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Chris Harris has setback to his hamstring

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Bears safety Chris Harris, who has missed the last two games, practiced in full on Wednesday.

But Harris suffered a setback to his left hamstring, according to a source, and he's expected to miss at least Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers, although he's officially listed as questionable.

"Yeah, it's disappointing not being able to play," Harris said after practice Friday. "But we've got the guys who can go out there and get the job done, and they will get the job done on Sunday."

The back end has looked anything but sharp without him, as the Bears have fielded several different combinations in his absence.

Second-year safety Major Wright practiced in full Thursday, so he will likely start with Brandon Meriweather.

Chris Conte and veteran Craig Steltz have also received playing time.

An All-Pro last season, after collecting five interceptions, Harris has proven to be one of the team's most dependable veterans.

"He's a guy who helps us go," Bears linebacker Lance Briggs said of Harris. "He's a general back there, and I look at him in the same respect that I looked at Mike Brown when he was here. He's a playmaker. He's a guy that we need on the field."

But, that won't be on Sunday.

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Harris really came into his own last year. This is discouraging news.

As much as Chris Harris probably does mean to the Bears secondary, I'm sure going against the NFC's 2 best quarterbacks (Drew Brees & Aaron Rodgers) in back to back weeks didn't help the Bears cause on defense much either. I'm still waiting on free safety Brandon Meriweather to step up and play like a Pro-Bowler like he was in New England also, I know he has range, maybe getting settled down in Chicago's scheme after a couple weeks of play and he'll step up? Hopefully? To date, safety Major Wright has been a let down, mostly because of injuries, he also needs to step up or sit down.

Wright was one of my guys I thought was gonna have a break out season, so far so bad. The other player on defense I thought wa gonna step up, 3-tech Henry Melton, has not been a let down, he's really coming on. Melton leads the Bears in sacks, 3, and has 9 quarterback pressures so far this season, he might be the real deal.

On the offensive line, I see there might be some more moves made, Lance Louis might be back at guard, left guard. My boy Chris Williams might have finally played himself out of the starting lineup. Maybe its a move that has to be made? We'll see, I still say move Chris Spencer in at center and move Roberto Garza back to right guard. Garza will help the running game as a run blocker at guard, and Chris Spencer's future with the team is at center anyways, why not? Oh well, should be interesting GO BEARS!!

How bad are the Bear's safties? Can anyone remember a big play made by any of our safties after 3 games now? I only remember Merriweather breaking up a 3rd down pass against the Saints, that was it. Other teams get interceptions, big hits, fumbles, sacks, etc. from their safety play, and we are happy to see Major Wright get run over but make a tackle on a running back after a 15 yard gain. Whoot.

The consistent theme of the winning teams in the NFL is that the next guy up goes in and does the job when called. For example the Pack was hit by injuries big all last year. Their young players were ready to step up and do the job.

This stuff is a true test of a coaching staff and an organization. An injury at safety should not be a big problem because the Bears have been drafting and developing safetys for a couple years now. Manning was surplus right? Let's see what they can do.

Play made for us or for the other team? Cause Wright and Steltz are doing all kinds of favors for opposing teams.

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