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New York Life Protection Index has Bears out of basement

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Last season, in the inaugural New York Life powered by Northbrook-based STATS LLC, the Bears finished last.

After Week 1, the Bears have moved out of the basement, although not that far. They are currently ranked 26th in the NFL.

But here's the thing. The No. 1 team? It's the Detroit Lions. In fact, they are the only team above 100.

The Green Bay Packers are No. 9, while the Minnesota Vikings have taken over the last spot from the Bears.

The actual index can be viewed by clicking here

The Saints are currently third in the NFL, with a 90. 1. Last season, they were second with an 81.0.

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Well I am sure Kevin is looking at this going "what the h###, the Bears only gave up 5 sacks, a few hits and some pressures, why are they not ranked number 1?"

Saints have no pass rush so I think the Bears line should be ok, although the noise will be bad. Bears D-Line faces a tougher challenge, the Falcons looked like they played power man all game last week. Which meant line stunts were going to kill them, which they did. That won't happen with the Saints who play zone. The falcons basically tried to block whoever was in front of them if that player committed inside lets say Izzy attacked the RG, well Clabo instead of holding his ground committed inside as well which ends up trapping the RG who is trying to stay on his man the DT, this allows the DT to run around the outside unblocked. A zone line won't do this.

And yes I know many of you know this, but there are many who don't and if I don't explain, I will get some post saying "hello moron they were not stunting the passer,this is not Hollywood we don't have stunt men stupid. They were rushing the passer, GOD DON'T YOU WATCH FOOTBALL?"

So basically this saves me the grief of dealing with Brando, Tripper, Timmer etc... And it's like school for them cause they learn something, and can go to another blog with things I write, cut and paste them and pretend they wrote it. Not that they would ever do that.

Sean what the hell is going on with Chris Harris? When did he get hurt? Also did I read right that they switched Wright to SS, and Mariweather is playing FS? Is it time for Chicago's annual game of musical safeties again?

Although I gotta say I hope it sticks, after all when they drafted Wright I said he belongs at SS. Which means I new where he was suppose to be before the Bears did, again.

Well I'm sure Creighton is worried about what I think, a lot. I'm talking "stalker" lot...........yeeah. I mean every time I read one of this guys post he seems to always mention me? A little flattery yes but a little disturbing at the same time.

Any hoo, #26 is about right for the Bears young line, I would have never thought Detroit would be at #1 though? I'm sure in time the Bears will move up the list, Gabe Carimi looks to have potential, he'll only get better. Your not hearing Chris Williams name called like last season, he seems to be getting better and becoming a pretty solid left guard. And how about Lance Louis, 5 knock downs in 20 snaps, he might be the type of mauler the Bears have been lacking inside for awhile.

They need to change the name of this list however, "New York Life Protection" makes me feel like I'm looking at a list of stocks, theres nothing really football about the name. Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Hmmm this real does not feel like a Kevin post. It's far to evil feeling to be Kevin, it lacks that certain Kevin factor. Like your speaking to an over excited male cheerleader who just drank 6 red bulls. But this guy sure seems to love one of the worst lines in football.

Oh and by the way trying to act like me, does not suit you. But thanks imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

"Well I'm sure Creighton is worried about what I think, a lot. I'm talking "stalker" lot...........yeeah"

By the way when you wrote that did it make sense to you? You should read it out loud, the "lot.......yeeah" part is throwing me. It's like a whole other thought just poped into that sentence all by itself. You forgot to mention Webb. You must be happy they go against a team this week with no pass rush. I think the Saints are the only team in the nfl that has a real shot of not getting any sacks from their front 4 all season. Someone will have to really hold onto the ball for way to long or it will have to be an horrible O-Line.

Ha ha thats funny, a male cheerleader who just drank 6 Red Bulls!

Well lets see, what's the whole Creighton factor? Oh! I know, like your speaking to a crybaby disgruntled Bear fan who so naively thinks his teams GM should draft Hall of Famers with every draft pick. But what the smart guy doesn't realize is no GM draft's certain Hall of Famers with every draft pick. And then theres this statement.

Creighton said: "You must be happy they go against a team this week with no pass rush."

Hmmm? Now that statement has the whole "I'm a Packer fan" ring to it. I mean, "I must be happy," whats that all about? Creighton, aren't you happy they're facing a team with a weak pass rush this week? That statement sounds awfully fishy to me?

Oh yeah, Creighton, talk to me about J'Marcus Webb in 10 weeks, lets not run him out of town just yet. Remember the whole "player development" thing we talked about. Give the guy some time before saying he's a bust. But, that's Creighton's whole MO, call every player a "bust", and when they turn out to be one, act like your a football genius. But what Creighton doesn't realize, most players don't make it on any team around the league. If you break down every teams draft 3 years ago, most teams only get 2-3 contributors out of each draft, thats about the league avg per draft. So you have a better chance looking like you know what your talking about if you just say they all suck right Creighton? Oh well, GO BEARS!!

Alright Creighton, to prove my point about most NFL teams only getting 2-3 contributors from each draft, I'll break down the 2008 draft, the draft from 3 years ago. You know the old saying, you can't really judge a draft till 3 years later, thats why I chose 2008. Now, I only broke down the NFC, the whole league would take to long, but, to make things fair I broke down 3 of the AFC's traditionally better drafting teams also, the Patriots, Colts, and your beloved Steelers. I also included college free agents from 2008 that each team found. Alright, here...we...GO!

Dallas Cowboys- Felix Jones RB D1 2008, Mike Jenkins CB D1 2008. 2 contributors.
New York Giants- Jonathan Goff LB D5 2008, Kenny Phillips S D1 2008, and Terrell Thomas CB D2 2008. 3 contributors.
Philadelphia Eagles- DeShean Jackson WR D2 2008. 1 contributor.
Washington Redskins- No Contributors from 2008 draft.
Detroit Lions- Gosder Cherilus T D1 2008, Jerome Felton FB D5 2008, and Cliff Avril DE D3 2008. 3 contributors.
Green Bay- Jermichael Finley TE D3 2008, Josh Sitton G D4 2008. 2 contributors.
Minnesota Vikings- John Sullivan C D6 2008, Husain Abdullah S college free agent 2008. 2 contributors.
Atlanta Falcons- Sam Baker T D1 2008, Matt Ryan QB D1 2008, Kroy Biermann DE D5 2008, Chris Lofton LB D2 2008, and Thomas Decoud S D2 2008. 5 contributors, NFC's best for 2008 draft.
Carolina Panthers- Jeff Otah T D1 2008, Charles Godfrey S D3 2008. 2 contributors.
New Orleans Saints- Sedricks Ellis DT D1 2008, Tracy Porter CB D2 2008, and Carl Nicks G D5 2008, 3 contributors.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Geno Hayes D6 2008, Aqib Talib CB D1 2008. 2 contributors.
Arizona Cardinals Early Doucet WR D3 2008, Brandon Keith G D7 2008, and Calais Campbell DE D2 2008. 3 contributors.
St. Louis Rams- John Greco G D3 2008, Chris Long DE D1 2008, and Chris Chamberlain CB D7 2008. 3 contributors.
San Francisco 49ers- Josh Morgan WR D6 2008, Chilo Rachal G D2 2008, and Reggie Smith S D3 2008. 3 contributors.
Seattle Seahawks- John Carlson TE D2 2008, Red Bryant DE D4 2008, and David Hawthorne CB CFA 2008. 3 contributors.
New England Partiots- BenJarvus Green-Ellis CFA 2008, Jerad Mayo LB D1 2008. Thats only 2 contributors from the power house Pat's?
Pittsburgh Steelers- Rashard Mendenhall RB D1 2008. Only 1 contributor, ol Mendy!
Indionpolis Colts- Pierre Garcon WR D6 2008, and Mike Pollak G D2 2008. 2 contributors.
Now, for the Jerry Angelo drafted Bears of 2008- Earl Bennett WR D3 2008, Matt Forte D2 2008, Chris Williams G D1 2008, Kellen Davis TE D5 2008. Thats 4 contributors from the 2008 draft class, about your league avg, actually a little over. And you also got backup quarterback Caleb Hanie who was a CFA of 2008, I can't count him as a contributor, but still, the backup QB is an important position. As you can see Creighton, the Jerry Angelo drafted Bears of 2008 aren't a bad group, please explain how getting 4 contributors is a bad draft? Like I said above, your only gonna get 2-3 contributors from each draft, thats about the avg. These guys almost got the Bears to the big game last season GO BEARS!!

Just a small point, you only listed one draft, I think there has been more than one, but maybe you could correct me smart guy. Why not go over Angelo's entire track record? I would not say I was looking for HOF players, but he could have done better, rather easily I might add. Didn't Angelo himself say he had not done a good job? Oh yeah he did.

2004 draft= 0 players. 2005=1 player although they got rid of him and had ot make a trade for him, 2006=1 player, 2007=1 player a special team player, wow that is some drafting, 2008=4, 2009=Guys still trying to show they belong in the league but you have a back up reciever, a guard who has proven nothing other than he gets beat a lot, and Melton who still has a ton to prove. Knox was replaced by an aging vet and Louis is "cough" injured.

So by your account for 4 years in a row Angelo failed at his job? I mean that's what you stated 2-3 guys. Basically the three most valuable players on this team are free agents or from another GM Peppers, Urlacher and Cutler. Lose one and you can kiss your season goodbye, I thought the Hanie thing was funny by the way, Martz hates him, and the biggest thing he has done is loser a game. Nice pick to Raji. I mean you have not even seen a defense prepare for him yet, you have not seen a defense study film on him. As for Knox like I said lost his job and is the third best reciever on a team of mediocre recievers. And Chris Williams has made it through one game and has yet to face an elite DT. This week he gets a bust in Ellis and Rogers who should have retired. We will see where your players are at the end of the season. I love the fact that you only picked 1 draft to show Angelo's draft success, and lets be honest outside of Forte, Davis has done nothing, Williams has been a bust, Bennett is solid but really a fourth reciever on most teams, he is 4th here. So a good back, a number 4 reciever, a TER who has done nothing, and a first round bust. That is some argument for draft greatness.

Also define contribution?

I also might add that your numbers are wrong and need to be re-checked. You have missed several players, and several teams are not listed. Nice stats, did you just leave players and teams off cause it made you feel better? Or were you just being lazy, either way don't try and get sloppy with stats and the draft with me, I know those numbers better than you. Heck you didn't even remember Bear players. Steltz is on the team you know? Although I can see why you would forget him.

Sorry but your stats are wrong. Nice try though.

Also can you remind me how many Super Bowl Titles the Steelers and Pats have in Angelo's time as GM with the Bears. I mean you did go out of your way to single those teams out. How many do the Packers have? I forget, what happened the last time the Bears faced the Packers and Pats? Did I miss something? You hand picked one draft ignored everything else, got your stats from that draft wrong and are bragging. Nice work.

Hey Sean where do you think they finish this week in teh NY Life protection index? Hahaha, 18 hits, 16 knockdowns, 6 sacks, and I don't know how many disruptions but it's over 20.

Oh Kevin your still posting, your posting the wrong things, but your posting. How do you like contributers this week smart guy? You never learn do you.

That's Creighton 1697 and Kevin 6. Kinda like a Bears score. Angelo has 4 points he has been right about, so you should feel good about yourself your doing better than your hero.

What did the Rock used to say? Oh yeah "Know your role and shut your mouth." I am just kidding Kevin, nobody is happy about what just happened. But at some point you would think you would give me some credit, I am pretty good at this whole Fottball thing.

So lets see everything I said last week I was exactly right about, mmmmm kinda makes you wonder. Everything I said would happen, happened and everything I was worried about I was right about.

Oh and Sean could you find Neal Hayes, a while back we did are predictions for the season, Neal had the Bears losing to the falcons and beating the Saints. I had just the opposite, that was like 3 months ago. So could make sure he knows I am 2-0 and he is 0-2.

And while your at it could tell Angelo I was right about the O-line again, and he is an idiot. How about them recievers by the way. The offense consists of a screen to Forte or a checkdown to him, and the Saints were giving the Checkdown to the Bears to put a extra man in coverage.

Yes I am beign a d###, I earned that right.

Oh and Kevin you can take your Kellen Davis and stick him where the sun don't shine, along with Webb, Williams, Omiyale, Spencer, Louis and Garza. Hope there is room. Contribute that to your postt smart guy.

Ohhhh myyyyy! That was a great game! I really like our new line. I never cared much for that Gabe Creamy guy. He's just a little too creamy, but was a real Bumstead flounder out there today. Web and Omiyale: The Bumstead Bookends. Ohhhh myyyy!

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