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Brian Urlacher excused from team

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Bears Pro Bowl middle linebacker Brian Urlacher has been excused from the team to deal with a private family matter.

At this point, it's unclear how long he'll be gone. But his absence will test easily the unit with the least depth on the team.

Currently, undrafted rookie Dom DeCicco is the backup.

I can't see the Bears turning to him, if Urlacher can't play against the New Orleans Saints.

Strongside linebacker Nick Roach did fill in, when Urlacher missed 15 games in 2009. Swing him inside, and then Brian Iwuh could play strongside.

Weakside linebacker Lance Briggs also could play the spot, given his familiarity with the defense. But then that would create a domino effect.

The other option would be start Iwuh, who has played that position in the past, when he was in Jacksonville. Iwuh has proven to be a very reliable and serviceable defensive player, as well as a standout on special teams.

But, my expectation is that Roach will handle the middle while Iwuh steps in for him on the strongside.

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Honoring Urlacher in the only fitting way, big hits:

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