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Brian Urlacher's mother unexpectedly passes away

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Lavoyda Urlacher unexpectedly passed away Monday at her home in Texas, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said.

"My first priority right now is to be with my family as we mourn her loss and make the arrangements to lay her to rest," Urlacher said in a statement. "This is a very difficult and emotional time for us and I sincerely ask that you respect our privacy. Thank you."

Urlacher will be excused from the team and is not at Halas Hall today.

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Having fun dealing with Deperate 4 attention on twitter? You know you could point out to Lopez that he is exploiting your twitter posts to gain attention for himself. He is also exploiting Lachs mom passing by complaining continually about a reporter doing his job and reporting it. It's not like he knows the family and it's not like Urlacher does not know it will be a story. Tool of the week.

I hope Urlacher will be ok, I wrote it earlier and I will say it again. Moms are the best, at least she got to see her boy become a highly sucessful nfl player who has a great career. That would pretty much do any mom proud. Not my place to say anything else.

I suggest the clowns on the board take the day off, or at least think before posting. You have moms as well. I am gonna go call my mom now.

Nice little story about my mom. I grew up really poor in Chicago, mom was divorced worked and went to school, I had two sisters and on a good night for dinner we had scrambled eggs and frozen vegetable medley. My mom had a scholarship to school and refused to go on any form of aid. We used to get jealous of all the kids whenever we walked by a McDonalds, it's like crack for kids, back then it was worse cause we thought McDonalds was healthy, but it was to expensive for us. Once a month mom would save up and take us to McDonalds as a treat. We could get whatever we wanted. I didn't realize it till I was a little older but mom never ordered anything for herself, if we had any leftovers that was her dinner.

Moms are the best.

Im terribly sorry for and also for ypur family god bless you all and give you love and guidance

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