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Earl Bennett may miss at least two more games

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Bears receiver Earl Bennett, who took a helmet to his chest in New Orleans Sept. 18, may miss several more games.

Bennett didn't play in a loss to the Green Bay Packers last Sunday because of what the team has described as a chest injury, but indications are he's expected to also miss the games against the Carolina Panthers and Detroit Lions.

The injury, though, isn't expected to be a season ender.

The team's primary slot receiver, Bennett was injured when Saints safety Roman Harper drilled him in the chest with his helmet at the end of a nine-yard catch. In the season opener, Bennett had two catches for 11 yards.

With him sidelined, undrafted rookie Dane Sanzenbacher has stepped in, catching nine passes for 66 yards, including two touchdowns.

Those are solid numbers. But the Bears certainly have a better offense with Bennett in it. He's a solid route runner, he's sure-handed, and quarterback Jay Cutler often turns to him in crucial situations, partly because the two played together at Vanderbilt University.

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I may be missing it but I have looked at the injury report the last 2 days and dont see any word on Lance Louis. Is he practicing and planning on playing> Is he still injured and out?

Thats to bad about receiver Earl Bennett being down for two more games. As good as rookie Dane Sanzenbacher has been, Bennett is an upgrade, probably the best receiver on the team right now.

The thing is, does it really matter? As long as Chicago has no outside threat, the passing game is gonna remain a nonfactor. Like I've been saying all season, someone has to step up at the split end position, be it Roy Williams or Johnny Knox? A true split end is Chicago's biggest need on offense right now, again, either Williams or Knox simply need to step up and play some football or be gone this next off-season.

Sean, I'm also wondering the same thing about Lance Louis, is he still down? Has Chris Spencer replaced him in the starting lineup? Whats going on with him? GO BEARS!!

Kevin, I'm sorry but split-end is not the bears biggest offensive need. So sorry but the bears biggest offensive need is to fix the o-line and fire martz..........

And what exactly is wrong with Louis and his mystery injury that has him missing this much time? What exactly did he do to his ankle? A sprain? I have seen recievers and backs play with Sprains and linmen as well, it must be very bad, I mean he can practice but not play, what a strange injury. A grade one sprain usually takes a week to recover and given he is getting the best treatment that should be no problem. Grade two can take up to 6 weeks of recovery time and may require surgery. Did he get an MRI to check for how severe the damage was?

You know in the last game Spencer had the highest grade of linmen and was the only one who played well.

You know he must have a pretty bad limp with this severe sprain, I have not seen it though and did not see it when got hurt. In fact I don't remember seeing him get hurt. I wonder if he has the grade 4 sprain known as the "learn how to block sprain." Chris Williams suffered a similar injury last year, he is still in recovery apparently.

Not sure why they would remove a guy who is the only one doing a decent job and replace them with a guy suffering from a blocking sprain.

Creighton, are you in some way implying that Lance Louis isn't good???? And that the Bears are pretending he's injured so won't play and stink it up on the field????


EEK!!! EEK!!! EEEEKK!!!!

That's it, mister! Sean, I want you to ban Creighton. For years now he has been hating on Lance Luois, Craig STeltz, J;Marcus Webb, Chris Williams and others like Mike "thesecond coming of Jerry Rice" Hass or Garrett "The Bus" Wolfe. Enough is enough Cr-HATE-on you rotten meany pants!

Ohhhhh, I'm so angry I could say a sweaer word!! But I will find the inner strenngth I need to calm myself and then drink down some warm chocolate milk! Yes, warm chocoalte. I never have hot chocolate because it is too harsh for me.

I love Earl Bennet,he and Peanut and Urlacher, but figure he's always going to be injured. He doesn't get much separation so is always hit immediately, often, what's more, in an awkward position because of Cutler's inaccuracy. Jay will be the death of him.

Am I the only one that thought Roman Harper blatantly speared Bennett? How is it that this went unnoticed by the league? For all the ridiculous fines handed out for plays that don't result in injury, this one seems to be even more egregious. Where's the fine here?

thats what i have been saying since it happened...but the league couldnt have fined him and awarded him NFC Defensive Player of the Week.
its total BS.
total hypocracy.
and the biggest problem is the O-Line. they all suck. the whole lot of 'em.
Angelo did nada to address it.
Throw a rookie 1st rounder O Lineman in there to start - at a different position i might add & then pickup some other teams discards...
they got rid of those guys for a reason - they suck.
We get the QB, some decent weapons but no line to protect.
fire- in this order:
2-Angelos' buddy Rusk
4-Mike Tice - this guy is bad for any team he goes to / has gone to.

its bold but Bears fans all around this country DESERVE it !!

loyally from south of the Mason Dixon

Any reciever running crossing patterns against a zone is going to get leveled, just like Bennett did, it's been happening for decades, OC's know it when they call, and so do recievers that's why its hard finding recievers who will go over the middle.

Let's hope we see Williams show that he still can hold on to a ball after taking a hit. He has been in enough practices at this point to show up as the big receiver. Bennet has been and will continue to be missed, bu he is not irreplaceable. I kind of like both Williams and Davis in the line-up.

That's why the true offensive innovators like Bill Walsh ran slants, so as not to sacrifice their receivers like that sadist Martz.

Wow, dude, are you still staying up till 1:25 AM in the morning to imitate me? Bro, get out! Live life man, sitting behind that computer screen wearing your moms best sunday dress and imitating people you don't even know, thats no way to live life man. Now, get up, take off that dress I know your wearing right now, (dude, your not your mom as much as you would like to be) and get out and try and meet some real people that you can actually inneract with, be it a woman or a man......I'm thinking another man the way you keep imitating another grown man (me), but, to each his own. Now GO BEARS!!

Cutler gets a real bad wrap, but there is no doubt he is a solid NFL QB. He needs his O-line and receivers to step up and stay on the field. Not having Bennett is just one less security blanket for Cutler. I still can't get over the Greg Olsen trade. Cutler could really use him right now.

You really think I wrote that? You can always ask Sean if I wrote it, he checked for me when I thought you were Crapton. I am sure he will check for you, but be ready surprise cause you are pointing your finger at the wrong guy. Which I have told you for years.

Besides your the guy that always tells me to ignore Crapton, yet here you are getting baited by Bumstead again. I actually thought what he wrote was funny, I am stealing the hot chocolate thing, that was pretty funny. Hey I got Crap-ton you got Bumstead and like you tell, you just need to deal with it. Besides wouldn't it be funny if Bumstead and Crap-ton are the same guy?

Well until you find out, think what you want and enjoy your warm cocoa, don't burn your mouth.

I myself usually enjoy Crap-ton, every now and then he goes to far and says something kinda sick, but for the most part I enjoy the character. Bumstead must have touched a nerve, were you drinking warm cocoa when you read it? Hahahaha, give it a rest Kevin, I have been pretty nice to you lately and I have not said anything about your posts recently. I think you just wanted to say high, maybe you missed me lmao right now. Maybe it was both posts, me saying my opinion on Louis and you did say we all have the right to are opinions didn't you? Oh and Bumstead did not reply to your post, he replied to my post, so please stop being rude and interupting are conversation by trying to make it all about you, this has nothing to do with you. It's between me and Bumstead, besides how do you know Bumstead is even an imitaiton of you. The only way you could think it was an imitation is if you think he sounds like you? Do you think you sound like Bumstead? You did say it was an imitation, you do think that.I guess your right you guys are like twinsies, your idea not mine you said it was an imitation. It's like looking into a mirror I can't tell who is who.

By the way all your little insults you stole from old posts of mine. Like everyone knows you have never had an original thought, you just repeat what you are told. Is there anything you don't steal from other people? Your like a Ventriloquist dummy always repeating something Angelo said, or a reporter, or anyone but yourself. Go on, ask Sean who Bumstead is, go ahead ask him.

By the way Kevin you actually have more posts on this blog than I do, and have been here longer. And if you want to come by job I am at work right now. By the way what do you do for a living Kevin? I have given my work address on this blog more than once, I work third watch, unless they have me on midnights. And yes it gets dull as hell sometimes. Please come by it will be really intresting.

OMG if I recall the blog was about Bennett. The Bears need him desperately and for Knox to take the number one spot opposite Hester, the rookie that replaced him has guts and has done well, it seems more good things to come from him.

One point that has been consistent with Lovie coached teams is that halftime adjustments are a joke, the Bears consistently come out after halftime and score few points and just seem less prepared than the competition. The offense this seems particularly unprepared in the 2nd half.

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