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Lance Briggs to show his patriotism

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Bears linebacker Lance Briggs is willing to pay a fine so he can show his patriotism on Sunday, the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11.

Briggs said he's going to wear red, white and blue cleats and gloves from Reebok, even though the NFL's uniform policy prohibits players from deviating from pre-selected colors.

So once the breast cancer game is played, players can wear pi... on Twitpic

"By far the best fine I will ever have to pay," Briggs wrote on his Twitter account a little after 7:30 p.m.

But a league spokesman said that won't be necessary.

"He will not be fined," the spokesman said.

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He must have gotten a huge payment to wear that stuff, with the additional understanding that the fine will be paid under the table by Reebok.

As usual Briggs is trying to bring attention to himself. Haven't heard his name once associated with patriotism since he's been here. There are others ways to show your true patriotism other than a pair of cleats.

Mendenhall was right o with his tweets from a few months ago. Just saying. Your all just haters.

Please stop...patriotism needn’t be overt, only authentic.

In my mind this makes him even more of an idiot.

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