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Jerry Angelo on o-line: "We did everything you could possibly do"

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo insisted that his club did plenty to address the offensive line during the offseason.

"We did everything you could possibly do to that position," Angelo told the team's website. "Nobody did more than the Chicago Bears. We drafted a player in the first round. We brought in a player with a lot of NFL experience who is still in his prime.

"We developed young players who are going into their second and third years, including another high draft pick in Chris Williams. We like our eight linemen. That's not an issue. Injuries happen, and then you have to adjust accordingly."

Angelo was referring to rookie offensive tackle Gabe Carimi, who is sidelined for about a month with a dislocated right kneecap, as well as veteran veteran Chris Spencer, who started at right guard against the New Orleans Saints.

Despite a dreadful second half in which quarterback Jay Cutler was sacked six times, Angelo said the offensive line isn't entirely to blame.

"Everything bad that happened on Sunday wasn't all because of poor offensive line play. Believe me when I tell you that," he said. "It was a collective failure. The defense and special teams share part of that as well. So let's not beat up on the offensive line."

But with Carimi expected out and starting right guard Lance Louis still rehabbing an ankle injury, the Bears need veteran backups to step up and be effective.

Asked about his faith in Spencer and Frank Omiyale, Angelo said, "We have to have faith in them.

"We trained them. They're ours. They've got to step up and get it done. It's that simple. You don't like to play musical chairs at any position, but that's particularly true on the offensive line. You want to keep those five guys the same week-in and week-out.

"They don't have to be the best players, but they have to be players who know each other the best on the field. That's football. So obviously that's going to be our challenge, and I'm confident that the coaches are going to get not only the best out of our players but know exactly what they can and can't do and play accordingly."

Angelo pointed to the most obvious key plays, a 79-yard touchdown pass by the Saints on third and long and the sack-fumble of Cutler, when he took a blind-side hit.

"It was a three-point game at that point and I felt we were playing pretty well in a very hostile environment," Angelo said. "Anytime you play in a dome, the crowd noise definitely can have an adverse effect. After that point, the wheels started to come off.

"The mistakes we made led to five more sacks. It was obvious we didn't handle the adversity of the game well enough."

Angelo said the Bears won't have to wait long to see how well they handle blitzes; the Green Bay Packers' defense uses the same approach.

"So we're going to get a real good test to see how far we have come this week," he said.

The Bears are 1-1, and Angelo said there's no need to "push the panic button."

"We know we're a good football team; we just have to go out there and prove it," he said. "It's that simple."

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And why did they not feel like resigning Olin Kreutz then? The guy who has been anchoring the offsensive line for over a decade? Yes Garza does do quite a good job this far - but with Kreutz still in CHI they could've moved Garza around in order for him to stabilize that line.
But then again, let's just hope Carimi returns very soon and Louis is back by this weekend so the line s a little more stable. And also Omiyale should get the job done against Clay Matthews.

I know on the blind side sack/fumble, Kellen Davis did not block at all. And when Roman Harper blitzed off the left edge, Webb blocked inward and looked like he double teamed a defensive lineman with Chris Williams, allowing Harper to rush in untouched. I think if the coaching staff can get the guys to not miss their blocking assignments, that will improve the offense. Also, limiting the 7 step drops until protection is vastly improved is a no brainer.

Oh does this clown need a beating. Are you kidding me? They did all they could possibly do? They drafted one player, did not sign Olin, and brought in a first round bust.

"Nobody did more than the Chicago Bears. We drafted a player in the first round. We brought in a player with a lot of NFL experience who is still in his prime."

This is his idea of a lot? I notice he did not mention releasing Olin. They had the worst O-Line in football by a good margin and they basically did 1 thing. Did he feel a rookie would fix the entire line?

The Pats drafted Solder, resigned Matt Light, re-signed Logan Mankins, drafted Marcus Cannon, and signed Brian Waters.

I am sorry who did the most? And the damn Pats had one of the best lines in football last year. All Angelo keeps saying is he went after Colon, he went after a guy he new would not leave the Steelers. Did he go after Yanda, or Free? How about Locklear one of the best Pass protectors in the league. What about Dahl, Blalock, Bell, Mankins, and Sendlein, how about just drafting more than one player for the O-Line? He would not have even signed Spencer if Olin had not called his bluff.

The guys line is made up of two seventh round picks who have done nothing in the league but be bad, a first round bust who is hiding it at guard, a Rookie, and the depth consists of Spencer now starting, and Omiyale who sucks and we all know he sucks. The guys has so called developmental players in Louis, Williams and Webb. I have seen this clowns projects, Devin Hester is in the 5th year of his receiving project, ooooo so excited about Hester. Project baby Huey aka Chris Williams is in year 4 and he can't even figure out how to tie his shoes. I am sure Jerry believes in 6-7 years Louis and Webb can really be something but I don't think Cutler will be alive by the time they figure it out. Notice how there is not one developmental backup offensive linemen on the 53.

The line has no depth, and almost no starting talent, your best player is Garza, think about that, Garza is your best player.

ahhhh....OHMY GOD.....OH M Y i see ANGELO ansd OFFESIVE LINE ins teh same artikle??? think me HEaad is goin to eXPL:ODE!!!!!!!!

ANELO....LOOSER BUST!!!! ofeensive line....WORST EVER COnfECTION OF LOOSER BUSTS!!!! this is teh WORST team in teh you loosers hear me??? they are at teh bottom of teh rotem pol e!!!!!!!! they are HORRIBLE ANS WILL GO 0-16 this season!!!!!!! take taht to teh BnAk!

ans i now you loosers are thinking well gee crap-ton frist of all the bears already won a gam sothey cant go 0-16 and it i was just one game teh bears still look like a good team no need to panic....oh yeah???oh yea LOOSERS???? i now ALL ANS I SEE ALLL....i NOW this team WiLL FAIL!!!!! ansd yES you better beleave they will still go 0-16 sense i SAY SO!!!! ans in cas you LOOSERS dint now I AM ALLWASY RIGT ANS I ONKT GIVE FACTS!!! an y of youy darw questin my edperet opinion??? ohh go AHEAD!! i iwll SMACK arond all of oyu who dare cahallegne me...ans teh i will smack it to pics of mendenhall....tee hee! : - )

but you guys now me old crap-ton just rying to pe bosparive....

ps my myy were can a gal get some pink panties in this city??? :)

Did you not see Urlacher throw Kreutz into the running back to make a tackle? Yeah, we sure need another guy on roller skates on the line. The only reason Kreutz is even passable as a starting center in New Orleans is because he is surrounded by Nicks and Evans, two Pro-Bowl caliber guards..>Sadly, the last time Kreutz was a good center was when Ruben Brown was playing next to him, one of the better guards in the NFL over the last 20 years.

Louis is not going to make this line better. Spencer is a better option at this point to have on the field, because at least he is not going to make the mental errors that Louis is being plagued by. We need Chris Spencer right now, so however he needs to stay on the field, the coaching staff needs to make it happen. Center or Guard, they need him.

At tackle, Webb is way too slow out of his stance, and has horrible footwork. Most of the time when you have really tall, long-armed tackles, they get lazy in college because of their competition, and they reach rather than move, and lean rather than keep their base under them. It's no different with Webb. They either need to move him back to the right side, move him to guard, or move him to the bench. Carimi has much better footwork and balance than Webb, and even Chris Williams has better technique than Webb. Williams just can't anchor against a bull rush. But if someone different is not starting at LT soon, Cutler will not be our starting QB any more. The block down that Back Doc is talking about is a basic technique where they protect from the inside out, but they are not seeing the same things as far as protections, because when Cutler gets hit, there are 2 or 3 linemen standing there not blocking anyone. 1 can get beaten on any given play, but when you have 2 or 3 being abused on every pass play, they are not on the same page. I don't know whether Garza can't call the right protections, or if it is on Cutler, or if they just don't learn anything from the teams doing the same things to them every week, and pummeling Cutler.

Angelo is right about continuity, and being on the same page. We have neither, and this group is going to have a hard time developing either one

Remember Angelo invested how much in Cutler? And has done how much to protect thta investment? Has he signed or drafted any real help at reciever? And what about Forte, we sure know he can catch the ball, and run screens, but Forte needs help to, where are the rushing lanes? The only holes the line is making are being filled by defensive players from the only team.

Cutler has been sacked 98 times in 33 games with the Bears. In his last 16 games in Denver he was sacked 11 times. What is that doing to Cutler? Have you ever seen how Brady acts when he is sacked, he loses his mind. Cutler can't lose his mind because it is currently made of Jello. Stop the bleeding! In 34 games the Bears have given up 102 sacks and god knows how many hits and pressures. The most sacked QB in the league over the last 34 games, the most hit QB in the league over the last 34 games and the most pressured QB in the league over the last 34 games. Plus no run blocking.

Resign Kreutz?...lmao..Kreutz got tossed around like a rag doll last Sunday...Where do we get these posters at??

Angelo is hopeless. There is really nothing more to say.


Reward the loyalty of the great Bears fans in this world, 1 more Superbowl winner is that too much to ask?

Thank you.

' "We did everything you could possibly do to that position," Angelo told the team's website.' So he's saying that none of these were an option:

- Admit that Frank Omiyale was a mistake and sign any competent backup to take his place on the bench.
- Admit that Chris Williams was a mistake and sign any competent backup to take his place on the starting line.
- Keep Kreutz AND get Chris Spencer as backup/CW replacement.
- Get a starting RG, put Carimi in his natural position, and continue to develop Webb.
- Draft or bring another o-lineman to camp instead of a third punter.

Would that be the first lie Angelo's ever told the team's website? How much better would we look if Williams, Louis and Webb were on the bench and human-turnstile-Omiyale was taking tickets at the gate? Maybe it's me, maybe it's just wishful thinking.

Jerry Angelo has invested 1st rounders in tackles, Marc Columbo 1st rd 2002, Chris Williams 1st rd 2008, and Gabe Carimi 1st rd 2011, but, my question is, what about the interior linemen? Angelo doesn't necessarily have to use a 1st rounder on a guard/center, but what about spending a 2nd or 3rd round pick on one every once in awhile? I realize a big reason he's neglected the interior so long is because he's brought in a couple of interior linemen via free agency, Roberto Garza and Ruben Brown. The problem is when you sign these band-aid types to hold a position down for a couple seasons instead of drafting players for a certain position, your not setting yourself up long term wise, and thats a big reason Chicago has the problem they have right now.

Now, Chris Williams might be the long term answer at left guard, and the jury's still out on Lance Louis? The thing with Louis is does he have an NFL body? I don't know if he's ever gonna be able to go 16 games? Louis kept getting banged up last season and here we go again in 2011. Thats really the only knock on Louis, he'd be pretty solid if he could simply stay on the field. We'll see?

I like what Joe Felicelli has to say, maybe Roberto Garza is having a problem calling protections? That was one thing that had me worried going into the Saints game. Chicago signed Chris Spencer, who has a lot of NFL experience at center, Garza has spent his entire career at right guard, why not swap Spencer and Garza? Its still early enough in the season to do it. GO BEARS!!

Off with his head, the silly boy. Time for a sacking, FIRE HIM NOW.

"We did everything possible over the offseason to improve the offensive line." ("Our owner wanted to bank the extra $19,000,000, so we could not spend much money. We have to win with what they allow us to spend. But we can't talk about it cause we will lose our jobs.")

The sad thing is there are question marks on defence too safety? LB depth? dl? A team can`t just focus on putting together a defence there must be solid additions on offence as well, balance as Angelo says. Has Briggs taken a suck too about not getting a contract, he looked like he give up a little much last Sunday?

Well, whatever they did, it obviously was not enough. If the Bears' ownership would stop being so cheap, they may have actually gotten some quality linemen in the offseason and our best offensive lineman would have stayed. Letting Olin leave was the dumbest mistake made by all NFL teams this past offseason. Championships are hardly ever won by a thrifty ownership. They need to get their act together and re-sign Matt and Lance before they decide to leave town after the season. No worries! They will just draft unproven rookies and say they did everything they could to fill the void.

Even though management is screwed up, they do not strap up and play a single down for the team. I am an old-school Army vet. If you are getting paid to do a job, you are expected to get it done. If you are not getting the job done, you need to man up, take responsibility, work harder, and get your a$$ in gear. Aftér that, you dig deeper than you ever have before as a man with that image of your last performance singed in your mind and refuse to let yourself get embarrassed like that ever again. The entire offensive line should be deeply ashamed of their performance this past Sunday. If they are not, then I do not have words that can properly portray my disgust for a total lack of pride in their jobs. Once again, the Bears' hopes for this season ride on the O-line's ability to do their jobs. Let's hope they right the ship or we are doomed for this season.

Meh, I see no reason to sound the alarm just yet. Is the line good? No. But this would be them at their worst. They can't get much worse than that.

I mean, we got beat by a very good team, at their stadium which is known to be a difficult place for visitors to play and things were close until the last quarter even with dependable guys like Harris and Bennett out. Games like this happen.

Two weeks ago we demolished the Falcons and yet after their win over the Vick-less Eagles everyone is still calling them Super Bowl contenders. Whatever. Personally I'll wait a few more weeks before passing any judgment. Oh, and this weekend will be a fun one no doubt.

Question: How do you know when Jerry Angelo is feeding you a line of c**p? Answer: His lips are moving.
Seriously, to say the Bears did "everything possible" to improve the O-line is just a heinous lie. He brought in two players--one of them a retread.
What's worse--hearing this kind of blasphemy or facing the realization that Angelo believes Bears fans and the media are so ignorant that they'll believe this tripe?
He's possibly the worst GM in professional football. Lucky us.

Unreal. If Jerry Angelo was an architect, he would constantly re-model the living room, but would never fix a leaky roof, or re-pave a cracked driveway.

He overtinkered the D-line and the Safety position in the last 5-6 drafts. While those picks could have been Oline, he drafted players like Dan Bazuin, Mike Okwo (LB), Marcus Harrison, Major Wright, Chris Conte, Steven Paea. What this does is cause a logjam at the position, where there are only a certain amount of spots to be effective

For example, he took Conte in the third round, but then signed Merriweather. When would Conte play? You have Steltz for a few years now - with his logic of "play the guys that are here", they should have been fine at safety. Now you have Wright and Harris at Safety, with Merriweather as the #1 back up. What's the point of having Conte if he's not going to play. Wouldn't you rather draft another Olineman??? Same with Paea - they moved up in the 2nd round to draft this guy, only to sign Okoye to take reps away from him. If Paea doesn't see the field this year - what a waste of a pick that was too. You could have taken another Oline, or at least another area of need (linebacker). This fundamental flaw in Jerry's drafting is killing this team in terms of depth and talent.

Angelo is much like an executive at a publically traded company. No one really know what he's doing, and there isn't any controls to manage his effectiveness. As long as the bottom line is in the black - all is well.

He needs to be driven out of town like Lion's fan's did to Millen! This guy is horrible.The fact The Mcaskey's are cheap make it all the more reason to hit on your draft picks.

I still think this line has a chance to be good if Mike MArtz adepts to their strengh. Yes they oplay like sh1t, but they suffer mostly form mentally error rather than just being physically outplayed like last year at the Giants. With that said mental error should be expected consider player like Webb and Carmi have very little experience in the NFL it now a question of if they can learn from their miskates or basically are they smart enough.

Also not all the blame should go on the oline. Marta goes out and call 52 pass play against defense that went blitz happy and just pin their ears back with 10 days to prepare. Cutler didnt help i saw at least two play where he was two late on a the bliyz pick up. Kellen Davis missed a few blocks and the WR didnt help by getting smother by the Saints weak secondary and the were in a hostlie enviroment.

He did nothing to improve the line other than draft Carimi. Worst part is the Bears are 18 million under the cap. They could of got the two best lineman in FA and still had about 5-8 million left under the cap.

How did those tackles workout for the Bears? Carimi could have a reoccurring problem with that knee, it is not the first time he has had this injury.As for the interior linemen he does not have a first round pick on the interior, he has 2 first round picks on the interior. Spencer and Williams. It is the talent and fit to the system that Angelo seems to struggle with. Nicks was a 5th round pick and Evans was like a 4th rounder so they can be found later. But even in mid to late rounds he is not looking at interior linmen he has drafted the fewest offensive linemen in the draft over his tenure from rounds 1-5 of any GM and when he does draft them he tends to miss.

He has stated he does not feel that the interior of the offensive line holds much draft value. The proof is in the fact that the Bears do not have a single draft pick adding depth to the line and only 8 linemen 2 of which are hurt and they only have three tackles, one of which is hurt.

Who are they developing for the line? Do they have a developmental Center? Spencer is an awful Center and I don't think much of him at guard, he also has some injury issues. Anyone they are trying to develop is starting all at once, Webb, Williams, Carimi, and Louis. Not exactly the best idea in the world starting 4 projects at once on a five man line. Who is the anchor? None of them show any sign of being dominant at their positions in this system. Carimi could be a dominant run blocking RT, but he is in a pass heavy offense, in fact he is in a pass happy league, he is not exactly what Martz looks for in his system but still shows signs of being better than the others, which is really not a good thing.

If you look at this offense it was not built around Cutler, most teams build around their QB's. It was also not built around the Martz offense. It was not built around Forte or Hester. The entire offense is basically a patchwork mess. It was not built around any concept or player, but rather shoddily put together to fill holes at positions. Nothing more than that, that's why it has no identity, it does not know what it is or should be.

Forte and Cutler belong in a misdirection offense, Garza belongs in a zone scheme and I suspect Chris Williams does as well Webb does not know what he is, he is not athletic enough for a zone but is also not a power guy for a man scheme, maybe a RT in a zone scheme. Carimi belongs in a man scheme on an offense with a power run game. Bennett belongs in a WCO offense out of the slot, and Hester belongs on returns along with Knox. It is really just a big mess.

Center, Tackle, Guard, Wide Receiver, are all major needs. If they don't stop getting Cutler killed QB as well and a new OC would not kill this team.

I appreciate that Angelo feels he did all he could--maybe from where he sits he did.

However with $19 million of cap space left they could have done more--which begs the question we are discussing now. Yes they need cap room to extend Forte's contract--but not all $19 million. The Patriots routinely find castoff diamonds, whether guys with a year or so left in the tank or guys like Mark Anderson (remember him anyone?) who simply have not yet realized their potential. So let's make some valid points that contribute to this discussion:

1. The Bears have lousy scouting at some levels---yes they get lucky with a Forte or an Urlacher, but for every one of them there is an Archuleta or a Frank Omyale who doesn't deserve to even be a backup in this league.

2. The Bears coaching is suspect at best---Lovie looks like he is asleep with his eyes open or balancing his checkbook in his head on the sidelines. Mike Martz talks a good game all week and then forgets he has one of the top 5 running backs in the league and telegraphs his choice (most likely "pass) enough to make every defense we face look like World Champions. Tice is overrated, and if the part of the team a coach is responsible for doesn't produce, replace him. That's what would happen to any of us in our jobs.

3. Not Enough Ex-Bears players are given a chance to work here--Look around the league and tell me which franchise has more former players as active coaches? Harbaugh, Rivera, Frazier--and before he stepped down, Fisher in TN. Doug Plank is one of the winningest coaches in the Arena league, and we have how many Bears in the Hll of Fame? Why can't they be brough in like Richard Dent was to mentor as specialists? We are not leveraging our best asset; our storied history.

Beyond that, how many people know where Bo Jackson keeps a home? Chicago suburbs maybe? Think he wouldn't love to come give some tips? Think players might listen to him? Before he started feeling the effects of concussions, Jim McMahon was one of the most gifted at reading defenses--think he couldn't have taught some of that to Cutler? Oh--he also lives in the area.

The Bears need to get better scouting and learn how to reconize talent. They need to spend money to lure talent away from teams that are successful but unable to keep that talent for cap reasons--just ask the Blackhawks how that works. Then they need to hire the very best coaches who have a passion for winning and infuse some of the HoF talent who would be happy to come visit the Bears from time to time to help out.

What a joke. The Bears just let the issues accumulate until they're bursting at the seams. At least the Cubs look like they're trying to get back on track by firing Hendry and investing in the farm system. I don't think the Bears management understand how to operate a business for the long run. Pocketing the short term cash, as jimperm mentions, is ridiculous. Management has no contingency plans, they just cut costs and raise prices without improving the quality of their product. That's not the way to run a successful sports franchise you idiots. Look at some functional organizations like the Patriots and Yankees and take some clues. It's also clear that they don't understand the concept of transaction costs, or the basic purpose of the firm. They need to get a more basic understanding of strategy/organizations somehow, bc their education has failed them thus far.

I hope the coaching staff continues to hold Forte out of these second half blowouts to ensure that he gets the respect he deserves after the season. Get ready to spend the franchise tag on him next year. They should take Cutler out too. If you can't protect him on the field, just put in somebody that can eat sacks or take a three step drop and throw the ball out of bounds. The coaching staff/defensive line is the only thing that enables this team to win. Think about what our record would be with Jack del Rio or Sparano and our talent level. Scary.

You think you can do better, Creeton?

Terrific analysis, Creighton. Most fans don't have that awareness of OL personnel around the league, so don't realize what a poor job Jerry has done overall with this group. Yeah, Mankins and Light are bad boys. I, too, like Marcus Cannon.

What a joke, Angelo spent more time reading the paper in the morning than trying to sign good quality offensive line free agents. There were plenty to be had but the Bears seem to have quite a bit of cash stashed probably for the owners, certainly not for the team needs in the offensive line.

Angelo is not the only culprit, how about Phillips he runs the finances and in my opinion there should be a revolt by Bears fans to demand these two are sent packing. Cronyism
runs rampant within the Bears, the new PR guy etc.

The O line was a joke last week. Although Garza has done a decent job at center, he still is not the one that was calling the line play as Kruets did for years. The O line would be more cohesive if Kruetz was still in Chicago.

The Bears cheapskate attitude is clearly evident with how they handled Kruetz.

I hesitate to weigh in on this one because the negative comments are all correct, but even so, I think the offensive line is going to be solid and get really good as the season progresses. Time will tell.Kreutz's time was past, and Garza is an improvement. There is a degree of depth if the injuries only cost losses for a game or two. Finally, everyone talks about the o-line needing to work together and learn their fellow players' habits, weaks, and strengths; so with repetition and practice, the line could develop into a Bear strong point. In any case, this weekend's game is already crucial, and the Bears better bring their best efforts to Soldier Field.

Angelo is only a symptom. The problem is cheap ownership that cares more about money than winning. Ted Phillips is a bean counter and is completely out of his league as team president. So he hires an executive search firm to find a general manager (!) and ends up with Angelo. There's no way you're going to get a good general manager that way, and Angelo is proof.

I've been saying this for years: unless the fans in Chicago stop going to games, nothing will ever get better. We stopped going to games in the '70s and George Halas hired Jim Finks, who turned the organization around. If the Bears stop selling out, it will get ownership's attention. If not, hey they're making a fortune, and if the team doesn't win, oh well.

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