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Kurt Warner says Jay Cutler has gotten "gun shy"

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has shown a lot of courage, taking so much abuse. But former St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner watched film of the Bears loss to the New Orleans Saints and noticed a troubling issue.

"As I watch the film last week of [Chicago] versus the Saints, I started to see a gunslinger that's gotten gun-shy. He's a guy that's starting to expect the pressure to be in the backfield," Warner said on NFL Network's game day morning show. "There's plenty of blame to go around but something's got to get fixed. They have to figure out something; somebody's got to do the right thing... There's so many different things going on right now. You can't just point the finger in one area."

Cutler has already been sacked a league-high 11 times, putting him on pace for the NFL record. David Carr's 76 sacks seems untouchable. But the Bears may threaten that dubious record if they can't shore up pass protection and other issues to prevent Cutler from taking so much abuse.

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Kurt Warner tends to forget his 2002, 2003, 2004 years. He also seems to forget hehad like 5-6 Pro Bowlers on his offense. Which leads to Martz, the last time he was a Genius he had 6-7 Pro Bowlers on his offense, and all of them were either good before him, or good after him. The 99 Rams were a pefect storm, everything came together just right. This Chicago Bears are a perfect disaster. QB does not fit the offense, the O-Line sucks, the recievers are bad, the running back can't run, it's on grass outside and should be indoors on a track, the Line Coach and OC have different philosophies, the Head Coach is lost on offense the Bears organization has no clue how to build an offense, I don't even think the scouts know how to scout offensive players.

Warner: "There's plenty of blame to go around but something's got to get fixed. They have to figure out something; somebody's got to do the right thing... There's so many different things going on right now. You can't just point the finger in one area."

This is mean, mean, hateful talk. Then people are going to start posting on this thread saying that Angelo should be fired. Noooooo!

My virgin Bumstead soul cringes at the thought! Oh, the horror. I cried and cried the day Jim Hendry, the winningist GM in Cubs history was fired. The Bears are 1-2, so let's not wreck the wonderful thing we have with our Jerry Angelo at the helm.

And might I add that I think Mr. Warner is jealous? Surely he must be jealous of a line with such pro bowl studs such as Frank Omiyale, Chris Williams and J'Marcus Webb. Especially Chris WIliams my Bumstead All Pro 1st rounder. Did you see him on that first sack? My oh my! The mystery and excitement he brings!

Oh my, and then there was future Hall of Famer Craig Steltz. You can tell Rodgers was feeling gutsy today because he dared to throw at Steltz. And sure, it resulted in three touchdowns but my oh my would the game have been as dramatic if he didn't stop those passes?

Mr. Angelo, Lovie, Ted Phillips, McCaskeys your all doing such a terrific job. And please don't take this the wrong way but I'm just wondering if the team can bring back the likes of Mike Hass, Aaron Brant, Arese Curie, Marty Booker, Terrence Metcalf, Fred Miller and of course, Garrett Wolfe? I truly believe in the most Bumstead of ways that they belong on the Bears and not out of League all together like most "experts" and "fans" such as Cr-HATE-on keep telling me. Thank you all and God bless.

Cutler will never make it through the season, the O-line is terrible. Good thing they addressed it in the off-season and let Kreutz go. He may have been old but offered stability to a wretched unit. WR's stink with the exception of Bennett who can't stay on the field. This team is deep in nothing. Another masterful job by Jerry Angelo. When will the McCaskeys wake up?

Al, I think you are right about the scouts. After all, who hired them? Jerry Angelo, that's who. You wonder when the McCaskeys will wake up? Don't hold your breath. Unlike you and I, they are just wishing to get to 8-8 so they won't have to face all this controversy and criticism. They are in that "don't rock the boat" class.

Too much irony is self-defeating, Kevin. People just go, huh? Or they just go, duh? Warner is a jerk. Jim Hendry's firing was one of the happiest moments of my life. Ayn doubt where I stand, Kevin? Creighton is dead on - and very clear - about all the advantages Warner had compared to Jay.

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