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Jay Cutler embraces the onslaught

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In today's paper, I focused on Jay Cutler and his leadership. Many analysts have taken swipes at him about him lacking in that department.

But what was really telling, in my opinion, was his answer when I asked him about blaming teammates for costly mistakes.

"I can't even fathom myself doing it. It's just not who I am, and it's not how I was brought up," Cutler told me. "I'm going to take all the punches, I'm going to take all the bullets and I'm going to take all the hits, and whether it's deserved or not, it just comes with the position.

"If you're going to be the quarterback of the Chicago Bears or any team, whether you like it or not, it's a part of the gig."

The entire story is here

I think it was also interesting to hear comments from his teammates, which went beyond stock quotes.

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Cutler is a stand-up guy. Anyone who takes the beating that he took last year and doesn't whine about it is OK. Bet he has a pretty good year.

Sean stories like this are the reason I like you as a reporter. It's not necessarily the fact that this is a positive story about my beloved Bears. It's that you are a good journalist who works at your job.

My belief is that many of your contemporaries in the national media are fundmentally lazy and that is why Cutler is so often the subject of negative reporting. He makes reporters work, and lots of us don't like that concept.

My belief is that Cutler is continually under attack in the national media because it's simply too much trouble for people to find something else to report. He refuses to "play" off the field. His job as an NFL quarterback requires a certain league mandated minimum contact with the media. He handles that part of the job, and that's about it. Other than that he let's his play on the field do the talking. I haven't seen anything wrong, hypocritical, or inconsistent about the way he does, or doesn't conduct things media related. He just doesn't like the off-field attention and so avoids it as much as he can.

It's a lot easier to generate a "byte for the day" story if you just stick a microphone under an athlete's nose and ask an impertinent question that gets them to:

1. Trash talk an opponent.
2. Call out a team-mate.
3. Complain their contract, that already pays a lot more than we make, doesn't pay enough.
4. Make some sort of insensitive social remark.
5. or make some rash, third person, egotistical comment about themself.

This approach requires a certain amount of moxie, but doesn't require tedious activities like research, follow-up interviews, phone calls to non-celebrities, or travel to places that are not press rooms, restaurants, hotels, or nightclubs.

In other It's just a lot easier to turn to a fellow talking head and ask them about a player's body language impacts the team. This fills the required sound byte and doesn't cut into happy hour.

Thanks for actually working at your job. It makes it a lot more fun to be a Bear fan.

ahhhh....tihs hole team SUCKS!!!! tehyre al LOOSER BUSTS!!! teh only good player is my sweetie pie jay jay but teh rest of tehm a RWHZOORIVBLE!!!!!

did you loosers se the APckers last snite>??? oh boy boy now thers a TEAM!! therers NO WAY teh bears will beat the PACK this away!!! teh pack will wintyeh superbowel!!! .you herd it hear first looser sense i am allways right and i only give facts.

ps doo doo doo doo doo GO PACK GO!!!! ahhhh.....

I think many in the media are against Cutler, first off, for the way he got out of Denver. But, can you really blame Cutler for wanting out of that situation? Going into the 2009 off-season, Jay Cutler was coming off a Pro-Bowl season in which he broke a Denver Bronco record for passing yards in a season with 4,500, and with Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway being a former QB, when you break a Denver passing record, it means something. So Cutler was young, a Pro-Bowler, and was setting team records, and out of nowhere a new coach comes in and made it known he wanted to trade Cutler, after Cutler does everything he's suppose to up to this point in his career in Denver and got no backing from the Bronco's, so yeah, I'd take that as a slap in the face also. That would be like me or you working on say 2nd shift in a plant, and on second shift we set a record for parts on a shift, and then a new shift foreman comes on and wants to swap us for another line worker from his old shift, again, slap in the face. I, or anyone else on this planet, wouldn't want to work for someone who didn't want you to begin with. Cutler did what he had to do.

And all these media "experts" saying Cutler isn't a leader, how do they really know? Are they in the Bears locker room, are they in the huddle during games? No. Cutler just doesn't put on a side line show like some after school made for television QB does, so the media say's he isn't a leader. Give me a break. Cutler's team mates say he's a leader, Cutler's team mates stick up for him, I'll take their word on it GO BEARS!!

I have no way of knowing, but its possible that means Cutler is a smart leader. The function of leadership is to do things that hold others on the team accountable to do their best. In the case of Omiyale, his best as a left tackle could easily leave Cutler running for his life. "The Look" probably doesn't help with somebody who is trying hard and still getting whipped.

Maybe in the case of Omiyale, the teammate gets encouragment to keep trying and Jerry Angelo gets "the Look" as Cutler limps down the hallway on Monday?

Thank you for an eloquent, well thought-out, and, as I see it, completely truthful and accurate assessment in a venue that rarely spawns anything but venom, vitriol, and poor grammar. Bravo to you -- you are my personal hero for the day, maybe the week.

Another fine article Sean. You are one of the only reporters to objectively cover the bears and not regurgitate the garbage in major news media

Actually I think Cutler already may have told you the reason he isn't being as demonstrative early oin with the Bears. When he came here he didn't feel like a team leader because he was the new guy. He is clearly not the type of player to demand others to follow him, but rather earn there respect with play with his actions. Then you got all the heat he got from are media the moment he got here. Pompei kept blasting him and talking about how great Elway was and how he is not Elway. Even though Jay has never made the comparison to Elway, everyone else did. Haugh labled him jerk face after his first game and the national media only seems concerned with his posture cause they seem to think that is what makes a leader.

I think he came here from a bad situation and just wanted to fit in. It was not Cutler calling McDaniels, but McDaniels who was playing games with him and the media, McDaniels lied to the media, he wantd Jay gone and he did everything he could to make it happen. I am a firm believer in Karma, how is McDaniels doing these days? How did those draft picks he got workout for him? Jay told everyone what happened back then, he said McDaniels was not intrested in him being the QB in Denver and that he tried to talkm to the owner but it didn;t workout. Denver then said that Jay never tried to talk to the owner. But about a year later the owner said well maybe Jay did call and maybe they did talk but that he has memroy problems and could not even remember the Broncos last Super bowl and has been struggling for years. Then he said he never wanted to get rid of him and doesn't know how it happened, then he fired McDaniels and that made me happy, little fist pumping Oompa loompa punk.

Some people think Cuter tried to get out of Denver but that is not the case at all. He loved Denver, and he loved playing in Shanahan's WCO misdirection system. McDaniels screwed him and threw him under the bus and you know what? So did a lot of Denver fans who went after him. Don't forget when Jay was sick with Diabetes before he was diagnosed the national media and Denver media all kept insinuating he was on drugs and was a party animal and the fans in Denver went along with it.

People often want to know why I stick up for him so much given the fact that I am very critical of the team as a whole. The reason is because he has never been given a fare shot since they fired Shannahan, he was doing a good job in Denver then came McDaniels, 3 offensive systems in 3 years, we all know that Turner was a lousy oc, a media that just ripped him to shreds, not much talent for him to work with here, 52 sacks, a OC who kept calling 7 step drops in a brutal NY game, and just one thing after another kept happening to him and I never heard him complain or rip anyone. He just kept taking his beating while people who didn't know him like Dilfer, Sanders, etc kept literally lying about him, saying he took a dive in the playoff game. And then when they got busted it was still his fault because of his posture. How clowns like that are considered part of the media is beyond me, but they give guys like Sean, Brad and Jay Meriotti a bad name. Kidding I would never consider Sean or Biggs real reporters. What you didn't think you where getting a compliment did you? From me? Now that Meriotti, that's a class act, just ack his girlfriend, well ask her after the swelling goes down.

I hope he has the best year of his career and I hope Webb and Carimi grab Dilfers arms, and make a wish. I hate that beady eyed jerk, beady eyed people always become evil, it's true I saw it in the movies.

I really hate to break up this love fest for Cutler but to be purely objective Cutler has yet to prove he is a great Qb.
I truly hope that Cutler proves me wrong and has an MVP quality year. Does anyone really feel that JC is in the realm of a Brady, P Manning, Brees, Montana, Elway, Unitas, Marino etc. Etc.
The answer is clearly a no, if you are an honest evaluator of his on field performance.
Cutler has finished middle of the pack in the NFL as far as his ratings go, his turnovers in the red zones have really hurt at times and cost some games. I hope that Cutler really steps up and becomes that great QB that we all want him to be. I also hope that the Bears front office starts to develop a special o line to give Cutler some time in the pocket.
Here is to Cutler having a very special 2011 and a win in the Super Bowl.

Cutler is a big time player..end of story... So what if he doesn't always smile or want to get the media to kiss his arse by always giving them a "good quote"... None of the clowns criticizing him were his teammates ..that says enough for me..... As Urlacher said..nothing like a bunch clowns criticizing from their couches..wishing they could be in the game.. Ya so jay has thrown some picks and made some dumb throws but saying he is not tough? Anyone who says that doesn't know, as coach mora would say, diddly poo...or as I say sh$t! But the media will kiss his arse when he takes the bears to the super bowl this year and takes on Rodgers for the MVP... The bears are going to kick arse..this year! End of story..

Where is the thread where we pick tomorrow's winner? I pick Bears 73-0!]

Ohhh my!!!

You better go check your Elway history, he had bad habbit of losing close games, he threw a ton of picks. It wasn't until the last six years of his career when he was put in a better system that fit him and was given some help that he really took off. Elway's TD to Int numbers his first 10 years,

7 TD's 14 int's 1983










Ummm that's kinda of bad, His career QB rating is 79.9 and he never cracked the 100 club. He was sacked a lot but not as much as Jay. He chocked in multiple big games and had to shake the stigma of being a huy who couldn't win the big one. He is still one the best QB's anyone has ever seen, people just forget his early career and some of the struggles he went through. You know what is really funny Dali, you compare him to either HOF QB's or guys who will be in the HOF. That's it, your sitting there comparing 7 of the top 15 QB's in nfl history and he is in his third year in Chicago with a tard for an OC. Not to mention his first year with Turner who you used to complain about all the time.

You want to know what the problem is, he belongs in a misdirection offense, could use an O-Line that didn't give up 56 sacks, and when was the last time the Bears had an All pro reciever or RB?

I think we are just going ot have to wait and see how the year goes, he could implode he could explode. But unlike some people I am not going ot blame him if he gets sacked 52 times. To be honest I don't think you want him to step up and be great I think you want to blame him for the struggles of this club. Well last I checked they where struggling before he got here.

Seriously man? Manning HOF lock, Brady HOF lock, Elway HOF, Montana best ever HOF, Marino HOF (Career rating 86.4, had a losing playoff record, just like Manning, ) Almost forgot Marion was never sacked more than 28 times.

Your mad and you want to blame Cutler cause the media tells you too. But the facts are that Martz was last on the list of OC's the Bears were looking at and you could bring any QB in the league in here and you are not going to win the Super Bowl with this team. Hell Brees, Manning and Brady would have never made it out of the Giants game alive. Maybe Brees but he is a little small and the other two are statues. You could send Cutler to the Texans that run a misdirection offense and are loaded with talent on offense, and I think you would see what your looking for. By the way Cutler got pressured and sacked more than any QB in the league last year, he suffered two injuries, was in a new offense, missed a game do to head trauma, and actually put up pretty good numbers. Dropped 10 picks off int total from the year before, if not for the Washington game his total would have been really good. I am not sure what you think all these other QB's do, they don't fart wins and belch rainbows. They all have or had bad games every year of their careers.

Dude go look at some stats and find QB's that were sacked more than let's say 45 times, then look at their numbers and record. Se how well they did. It happened to Elway in 94 and the numbers are almost identical, same for Brady although he was only sacked 41 times in 2001, check out Bree's 5th year in the league, his numbers are almost identical to Cutlers 5th year, well except he was only sacked 27 times, it's funny how his numbers took a huge Jump right after he started playing for Payton, I am guessing it also helped having an All Pro tackle, Guard, Pro Bowl RT, McAllister, Colston, Horn, Bush and Henderson. Call me crazy but it seems that not being sacked alot, being surrounded by help and having a very good offensive system seemed to help Brees who was not really considered a great QB until he met Payton.

Oh and Bears over the dirty birds, let say by six. Either that or they will lose. So the Bears will either win or lose tomorrow. Lets hope the O-Line holds.

Sorry the last two were so long Sean.

Good Sunday morning Creighton:

I somehow expected you to retort in regards my comments pertaining to Cutler.

Actually you are really wrong about whether I want Cutler to succeed or not, I actually have him on my fantasy league and think he has all of the physical talent in the world to be exceptional.

I completely agree that Cutler is not surrounded by talent on the O line or at WR's but he has decent talent with the receivers at the present time. As for the Offensive scheme, you probably are right that he is more exposed to a pass rush in Martz's system and would do better in a more controlled quick pass system.

My only concern with Cutler is his game management. He has made poor decisions in the red zones that have cost games. When in the opponents red zone he has to come away with points not throw interceptions into coverage, which he has done consistently. In the Bears red zone he also has thrown interceptions that led directly to immediate points for the opposition.

Cutler's ratings in the NFL is around the 17th best the last two years and in the QBR ratings he was rated in the low 50's and high 40's for the last two years which are mediocre ratings.

I only want to be honest as to his actual performance the last two years which is good to maybe above average but not great like is perpetuated on this blog.

Creighton, I hope Cutler throws for 4 touchdowns today and the Bears smoke the Falcons and I hope that Cutler will win the MVP of the league and Superbowl.

Don't kill the messenger

Bears 35, Falcons 21. 'nough said.

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