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Joe Theismann calls out Roy Williams

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Former Super Bowl champion and two-time Pro Bowl quarterback Joe Theismann didn't mince words, when speaking about Bears receiver Roy Williams.

Theismann teed off on Williams on the NFL Network's "No Huddle" show Wednesday.

"Roy Williams will never be a quality receiver in the National Football League because he doesn't have what it takes," Theismann said.

Then, the former Notre Dame quarterback addressed the receiver.

"Roy, if you're listening I'm saying it right to you: you have to make a decision that you want to play football as a professional, not as somebody who's entitled because somebody was not thinking when they gave two number one [draft picks] for you," Theismann said.

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Theismann also isn't a big fan of the Bears receivers, in general.

"The Chicago Bears, the wide receiving corps is non-existent," he said. "We don't even know that Jay Cutler is getting better because he's spending a lot of time doing everything going backwards."

Theismann is entitled to his opinions. But those comments seem awfully personal. Sheesh.

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Sean, I find it hard to disagree with Theismann. Why do you think it's personal? Because of the playoff thrashing we gave him in "84? Judge the statement on its own merits without regard to its motivation. You know that.

I have to agree with Theismann, and I have no problem with him telling the truth. Williams makes 2 great plays a year and thinks he should be in the pro bowl. I would rather see the bears promote Adams from the practice squad, he couldn't do any worse and he is alot cheaper.

I find this an awfully tough call. Joe had trouble punting a football more than a yard. That makes him an authentic Bumsteader. Roy Williams, though, has been playing great as well. So, I give up.

It is nothing personal in mo, he said why would Dallas give up 2 1sts for this guy, there brain wasn`t working or something, Are the Bears receivers anything Special? Do I see a Greg Jennings, or a Fitzgerald or a Steve Smith on the Bears? it`s like they have minor leagues management and it`s sad because a few more playmakers and they aare not a bad team, maybe even a good one. Nothing will change until they get a good gm in the Finks mold.

What difference does it make if the comments were personal? The fact is that they're correct. Roy Williams had a lot of issues when the Bears got him and he hasn't shown anything since he got here. And the Bear receivers are probably the worst group in the league. How can you fail to get open in the modern game when defensive backs can't even touch you after five yards? Not to mention they drop the ball half the time. The only thing on the Bears worse than the receivers is the offensive line.

And don't look now, but the defense is getting old quickly and just isn't very good anymore. Without a top flight defense, this team doesn't have a chance because of its weak offense. The Bears won't get lucky with injuries again like last season -- both theirs and their opponents'. So don't expect them to make the playoffs again, it would take a miracle at this point, and a big one at that.

Theismann is an idiot. He just randomly picks Vince Lambardi and Gipper quotes and applies them to the present. The reason he has to do it verbally is that he probably can't spell Roy.

Theismann is proof that being a starting QB at Notre Dame is a lifetime annuity even for someone with no skills beyond the football field. If he had gone to Eastern Illinois instead of Notre Dame, he would be somewhere starving in retail. It doesn't matter what he says.

"starving in retail" - I don't think so. You think he's getting all these gigs because he's a Notre Dame grad? He sure is beating out a lot of competition, much of it years younger. Joe is a fierce competitor. Keep the religion out of it. Or is there not a religious connotation to the term Notre Dame? Or are you simply saying that Notre Dame alums stick together? but not Ohio State or USC or Alabama or Miami alums? Something smells in Denmark.wup

Plenty of talent, lazy for sure, have to question his heart to be a top level champion?
Roy Williams appears satisfied with doing enough to collect his weekly large check but not do enough to be one of the best at his position. His commitment and immaturity reminds me of Tommie Harris.

Sometimes the truth hurts Sean.............

Dude my opinion of Theismann has nothing to do with religion. For the record I liked him as a player. He just sucks as a media personality.

I happen to like football and wasted some of my time listening to him. After awhile it became obvious that he knows all the lingo, but really has nothing worthwhile to say. If you have nothing else to do with your life you could actually listen to what he says. Guaranteed he will add nothing new to the discussion.

If you are really bored go back though his TV career. He has had some real opportunities at big gigs, and has flopped at every one. He is living on name recognition. Every now and then he "calls out" a player he has never met and gets some new free pub. Joe has always been about getting his name out there. Back in the day he actually changed his name so that it sounds like "Heisman"

An actual quote from Joe Theismann:

"Nobody in the game of football should be called a genius. A genius is somebody like Norman Einstein."

I'm sure that Notre Dame has some legitimate fans but I am not one of them.When I was attending Indiana University my first year there, the coach was Catholic and so was the first string.Maybe the players were just the best ones out for football and religion was not a factor.I think Notre Dame has a great press corps and that they receive far too much publicity in the __Suntimes__. My personal attitude about them is : "Who cares?"

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