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Highlights from Jay Cutler press conference

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had his voice back, although he tiptoed around a few questions during his press conference.

Here are some highlights:

* On frustration with the run-pass ratio, and if his relationship with Mike Martz is at all strained: "[Laughs] Anytime, I think it's across the NFL, whenever you're losing games, there's a little bit of a sense of panic and a sense of doom. We've just got to get over that. You've got to keep working. You take a look at the film, and it wasn't just one thing. It was across the board. Every single person made a mistake at some point in that game. You don't want to blame one person. But if we take away some stuff, we're right there in it. We've just got to keep working. There were a lot of positives on the flip side."

* On how much input into the game plan he would like to have: "That's not my job; never has been. I never really wanted to be an offensive coordinator either. So this is Mike's system. This is what Mike does. One-hundred percent, I've bought into it since the first day of install. I'm gonna keep believing in it, and keep trying to run the plays to the best of my ability."

* On if he expected the offense to be further along by now: "Yeah, Week 1 we were good. We were clicking. We had a good balance. But more than that we executed the plays. We didn't have as many mistakes. We didn't have as many mentals out there, and that's the biggest thing. It doesn't really matter what defense we're going against, who it is. It's about us and us going out there executing."

* On if the Bears should scale back the offense, given the struggles: "You know it's not really Mike's M.O., and I don't really see us doing that."

* On getting away from the run against the Packers: "Mike saw some stuff in the secondary that he wanted to take advantage of and that's what we went with."

* On seeing Greg Olsen Sunday: "I went through it when I went back to Denver and played in a preseason game there. It's part of the business. He'll be fine."

* On his low completion percentage: "In any offense, [completion percentage] is important. You want to complete balls, and you want to do it at a high rate. We've had some pressure the first three games and I've had to dump the ball, had to get rid of it, had to throw it away. You know, there's a lot of things that contribute to that."

* On if this is a must-win Sunday against the Panthers: "I don't think we need to go that far. We want to win them all. This is an important game for us. We're gonna go out there. We're gonna do everything possible to win. There's a lot of football left. There's a lot of things that can happen. I don't think we need to start panicking quite yet."

* On where his offense is most challenged: "We've got to convert on third down. That ties into the rest of that stuff. So if we're converting third downs and giving ourselves manageable third downs... those third-and-longs, at the end of the day, we're not gonna be able to convert a high rate of those. So first and second down, getting enough yards to put us in position to be successful on third down and keep the chains moving, keep the clock moving and keep our defense off the field."

* On Carolina's defense: "They're a solid defense. A lot of stuff coming over from Philly, Ron Rivera from here and in San Diego. So they've got a lot of different elements to their defense. It's just a matter of us sorting it out. I think the theme of this conference right now is it's about us. We've got to take care of us first."

* On confidence in his offensive line: "Yeah, I don't have a choice. Those are the guys we've got to go with, and we've got to get them ready, and I've got to believe in them. So at the end of the day they're gonna do the best possible job they can for me."

* On if shorter passes would improve his accuracy: "We're more than a year into this offense and this is what we do. We're not gonna change. You can't halfway just decide to overhaul the offense. It's just not possible. It's not realistic. We're just gonna have to get better at the offense we're running right now, and execute it on a consistent basis."

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Jay Cutler in 2008.

» He guided the second-ranked offense in the NFL.

» He was No. 1 in fewest percentage of sacks, with 11 in 627 pass plays. That equates to one sack every 57 pass attempts.

» He was No. 3 in the NFL in third-down efficiency, the "money" down. The average NFL team converted 39.5 percent of its third downs; Cutler converted 47.5 percent.

» He was No. 3 in the AFC in yards per pass play (7.3).

» He threw for more yards than Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo and Ben Roethlisberger, to name a few.

» He had just two 100-yard rushing days from a running back all season: Peyton Hillis (129 against the Jets) and Michael Pittman (109 against the Jacksonville Jaguars).

» He had eight games of 300-plus passing yards (five of those at 350 or more), connecting for 15 touchdowns in those contests.

» Sure, he threw 18 interceptions, which is unacceptable, but his ratio of picks to attempts was 1:34, which tells a slightly different story. Last season, Brees had an interception every 37 pass attempts. Favre's ratio was 1:23, and Roethlisberger's was 1:31. Cutler's career ratio is 1:33.

» Only Jacksonville's David Garrard threw more passes in the fourth quarter of games than Cutler, who completed 100 of 167 passes for 1,212 yards and 11 touchdowns with just four interceptions.

That was his second year starting full time, and he had a very heavy run pass ratio, 627 pass plays, and 387 rushing attempts, he can put up numbers without a run/pass balance. What is different is the system, the players and the OC. By the way 3 of his picks that year were on Hail Mary passes at the end of a game or half.

Combined Yardage for Cutler that year, 4726 yards and 27 TD's.CMP% 62.3.

Say what you want but he had some really good numbers, in one place then he comes to the magical land of offensive make believe and things go bad. Remind me how many great offenses has Chicago had the last 20 years, could it be an organizational problem. They need to fix the line so they draft one guy and sign a backup. They needed help at reciever and they brought in Roy Williams and did not draft anyone.

I give Cutler a lot of credit for towing the company line, but I wonder how he really feels, because I guarantee that ain't it.

I think back to the end of 09 and wonder what would have happened if Ron Turner had been retained? Cutler and Aromashadu had started to develop a rapport which even carried over to the 2010 opener against the Lions, but Martz kicked the receiver to the curb. Jay and Olsen were a decent tandem, but Martz didn't like him either. Maybe Mike wants Cutler all to himself. Perverted Cow.

"It was across the board. Every single person made a mistake at some point in that game. You don't want to blame one person. But if we take away some stuff, we're right there in it. We've just got to keep working. There were a lot of positives on the flip side."

Agreed. No too long ago we throttled the Falcons and everyone was talking about how good this team was. Facing the Saints in the Superdome is a tall order and I was actually quite surprised that we hung with them for so long up until that fourth quarter melt down. And the Pack, yes they're a good team and everything but a big reason for that loss was that the Bears shot themselves in the foot over and over again. If it wasn't a false start, then it was a dropped pass, if it wasn't that, then Cutler threw a bad pass or a real dumb penalty was called on us.

Have faith guys. We get Chris Harris back, and the defense will look much better. We get Marion Barber and Earl Bennett back (and eventually Carimi), and the offense will look much better.

As long as Frank Ohmylord is your starting right tackle, you are in deep trouble. This guy is by far the worst tackle in the NFL right now! Does anybody know how many false starts he has committed since he has been playing? I bet he's #1 on the list in that time! Here is the line I would start now until Gabe comes back.....
RT- Chris Williams
RG- Roberto Garza
C- Spencer
LG- Lance Louis
LT- J. Webb
.................I would cut OhmyQB, Roy Williams too!

Cutler is starting to become loquacious. If he keeps this up he might write a book at the end of the season entitled __How I Survived My Years of the Martz System with No Offensive Line__. His comments about the line, "I don't have a choice. Those are the guys we've got to go with,..." are not what I'd call "towing the company line." He was not as obvious in his discontent as Romo was with the Dallas line in the Washington game, but there is clearly an indication that his patience is wearing thin.Why don't some of you sportswriters ask Mike Tice some nasty questions? Wasn't Tice supposed to be some kind of genius who could make silk purses out of some animal's ears?
Even so, I remain optimistic. If Cutler says the offense is "almost there," I'll believe him because he really does not make habit of sugar-coating incompetence and inefficiency. Go Bears, damnit! It's time.!

I don't agree Mike, I wrote exactly what would happen in the Saints game, and wrote that the Bears could not run on the Packers. If the Bears are passing to much they won't win very often.

Did the Packers march down the field on the opening drive and score? Yes, did the Packers call off the dogs early? Yes. They had the game in hand and easily handled the Bears. I don't think the Packers are that good, mostly because of the defense. But they lost their starting RT in game and the Bears did nothing to attack that weakness. Which is typical of Smith, he does not like to change his game plan, remember Steve Smith and Lovie refusing to flip his corners? Mistakes and coaching are part of the game, and the Bears stank up both in that game and the game before. Well if the Bears didn't make any mistakes and coached a perfect game they would have won. Well what if the Packers had played a perfect game?

Yes what if they didn't drop passes, well they have been dropping them at an alarming rate all through the pre-season. It's not a one game problem, penalties have not been a one game problem, to much passing has not been a one game problem, offensive line problems have not been a one game problem. You might as well say, 'if are players and coaching was better we would be better." Chris Harris would not have stopped Finn, he is a huge mismatch problem fo r hte Bears.

Sure its easy to say things will be fixed at home against the Panthers who were 2-14 last year and are 1-2 right now after beatig the Jags in the rain, lots and lots of rain. But we only get the Packers at home once a year and you can't give away homefield advantage like that.

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