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Gabe Carimi dislocates right knee, could be sidelined a month

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The Bears got mixed news on rookie right tackle Gabe Carimi.

He isn't lost for the season but tests revealed that he dislocated his right knee, according to a league source.

There's not believed to be any further damage. The projection is that the injury may sideline him for four weeks.

According to Web MD, a dislocation of the knee is rare, occurring after "major trauma."

"The bones of your calf (the tibia and fibula) get moved compared to the bone of your thigh (femur)," according to Web MD. "The bones of your knee are held together by strong bands of tissue, called ligaments. For a knee dislocation to happen, these bands have to tear."

The suggestion is that immobilization is necessary, usually requiring crutches.

Web MD also suggests that many dislocations require surgery. But it's unclear if Carimi will need it.

This may sound eerily familiar to the Bears.

In 2002, Marc Colombo, the 29th overall pick of the Bears, suffered a dislocated knee but also suffered femoral nerve damage in November. He was placed on the injured reserve and also missed the entire 2003 season.

After appearing in the 2005 opener, Colombo was waived by the Bears and signed by the Dallas Cowboys, where he started all 16 games for three consecutive seasons.

He's now with the Miami Dolphins.

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Glad it's not major, but Sean I was wondering does Carimi fit the Martz offense? He is suppose to be a nasty run blocker, and the Martz offense is really a pass happy offense when he has the right pieces in place. Does all that passing really benifit him? I know he is a Tice style player, but I really wonder if he fits this offense.

Also I read that the Bears have already had their yearly find religion meeting with Martz today. Why do they keep having meetings to stop this guy from being stupid? How does that make him a good OC?

Seriously? You wrote an article with all the authority of Web MD! Ah. . . The high standards of sports journalism.

Something doesn't add up. A dislocated knee involves the tearing of ligaments. Almost always the ACL and PCL and one of either the MCL or LCL. This is not compatible with a return to sport in 4 weeks. If return in 4 weeks is accurate then he probably had a dislocated knee cap. If he had a dislocated knee, he will not return in four weeks.

True knee dislocations are fairly severe injuries. I doubt he would be back in 4 weeks if that were the case. Possible he had a patellar (or knee cap) dislocation, in which case 4 weeks makes more sense.

Creighton & Sean:
Martz has not been successful running his offense without the run game, even in Detroit he had some decent RB's to use in the ground game that gave him success and we get a weekly update from Marshall Faulk as to why you need a versitle running back to be successful in the system.

Martz just simply needs to held in check on a week to week basis, this is something that just has to happen in order to get him to use the whole offense not just the passing game. I thought the line held up well until Martz lost control, afterall the sacks did not occur unitl the 2nd half and that was when it became apparent the BEARS were not attempting to run the ball.

Carmni got roled up on and I bet his foot got caught in the turf as well, this does not bode well with the slackers coming into town on sunday. Still a commitment to the run game is needed to help the o-line develop, and they must be given a chance to do what they do well which is run blocking, all those guys are Big upfront, we need to use them to wear down d-lineman in order to open up the passing game in the 2nd half, not the other way around.

Unbelievable. Second to finding a Quarterback in Chicago has been finding an OT. Fate seems to conspire against Chicago the same way Martz seems to want to destroy Cutler. OT's seem to go the way of the drummer in Spinal Tap. At least Carimi hasn't blown up yet, but maybe that's next.

Every game that Omiyale starts for Carimi is a Bears loss.
Yes, he's that bad.
More Jerry Angelo failure. Everything he touches turns to krap.

If the kid really has a dislocated knee he could be down for a while. It would be very foolish to take any chances by bringing him back too soon. They could ruin his career.

Plain and simple martz is destroying this team right along with ja. lovie is just the puppet it's time to fire martz and promote tice. I'm not saying tice is a savior or genius which I've seen martz called on here, but at least he won't get cutler killed and our o-line won't look as bad. If Carimi is hurt bad they better not rush him back, I would rather they shelve him and get him ready to play LT next year.

Sean, I have one for you.......
Do Martx and Tice get along? And what were the Bears thinking when they hired these two? It's like mixing oil and water!! I would love to know what Tice was thinking during that Saints game. It seems Tice is trying to get lineman who are huge, that can move the pile, and play smashmouth football and then there is Martz!! I'm baffled!!!

I agree Sean I do not think this the best offense for Cutler but honestly I can't tell. First I don't see anybody doing what they are suppose to in this offense except Forte and that's only in the passing game for him. When I watched the old Greatest show on turf the recievers were always open, they did not go hot very often and they had a very good offensive line that could block and almost never went to max protect, usually they had 1 TE blocking and he was on the right side. The Old 99 Rams, could not be shut down because they basically smoked everyone and consistantly had 4-5 legit weapons on the field and overloaded a defense, 3 All Pro's and two very solid backups, their Backups were better than the Bears starters. Those players new the system, new how to run routs, and understood all the little things nfl recievers needed to do. Give Cutler, Holt, Bruce, Faulk, Pace, Timmerman, Hakim, Proehl and Nutten, put it on Turf in a Dome and give me Vermeil as a head coach then I can tell you if Cutler fits this offense. By the way take a look at who had the better offense when Vermeil went to KC, and Martz was coaching the Rams. Warner walked into a loaded offense, Cutler walked into the opposite of that. So how can you really compare the two.

The Bears need 7-8 guys just to block for 3 seconds against a dog blitz. I have never seen any QB get pounded for the extended amount of time Cutler has and him play well. I am not just talking about Sacks, but total pressures I have seen a lot of QB's like Rodgers take a lot sacks because they held onto the ball to long, but they were holding onto the ball for like 6 seconds, and didn't have near the total amount of Pressure Cutler has delt with or lack of time. Look at Brees how much time did he have this week, Rodgers has been sacked like 3 times and hit like 5 times in two games. Look at the talent around these guys, and look at the coaches. When was the last time Martz had success? Real success not just a bunch of yards, with no points and no wins to show for it.

I think the problem goes well beyond Cutler, I think the recievers are a huge problem, they look lost out there. Aikman pointed out you need three very competent recievers to make this offense work because most defenses can scheme out the first two recievers. The Bears recievers look bad, they are not getting open, they are running the wrong routs, and they are giving up on plays. It's hard to use a quick hitting offense when your recievers are as inconsistant as the Bears recievers, and the line is very very inconsistant to say the least.

Cutler is on pace for an nfl record amount of hits and sacks. The run blocking has been just as bad, they get one big run and then everything else was short or for a loss. So it's hard for me to say Cutler does not fit because nobody really fits and it's messy and sloppy. Last game felt like Cutler and Forte vs. the Saints defense, but the Saints were giving the checkdown to Forte and did not respect the Bears recievers at all.

If you watch the game again Sean count the amount of hits Cutler takes, he is hit more than 10 times before the half.

I agree on Chris Harris, he knows where the secondary is suppose to set up and what they are suppose to do. But to me it looks like they brought in Mariweather to replace him, I have questions about his injury and the Louis injury though.

Best thing I heard about the Martz meeting was him being compared to Alex in Clcokwork Orange,

Martz " Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising visit?"

Lovie, "we need to talk"

Martz, "You needn't take it any further, sir. You've proved to me that all this ultraviolence and killing iof the Cutler is wrong, wrong, and terribly wrong. I've learned me lesson, sir. I've seen now what I've never seen before. I'm cured! Praise god"

Lovie, "your not cured yet boy"

Then Martz is strapped into a chair and his eyes are forced open and he is made to watch the Saints game and all fo the hits and sacks CUtler has taken sense he has been here.

Hey Creighton........
Doesn't your computer have "Spellcheck"?? Or "Grammercheck"? Your posts might be great, like I'm sure you think they are, but nobody can understand what the hell you are trying to say because we can't read the damn things!! My three year old makes more sense!! Yikes!!

Well Sean seemd to understand it, so do most. And no I don't use spell check, it's a blog what's the point. However can you point out the part you didn't understand,cause I have a feeling this is going ot be funny.

Also thank you for this "Your posts might be great". I agree my post are great, and I am so glad you finally noticed.

By the way who is Martx? Cause you wrote:
"Tripper | September 20, 2011 9:18 AM | Reply"

"Sean, I have one for you.......
Do Martx"

Oh and when you use an ellipsis it's just three dots like so, "..."

Also this should be finished with a question mark not a period, "I would love to know what Tice was thinking during that Saints game."

While it may seem like an indirect question, the "I" suggests it is an interrogative sentence and thus requires a question mark, Spell check and Grammer Check will not help you with that though.

I might also add this needs to be fixed: "It seems Tice is trying to get lineman who are huge, that can move the pile, and play smashmouth football and then there is Martz!!"

First this "and play " requires a comma after the and, while you may think the "and" replaces it, it actually does not.

Also the whole thing is really not an interjection, actually none of it really seems to be, I think a simple period would do there. Also "smashmouth" is actually "smash mouth", this is not a bad band, but a style of football.

Then there is the whole double exclamation mark thing you like to do. It's not necessary and is just bad writing. I bet your real glad you brought up the whole grammer thing.

See... I do know grammer, you clearly don't, but there is nothing I can do about that. Oh wait!!!!!! There did that help you understand what I was writing? Lots of exclamation marks, that's just the classic Tripper punctuation embellishment.

Tripper it is a blog. I use a loose sentence structures and, diction. I do not focus much on punctuation, I don't need to here. It is actually okay to do that when a particular subject matter(football) frequently makes use of a set of jargon in which the subject matter is commonly discussed. Do you want me to write in a narrative abstract prose? Or how about a descriptive literal prose? Will that make the conversation better for you?

I am not Mark Twain, this is not a book, and, you are not the person to be correcting anyone. Your style is sloppy, your structure is loose and informal, your diction is terrible and your punctuation is just bad. But that is ok, it is a blog not a thesus.

Do you realize, you just got schooled, by me, again? Have a great day!

Oh and a special thanks to "School House Rock" for this post.

"Cunjunction junction what's your function"

It seems like the Bears' first round picks for the offensive line are jinxed. First Chris Williams and now Carimi are out their first season due to early injuries.At least Carimi coming back seems possible.Still, the season is just starting, so maybe all is not lost and some of the back-ups will suddenly turn into pro-bowlers. The defense could also start to gel and carry the team until the offense gets its act together.I'm not sure all of the problems are easily correctible, but certainly some of them should be.I still think the offense could be terrific if the line could afford some protection and the backs could pick up blitzes.I'm waiting for a break-out game in which the offense scores 50 plus and makes it look easy. Dare one hope that could happen against the Packers? They certainlly have shown themselves to be vulnerable on defense. Look at what Carolina's rookie quarterback did to them.

I would like to add somethig about Lovie, and that is this. Lovie is the head coach and it is his job to manage the team and games. He never ordered more runs and did not show any intrest in what was happening to the offense. He also did not know Cutlerwas hurt and his voice was gone and that he had been kicked in the throat, that the O-line was having problems hearing him and was lost on the run pass ratio. Lovie is a head coach not a DC and yet he almost never communicates with the offense. He has no problem keeping an eye on the defense but shows no insight into the offense. Had Lovie known the run pass ratio during the game I am sure he would have said something. Had he gone up to Cutler and said "hey man what's going on out there" he would have known Jay was hurt and could not really speak.

Lovie is not a DC he is a Head coach, it is his job to know these things. I would not say anything if this was the first time he has done this, but this has been happening for years.

I was chating live online during the game and many people including myself, Sean, and other posters were all asking the same question. Where is the run? Not because it was working but we wanted to know why they were not trying to keep the defense honest. What Lovie did was detrimental to the team, the QB, the offensive line and, the Martz himself.

How many times has anyone seen Lovie ever speak to Cutler during a game, have we ever seen him approach the offensive line and speak to that unit. Does he pull Hester or Knox aside and say "get it together or you are riding the bench"? He let that disaster happen because he is not involved with the offense, nor has he ever been and it is his job to be involved with the team as a whole. If he wants to be a DC so bad there are plenty of jobs around the league, he is a head coach and nees to do a head coaches job. He let is happen in the NY game, the Seattle game and the washington game; he let it happen in the last two Green Bay games. It was Lovie that wanted Martz, not Angelo and it was Lovie that got Martz, it is his job to control him and keep an eye on his offense, not just after the game or in practice but during the game. If Martz's ego does not like it, to bad, he is not the boss. If Martz wants to leave because of it, don't let the door hit him where the good lord split him.

U R a looser!!!!!! (In your own spelling)
By the way, it's I before E except after C. You should be the first one to know that because of your name yet you still can't spell "RECEIVER". How old are you??

Tripper I am a man. I spent 10 years in the cops. I bet you didnt spent 10 years in the cops, did you.

Hoooo Rahhhhhhh

Thats good to hear that rookie tackle Gabe Carimi is only gonna be down for 4 weeks. That means Chicago should get Carimi back for the October 23rd matchup vs the Tampa Bay Buc's. Its not good that Frank Omiyale is starting in his place, but, they did get by with Omiyale all last season. We'll see? I wonder how much longer Lance Louis is gonna be down for?

The Bears do need to get more balanced. I realize they had to throw late vs the Saints to try and play catchup, but, they need to stick with the run a little more. A lot of the time the Bears will come out throwing to simply try and get a lead on their opponent, that doesn't always work out as we all seen sunday. They will definitely not be able to gun it vs the Green Bay Packer. The Pack have probably one of the leagues best combos at corner, and I hate to admit this, the Bears receivers are atrocious (they're bad). Not a favorable matchup for the Bears. They're gonna need to run, and run a lot to beat the Packers. One thing that could help is if the Bears get Marion Barber back, his power running would really be nice vs the Packers to go along with Matt Forte. Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Tripper,in fact I am so sure that you will not get me that if you do, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck.

I was having a good sleep
in my car
In the, parking lot of the
Showboat Casino hotel

I say, "I remember you
you drive like a PTA mother"
You brought me draft beer
in a plastic cup

I'm feeling thankful
for the small things, today
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for the small things, today

Happy, Happy Birthday to me
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and to you

Happy, Happy Birthday to me
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and to you-ah

Just a teaser.

Yes and their is no "X" in Martz so how stupid are you? Congrads on your three year old, give the poor child my sympathy will you. Oh and one day you may actually grow a pair, grow up, and stop worrying about my posts and actually talk about football. Oh and your punctuation, is still awful. Don't get mad at me because your writing sucks, and you have no insight on a team you don't even follow. Your more intrested in what I write than anything the Bears do. Look how upset you are and how you are focusing on me and only me. You really need to get past me and move on with ypour life. It is over, you lost, deal with it.

By the way how is your globe trotting going? Don't think I forgot your windsock flip flopping during the NFC championship game. Way to support the team, "I couldn't post I was stuck on a tropical island and didn't see the game even though I posted right before the game started about sitting down to watch it" You didn't stick up for Cutler or anything, oh no, you dug hole and sat in it. You sir are a fair weather fan, who seems to be eating "Crow" in your own words after the game.

As for my posts I did predict exactly what would happen in this game right here on this blog, thank you very much. What have you done other than complain about me?

Now on to a far more intresting poster.

Well what do we have here? Normally I would drop the hammer on you. But I already did and I think a reprieve(delay punishment) is in order.

It is clearly not impossible to pass on the Pack this year, although they have yet to put together a complete game. I believe Collins will be out and that is huge, as the Bears defense learned with Harris this week.

I would also not bet on running the ball against them, Raji is a hell of a NT, but they have no strength in the rotational depth. Still they have managed to force teams to throw. My own beliefe is that they went into the Carolina game lax, believing they would steam role them. They got surprised but recovered from a bad start.

The Bears play Rodgers better than any team in the nfl, in turn the Packers have abused Cutler, but the Bears are at home and that is always a huge advantage. Tough game to call as both team play eachother very well.

Omiyale scares me more than the Packers corners. The right side of the Packers line has gotten very good and Mathews vs. Omiyale or Davis is not a good thing. On paper the Packers are the better team but that defense has not played great football. They are not unbeatable, however they are damn good and if they put it all together for the first time this season it will be a long game for the Bears.

I just don't think the Packers are a super team Clifton is not playing very well, and they can't stop teams on defense right now. Lets hope the Bears can defend the blitz this week, because they Packers will cut loose the second they get a lead. I believe it is two weeks on the road for the Packes and l am hoping that takes a toll on them. I am debating this as an upset pick this week, I don't like teams who don't seem fully focused or a little lazy. To me the Packers seem like a team that thinks it can turn it on whenever it wants to, that's not always the case and they are not as good as they think they are, although they are very good.

Drop the hammer on me, please. What Creighton, you gonna stay up till 1:04 in the morning and try and argue with me? Creighton, newsflash, this is a sports blog, everyone has their own opinion on it, and everyone thinks their right. Thats it, think your special if you want to, someone has to.

Creighton, all I was trying to say was the Packers have probably the best combo at corner in the NFC in Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams, they clearly out match Chicago's receivers, theres no way the Bears are gonna beat Green Bay through the air. Chicago's best bet is to establish the ground game. If Chicago trys to out gun the Packers, they will lose. They need a heavy dose of Forte and hopefully Barber GO BEARS!!

In reply to the Tripper and Creighton dialogues, I generally enjoy both, but would add to Creighton, as I've said before, 'Brevity is the soul of wit." Grammatical correctness is never out of style. If it were, sportswriters would not worry about it and editors would be unnecessary.Tripper, to complete the quote with which you slammed Creighton (ignoring the quotation marks) , the quote of ''i'before 'e' except after 'c'" continues as "...or when used as an 'a,' as in 'neighbor' or 'weigh."' Thus "Creighton"'s "ei' sounds like an "a." Now that sentence has more than its share of correct if somewhat silly double and single quotation marks and period and comma usage inside or outside of the quotes. Spellcheck woud not have been able to handle that.

No Kevin I was going to drop the Hammer on you for your BS posts refering to me as smart guy in a derogatory way, which always makes me laugh. I fully believe you have the right to your opinion, however point your finger at yourself, because you never want me to have an opinion. You have asked for me to banned from the board, asked that I not be allowed to post because you do not agree with what I write. Your last three posts on the greatness of Angelo, and his draft picks, how great Davis is, and Williams, you have disagreed with me about the receives for years and lets just say you have not been polite about it. Whenever I am right you refer to me as being lucky, you pulled fake stats out, and I call them fake because they were wrong. SO don't sit there with your it's only my opinion garbage.

As for me being up at 1 in the morning, Iwork a shift Kevin, and it changes sometimes. A lot of times I get off work at 11 or12. Not everyone works 9-5. But you didn't think about that did you? I didn't disagree with your post, I said other things about the game worry me. But because I worte it, you asume I am shooting down what you say, which I am not. However you are being insulting in reguards to me. What does when I post have to do with what I say and the only person who thinks I am trying to fight with you, is you. What I wrote was joking and in fun, I actually just played off of what you wrote. That's all I opened my post with after that, I pointed out some things that worry me and some stuff I had seen with the Packers.

Do you know how many argumenst we have had over the recievers? A lot but when I said they sucked you often refered to me as a know nothing @$$ hole, but all of a sudden you agree with what I have said for years, but it is you opinion so it is ok, my opinion is crap and i do not have a right to it, but if it is you... Well that is different.

Creighton, couple things, first, when have I ever asked for you to be banned from the board? Stop making things up. You obviously have me mixed up with someone else. I have never asked for you to be banned. If you think so, your either crazy, or again, making things up.

And Creighton, didn't you call me sensitive a couple years back on here? Why are you getting all out of whack about the 1 in the morning comment? Oh, I know, maybe its because I made it to mystery poster Kevin "Bumstead" in an insulting way? With you I simply asked why are you up so late trying to argue? Hmmm.

Now, back to making things up. I never said Chris Williams and Kellen Davis were future Hall of Famers, I just said they're contributors from the 2008 draft, which they are. I never said anything about their greatness. How is my saying Williams and Davis are a couple contributors saying they're great? Again, stop making things up.

As far as the receivers, the difference between you and me is this, your ready to run them out of town once their drafted, I let them actually play a couple seasons before making a judgement. So please, don't turn this around on me Creighton. And boo-hoo you were just kidding around, if you wouldn't spend all your time going behind everything I say, maybe I wouldn't have said anything back. GO BEARS!!

Hey Paul, yes being Grammatically correct is very important, but not as important as proof reading. If I may, first I am not a writer, nor am I a reporter. This is not my job, I do not getr paid for it and none of us is lining up to be the next Hemingway. Any post here can easily be picked apart, lets take yours as an example. " 'Brevity is the soul of wit."" your actually missing a double quote mark and have a single in place of it, while quote marks are a choice of style between single or double, the one standing rule is that the opening mark must match the closing mark. As for "ei" or "ie", you actually need the 'eigh' to get the "a" sound in my name, ei will not do it alone. You may have noticed all the words you used are "eigh". I believe it elongates the "a" sound but don't quote me on that. Get it?

Paul this is just a mess, (the quote of ''i'before 'e' except after 'c'" continues as "...) The outer double quote marks are correct, but it should look like this " 'i' before 'e' except after 'c'". You forgot a outer single quote mark and a space between the single quote mark on the "i" and before.

Also Paul this is incorrect .' Thus "Creighton"'s "ei' sounds like an "a." This should read 'Thus "Creighton's" "ei" sounds like an "a."' See the difference?

I also might point out to you that, writers use editors, thus even they make mistakes.

I also have this rule, when spelling the name "Martz", you don't spell it with an "X". I know it sounds crazy, but it is true there is no "x" in Martz. I know you didn't do that Paul but someone else did. Now as I have stated many times before I am in fact dislexic, not a joke so sometimes things like "ie" and "ei" happen.

Anyway my points are blogging is like letter writing, punctuation and style are the writers choice. Any of of us can pick the others posts apart in terms of grammer and punctuation.

Paul I have never seen an American use so many single quote marks as opening quotes. You either went to school in Britian, had a british teacher, or at some point someone who taught you studied British grammer. You don't see single quote marks that often in the states, at least not opening a quote. It is kind of nice though. Should we move on to improper use of conjunctions, the run on sentence, and contractions. I mean rally people throw contrations around on this board like they are going out of style. In truth you should never really use them, it is bad form.

There are you happy Paul? I dotted my 'I's' and crossed my 'T's' uuuug.

Is school over now? My head hurts, and I am having evil nun flashbacks.

Howdy y'all!

Sean, that makes two of us. Ain't it fun to watch some of the gosh darn characters on here go at it? I tell ya...

Also, a few questions for you: 1.) What happened to the text column on the main page of "Inside the Bears" that displayed the most recent posts? It was very conveneint to have on here. 2.) What happened to the links on a post that take you to the next post or the previous post? Also very convenient. 3.) Back in your days at Minnesota, did you have a blog and if so, did your blog attract such unique contributors like, say, Creighton or Kevin Armstead?

I mean, could there be a Kevin Armstead Vikings fan equivalent who, at this very moment, is singing the praises of Zygi Wilf and how "fantastic" the Vikes are looking this year? It's kind of eerie when you think about it.

Thanks Sean, and keep up the good work!

We have to keep it clean, you won't post the good stuff.

Got a question gor you, how is McKinnie doing with the Ravens? I believe you had mentioned him during the off-season and I did make the suggestion of signing him to see what he had in the tank. I hear he is doing pretty good and has gotten into shape.

Lewis probably threatened to kill him if he didn't. I imagine his first night with the team was similar to the blanket party in Full metal jacket. Those Ravens are a nasty group.

Creighton, I did make one mistake, putting a regular ( " ) quotation mark where a single ( ' ) belonged. Actually it was a typo because I hit the "shift' key too soon. As for commas and periods regarding quotation marks,. the PMLA ( Publication of the Modern Language Association ) states that commas and periods always go into quotes. The British do not follow the same pattern for periods, putting the period outside the quote if it represents the end of the sentence rather than just the end of the quote.. You were right abou the long "a" sound needing the "gh" with it, but that's not what the rule states. Then again, you alaways have odd bodies, like "neither" or "either."

I'm a retired university English professor, Creighton, but I do make typos becase I always had a great secretary who did all the typing. Again, you are right about contractions, but they are not really incorrect. Ones that always bugged me were starting sentences with "It's" or "There's."

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