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Close game crumbles into huge loss

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With the exception of one drive by the offense and a few timely stops by the defense, the Bears were thoroughly outplayed in the first half.

Still, they trailed just 16-10.

Then, they regained momentum in the third quarter, with the defense forcing two three-and-outs and the offense cobbling together a scoring drive that ended with a 38-yard field goal from Robbie Gould.

But, with the score 16-13, the Saints rattled off the next 17 points. And, by and large, the Saints called off the dogs early in the fourth quarter.

"I thought our energy and our effort overcame some of the early mistakes we made," Saints coach Sean Payton said.

Here are the red-flag concerns, in my opinion:

* Third downs -- Both on offense and defense. Let's start with the latter.

When the game mattered, the Saints were six of 12. All three Saints' touchdowns were on third down, most notably a 3rd and 12, when Drew Brees connected with Devery Henderson for a 79-yard strike.
Here are a

On the flip side, the Bears were two of 12.

Enough said.

* The Bears attempted 12 runs -- That's for the game. After attempting 10 in the first half for 49 yards (most of them on a 42-yarder by Matt Forte), the Bears tried two more in the third and that's it. Sure, those two runs netted a loss of one yard. But, given the pressure Jay Cutler was under, the Bears needed to blend in some more runs. Long-established offenses like the Patriots or the Colts can get away with not running the ball. But the Bears obviously cannot. Cutler attempted 45 passes. That's not a good recipe for the Bears.

Cutler was sacked six times. But five of those were in the fourth quarter, when the Bears were desperately trying to get back in. I think the greater concern was blitz recognition, which is a little more encouraging than saying the players just aren't athletic enough to get the job done.

* The Bears are holding their breath on injuries. Not only did Chris Harris, Roy Williams and Marion Barber miss the game, Bears receiver Earl Bennett (chest), right tackle Gabe Carimi (knee) and safety Major Wright (head) could not finish the game. They got through last season, relatively unscathed, but the Bears are having some serious ones now.

As if the concern at safety weren't bad enough, now it's even more heightened with Wright's status up in the air.

* Lastly, the Bears defense and special teams were fairly quiet. The special teams played to a draw with the Saints, while the defense didn't play with nearly the same intensity as the season opener.

Here's the ultimate insult.

"I made the comment on the sideline that I wouldn't want to play against [Saints defense]today," receiver Devery Henderson said. "They were real physical out there. I love to see that from our defense."

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Sean, while 5 sacks may have come in the 4th I read and saw that there were a lot of knockdowns 18 is what I read and that is way to much. You don't need a sack to create a disruption and the Saints disrupted the offense all day and cut loose once they had a big lead.

As for the defense I have been waiting to see how they would do against a better line. One sack says a lot and Brees had alot of time to throw most of the time. They also showed they could run on the Bears when needed and did it between the tackles.

Wha I don't get is why is Martz here? Martz has an explosive offense with the right players but it is clear they don't have the right players. The Bears brought a guy in here to give them an explosive offense but did not give him the players to run it. By and large it has been a checkdown and screen offense with not enough rushing plays mixed in. The Bears don't have the recievers and can't block the way this offense needs, so why was he brought in. You can look at the personel and know they don't have the players, plenty of fans stated this and so did the media when he was hired .So what are they trying to do, other than get Cutler murdered? He has not brought an explosive offense to Chicago, he has brought a screen it and check it down offense to Chicago that is not doing a whole lot to help the team.

The personel never really it what Martz does other than Forte, and it can be argued I am wrong but when Martz was on NFL network he hammered the Bears O-Line and Knox and Hester. If Martz is this greeat offensive mind how come he did not go to more of a classic Coryell offense of which he is a disiple and his offense is based off of. He does not use a TE but could easily adopt that into his offense, just like Coryell had and Olsen was perfect fit for that offense, yet instead he had the Bears get rid of Olsen and brought in Roy Williams and turned the position over to these so called blocking TE's he hand picked. He was in washington with Gibbs who added a power run game to the Coryell offense, but he does not want to do that either.

So basically the Bears hired a guy who everyone knew had an ultra complex offense, on a team that lacked the personel to run said offense, and are now trying to force feed the offense to players who cannot excute the calls.

If your going to run a balanced offense there is no point in having him, it is not what he does and he always reverts to his core system. There is no point in having him if you lack the recievers and line to catch and block for him. So why do we have him after three teams fired him for doing exactly what he is doing here. Even when he is running his explosive offense with the right players the QB tends to get killed, so really what is the point of having this guy? Who thought this would be a good idea? What did the Bears think he would do with these players? Did they think Web would become Pace, and Forte would become Faulk, or that Hester and Knox would become Bruce and Holt? I don't really see the logic. I think Martz is making it more than clear he wants to do things his way and is not happy running a vanilla offense with a balanced run/pass attack with simple calls for players who are not that talented.

He did the same thing in this game he did in the last game of the years againstthe Packers, pass pass pass, even when it's not working he still goes with it. He didn't even try to run the ball to keep the blitzing honest. This is one of the lowest rushing attmpts ever for a Bears team and the results show.

Martz showed little concern for the QB, or the game, it was a selfish coaching job trying to do it his way because that's what he likes rather than taking what was given and coaching to win rather than coaching to please himself.

Just when I was feeling good about Lovie, he comes up with another of his classic moronic performances. How does he not challenge that touchdown? They'll burn a timeout so Chris Williams can tie his shoe, but he won't risk a timeout to take seven points off the board. Pathetic. And how does he not tell Martz to stick with the running game? The Bears were in this until midway through the third. Did they forget about last year already? And how does he not put Hanie in the game for the last four minutes? Did he think they were going to suddenly score three touchdowns or did he want Cutler to get abused some more? Really just terrible coaching. And I'll throw one more thing in there. The almost interception was because Knox stopped running, but Cutler kept leading him. One of them is wrong. It's up to the coaches to get everyone on the same page. This has been an issue for two years now. It shouldn't be that hard to fix. Other thoughts:

Man does Cutler need some receivers. The pass to Hester in the endzone was not a perfect throw, but I bet Brandon Marshall makes that play. Any QB will not be perfect all the time. Sometimes the receiver needs to make a play. We don't have anybody like that. Instead, we have guys that can't get open and drop balls that hit them in the hands.

Attention Kellen Davis, you are in a football game, not waiting for a bus. Do something besides stand there.

I guess Tice needs to have another "come to Jesus" meeting with Martz. They gave up on the run game way too soon.

Wright does not seem to be the answer at safety.

Prediction: Forte gets his contract by the fourth game.

Losing to the Saints on the road is not that big a deal. And the game was winnable until midway through the third, so it's not like the Bears were 100% terrible. But, that last quarter was a scary reminder of how bad the Bears can be.

Sean I just wanted to add I think the Bears made a mistake in 2010 when they retained Smith. I don't think he will ever win a Super Bowl and that is the goal. I believe they should have released him and hired Mike Shanahan. The reson being is he is a proven Champion, Denver is clearly worse without him. But more important I think he would have been the best fit in Chicago. His offense is proven on grass, unlike the Martz offense and the Bears personel fit the offense better. Cutler knows his mis-direction system and exceled in it, he also fits it much better than the Martz offense. Forte is a 1 cut back who also fits the offense to a tee, Olsen is a recieving TE who would be perfect for that offense much like Sharpe and Sheffler. He would have switched to a zone line and done what he did in Washington addressed the major concern of the line first. His offense does not need amazing recievers, he has never had them anyway for the most part. The Bears offensive line personel while big has guys like Chris Williams and Garza who fit a zone scheme better, I believe Webb is athletic enough to play in that system as well.

As for defense, there were a lot of quality DC's floating around the league, even Marinellie could have been retained if they wanted to stick with a Tampa 2, but Haslett is not a bad choice.

I just feel it was a mistake letting a coach like that get away. The guy is one of six coaches to win back to back Super Bowls.

I am sure the Lovie fans will let me know if he ever wins one but I don't see it, not after his choice Martz.

From the moment I heard Martz was hired I was against it. He was fired off all of his jobs and was irrelevant in the NFL for a decade. This is why no one hired him: the game has passed him by. He somehow convined the Bears that Roy Williams was an elite receiver ( it occured one year). He convinced them that they don't need a #1 receiver : ask Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees if it's true. How on earth they allowed him to roll them is beyond me. No other franchise with an elite qb would allow him near them for a reason: it's a disaster waiting to happen. They need to clean house NOW!!!

When did it become "the newest craze" to have TE's blocking defensive ends??? It's a MIS-MATCH! Some QB is gonna get killed.

Why do the Bears have Cutler throwing to his right side all the time? TEAMS know this that's why they are always blitzing Cutler from his left.

Why is it so hard for the Bears to make "In-game" adjustments???

Why don't Lovie rein-in Martz???
You can (almost) tell when Martz is out of control in a game. Namely Cutler is getting off the turf all day or the pass-run ratio is out-of-wack.

Why do teams run the(same) RB- immediately after he just made a 30,40, 50 yard run? The dude's gassed. Martz does this a lot. It's counter-productive...

Major Wright is a "major" bust.

After the front-line players there's a TREMENDOUS drop-off in Bears personnel.

You cannot run 7-step passes IF you are depending on TE's and RB's to block! Khalil Bell And Davis were atrocious today.

Anybody willing to admit Hester stinks as a WR yet?
Or, Knox lacks that certain intangible to make him a great WR. Dane Sanaenbacher has hands of stone or the yips... It got Dez Clark inactive(almost) all of last season.

Martz takes too long to get the plays in. Cutler was approaching the line with 5-seconds on the play-clock and you can time the snap because of it...

Time to get some "Productivity" out of Barber and Williams

Bears will win next week. Because the run-pass ration problem will be rectified!!!

Thanks Sean, I didn't know that. Learn something new everyday. So who do they talk to to complain, because that was some real home cooking.

Outside of the 1 Forte run where he got loose, we were averaging about 2 yards per carry, so the run wasn't working. The problem is that once we abandoned that, Gregg Williams knew he had us beaten. All he had to do was bring 1 extra guy, but make it look like he was bringing 2-3 extra guys, and he killed our line every time. Webb consistently blocks down with Williams instead of focusing on the guy lined up across from him. Williams manages to not block anyone in pass protection, and Omiyale only took about two snaps before he turned into the false start machine again.

This offensive line was so bad, I saw them give up 3 more sacks during their NFL Play 60 commercial during halftime of the Pats-Chargers game. And that was against 10 year old kids. Someone needs to lose their job, starting with J'Marcus Webb. He has no business being a LT in the NFL. Still way too slow into his sets off the snap, dome or no dome. Turk McBride made him look like an amateur.....Let that sink in for a minute....Turk McBride....Either put Carimi on the left, or move Williams out to LT, but get Webb out of there. Carimi had some bad snaps, and hopefully his injury is not too serious, but he is obviously not suited to play RT. He is a LT, and should be played over there. If nothing else, his fundamentals are way better than Webb's, so in the interests of preserving Cutler's life, they need to make a change. Spencer needs to be on the field, because at least he is holding his own. Whether that is center or guard, he needs to be out there.

Garza seems to be playing better at center than he did at guard, but he's still not a superstar by any stretch. This is a bad offensive line, and coming into the game with Green Bay, they can expect to see a lot of misdirection and blitzing coming from the edges, especially Woodson. This line can't handle it.

Cutler finally started showing signs of frustration late in the game, and I hope he reams them out like there's no tomorrow. And don't even get me started on how bad the receivers are playing. Once Bennett went out of the game,we were done. Knox stopped on a crossing route that almost resulted in an INT, and once again, Hester couldn't run a corner route because when he turns his head, he flattens out instead of carrying up the field. Sanzenbacher is way overmatched as a slot receiver in the NFL. He may be all right in preseason, but he needs a lot of work before he can be ready for significant playing time.

Sooner or later, they either need to build around Cutler, or just focus on the defense, and trade him away for high round draft picks. They can't keep getting this kid murdered week after week. He'll end up like David Carr instead of a franchise quarterback.

Kellen Davis is ridiculous and not in a good way. The game clearly took a turn for the worse when he didn't even attempt to block resulting in Cutler getting hammered - - again. Yes, Gee, Devin Hester for the most part stinks as a WR. The Bears will be lucky to go 8-8 this season cause they won't be playing with Cutler! Green Bay should have an easy one next week, this team is brutal. Don't even want to hear about injuries, other teams step up and play well when starters go down. This team has no depth. Safe to say the Bears stink, so what does that say for Atlanta!

Hey Joe, actually if I may correct one little problem with your running stats. If you take out the big Forte run, and the Cutler 12 yard scramble(not a run play, just a scramble) the Bears averaged 0.6 yards per carry on the other 10 plays. Which is a problem because you are sitting in third and long if your trying to set up the pass with the run which the Bears were early. So bad run blocking to go with terrible pass protection.

Could not agree more about Webb just kept watching him double up with Chris Williams and was like, what is he doing. Aikman mentioned it too, he was like "these are some inresting blocking schemes??)

I know man, I know who the hell is Turk McBride, that is a bad defense and they just beat the snot out of the Bears.

Garza was dominated in the run game, what little of it there was, We still have not seen the interior of the O-Line face an elite DT, here comes Raji, and the Detroit line and Raiders line are good.

Intresting quote from the Saints "they didn't even try to block are blitzes, they refused to block them" Why you might ask because sometimes Martz likes the players to come free on those quick hitters, except if your recievers are getting jammed, slow off the line, caught in traffic, run the wrong routs etc... they don't work. Pro Football Focus just called Knox and Hester the two most clueless, undisciplined recievers in the nfl. Stating they Break off routs, stop running, give up on plays, line up wrong, run the wrong routs, and generally confused on the field. Unless you are using the most simple game plan against a bad defense, these guys are lost. The stated Cutler had no number one reciever, no go to reciever and no reciever he could trust.

Almost forgot, the D-Line got owned by the Saints line and Peppers had a bad game, was Melton even on the field? i think the Bears line had 1 sack and 2 hits maybe 3. Who is the ball hawk in are secondary. The cover 2 only works when you get takeaways and while the Bears are good at stripping the ball, who are the ball Hawks making interceptions.

Ooooh, oooooo, hehehehe, ok Chris the snake comes out of the hole, goes around the tree and.... Oh hello,

CW. Ummmm can I just have velcro, these laces confuse me.

Martz, well gosh, I think that's a beautiful idea.

CW. I do good

Martz Ohhhhh gosh and golly yes Chris, I thought the Oline was great, brilliant.

Martz gosh what a delicious game plan I had, first Max protect, then have my tackles down block, then have my TE's release the defensive ends, have Jay take a seven step drop, and watch him get kicked in the throat. Brilliant, oh my I love fish.

Oh I need to go talk to Frank the False Start Omiyale, the Saints didn't see those false start Trick plays coming, he needs a star next to his name. Gosh I love Jay he is my boy I really care about his well being.

Martz, oooooo no one can stop my screen attacks, that's how you win with a lateral passing attack. If the Packers try brining the heat "flame on" I will show them with my check downs and screens, that will make them pay. Lovie is so brilliant I was his number 1 choice. He new my scheme and the personel would gosh and golly be perfect together, perfect.

Martz, got to run it's jello night at the home, lets go Chris I will get you a lolly and some new shoes.

CW, yeah new shoes and a lolly, I love lollies, that's why your my suger daddy.

By the way, anyone that still thinks Kreutz would be better than what we had must have missed Urlacher making him look like Chris Williams against Haynesworth. He threw him into the running back when Kreutz had enough time to set his feet and establish a base. The only reason Kreutz has looked good so far this year is having Nicks and Evans on either side of him. He doesn't have to block anyone...

ahhhh....hee hee he ha hah haho hoo hoo!!!!

ahhhhh......YESSSSS!!!!!! tewh stupid bears LOST again!!! hahaha it maks me fel hole again!!!

oh hell otehere loosers it is me, te great Crap=ton. i bet you loosers were wonhdering were i was?? oh wellz i was having lunch in mu favotrie dumpster wehn somebodee close teh lid on me......ohhhh but nows i a mFREE!!!! heeheh eheh eh!!!

ohhhh too hear you loosers wine ans compain....ohhhhh liek mothers mlik too me! it old you all teht teh bears would LOOSE ans SUCK this i cant help it if i am right all teh tijme ans i only give facts. teh is hole team is made up of BUSTS!!! i cantr help if i hav now that sense day one.....ohh epscoiecally taht LOSSER BUST FOretw!!! man i wilkl say it again ans asuain...we should have drafted taht scrumptions MEdnedhenahll!!!....oohhh swee tsweet mendy... big M! hubb a hubba !!!

but uou gys now me old crap-ton...just trying to be posative....

ps doo doo doo do doo GO PACK GO!!!! doo do dood dood GO PACK AGO!!! ahhh...YES!!!!

I'm too depressed to comment on or do much analysis of this game. I'm hoping against hope that the Bears will rebound with a solid game plan and performance against the Packers, who are certainly vulnerable to a competent offense.Carolina came close to beating them but had too many late defensive breakdowns. I hope the Bears' defense pummels Rodgers the way New Orleans pummeled Cutler.

This is all on Angelo in my opinion. You can't be expected to win with semi-pro players. I took a look at all of Angelo's drafts and by my count he has drafted 88 players in 10 years with the following results:

3 (3.4%) very good or pro bowl players - Briggs, Hester and Forte

12 (13.6%) above average players (some of which are no longer on the team) - Manning, Orton, Knox, Chris Harris, Tommie Harris, Tank Johnson, Berrian, Vasher, Tillman, Alex Brown, Anthony Thomas, Gandy

14 (15.9%) average players (most of which are no longer on the team) - Colombo, Benson, Grossman, Olsen, Wright, Melton, D.J. Moore, Bennett, Bowman, Graham, McBride, Adrian Peterson, Terrell

55 (62.5%) below average or players cut

I am no Lovie fan, but it's pretty hard to win when the majority of your draft picks never pan out.

For all the gloom and doom on the board today, must I remind everyone that even playing terribly we were in the game in the 3rd quarter. The play calling was the real reason for the loss. We all knew the Saints would be desperate and could not lose the game to go 0-2 early in the season, this was a claasic trap game for the Bears. The schedule is tough and they were a bit Full of themselves going down to N.O. this week, the goal is still to try and go 2-1 after 3 games and wer'e still oin pace. Martz needs to get back to the business of using the assets he has on the ball club, 45 passes will never win any games for Chicago, need to get Barber back and ready to roll, sign Forte, stop FFFin around here and use the size on the line to go forward, not always backwards in pass protect.

Depth issues are creeping into play early this season, the guys we have not playing are exposing the bad drafts of previous years with no depth, not having a FB to help in the run game was also exposed in yesterday's game. We have a lot of work to do to get ready for the slackers this week, hopefully this butt kicking we just took in one quarter will get us ready for the game.....I am hoping for a win, because some weaker NFC teams are winning games they (BEARS) need to right the ship quick to have a shot for the post season. Go BEARS get the slackers this week....

Don't you wish that the Bears would have signed some more Offensive Line help.
The O line was terrible, completely lost particularly in the second half with LOT Webb blocking down instead of on the De lined up on him. Kruetz experience would have been helpful to this O line although I think overall Garza has performed pretty well, the cohesiveness of the unit was purely pathetic.

I agree with Creighton on the fact that when you don't run the ball and give up on the run many times you are doomed to a defeat. If the Bears would have kept at the run with some second half commitment to it, this would not have turned into the disaster it became and Cutler would not have been as abused.

It will be an interesting week ahead with Green Bay, I hope the last week will help the preparation for the oline.

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