need some more linebackers.

Uh, Malone. Care to specify who of us missed any of those guys?

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