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Zack Bowman is "ready to go"

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Bears cornerback Zackary Bowman slammed hard into Buffalo Bills receiver Paul Hubbard in the third quarter.

Bowman took the worse end of it, needing some help off the field.

But, he said Monday that's he's fine.

"I don't know what it was. I'll tell you this: It was a bang-bang [play], and I laid on the ground for a second, got stable," he said. "I was fine. They were making sure that I was stable and stuff like that, but everything checked out good, so I should be ready to go."

Bowman said he did not have a concussion.

But, he said he was "kind of out of it" for about 15 seconds.

Uh, that doesn't sound good.

"But, shoot, I came to very quick and was very coherent," Bowman said. "I could read everything, answer all their questions, tell them everything, so I'm good."

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It sounds to me like Zack Bowman did suffer some sort of concussion. Now, I do like the fact that he went all out on the play, it shows the guy has heart. Bowman does have the ability to come up and make a tackle, which is a requirement for every corner in the cover-2 scheme, Bowman however isn't elite when it comes to coverage, thats probably why he's a backup. I look for Tim Jennings to stay with the #1's. Bowman does bring more size to the position, but Jennings doesn't seem to be out of place as much like Bowman is a lot of the time in coverage.

I see 3rd string quarterback Nathan Enderle got some reps with the #2's in practice today. I guess Martz's wasn't kidding when he said Enderle will get a chance to compete last off-season when they brought him in. Other than the sacks Caleb Hanie took the other night vs Buffalo, one might have been his fault due to holding the ball to long, I didn't think Hanie looked to bad. I know he has been having some troubles in practice earlier this week. Enderle throws a nice tight pass and made some nice throws the other night, his problem is he doesn't have the ability to move around in the pocket like Hanie. This situation will be interesting GO BEARS!!

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