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Matt Forte on extension: "We couldn't meet in the middle"

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Running back Matt Forte said he is "disappointed" that he didn't sign an extension with the Bears, especially since this the NFL is a production based.

"Coming in to the league, you feel like this is supposed to be production-based. And when you produce in the offense, you expect the team or the organization to actually notice that compared to other guys," Forte said. "We just couldn't meet in the middle."

Asked to term the negotiations, Forte said, "I wouldn't say friendly or antagonistic or anything like that.

"It's a negotiation. That's the only word I can come up with."

Forte said he isn't overly concerned about the risk of injury. Forte has played in all 16 games in each of his three NFL seasons. He's set to make $600,000 this year.

"You can't go out there worried about that. If that was true, you'd go out there every game since my rookie year trying not to worry about getting injured. 'Maybe I won't get to my fourth year in the league,' or something like that. You can't worry about that," he said.

Forte, though, doesn't blame general manager Jerry Angelo, who expressed optimism at the start of training camp.

"I don't think he lied. We tried to get a deal done," Forte said. "It was just, maybe they have a different view of the type of player I am than the type of player that they think I am."

Angelo told WBBM and the team's website that contract talks were finished for the season but Forte said he operates as if the door is still open to getting an extension completed.

"I guess it wasn't mutual. But that was his decision. I can't really decide if we continue to talk or not," Forte said. "He's the one we talk to, so the door's always open on my end."

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1 Comment

Dumb move by Forte not to sign. The Bears are just waiting for him to have a bad year or get injured then "Oh well, see ya"
Let Khalil Bell play! He can do everything Forte can, and much cheaper too!!

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