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Who do you want to see and hear from?

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During training camp last year, I posted videos with short interviews with a handful of players.

Would you like that again? If so, who would you like, knowing that Jay Cutler would be a tough get? And what questions do you want me to ask?

I think it's best that they are short and sweet, with some football and some personal stuff.

Pass along your thoughts.

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How is Cutl'er's knee? His chemistry with receivers?

How is the O-line gelling without Olin? How is the locker room (this is asked related to Chris Harris tweet).

Please tell Roy Williams that he better not do that first down kneel and point he's done his whole career. Us Bears fans hate him for that.



Let's see......

Can you ask Mannely if Coach K has really gotten Duke in hot water with the NCAA? While he is there, has he ever tried a 3 pointer backwards, between the legs? Killer shot in H-O-R-S-E.

Does Carimi realize #72 was the Fridge? Did he ask for it for that reason? Did he gain 20# after he put on that jersey?

Ask Steltz anything. I'm probably one of the few bloggers who can translate Cajun anyway. That one shouldn't be hard. Has he ever hunted gators? Does he know any of those swamp people we see on TV? Do thay have etouffee in the cafeteria at training camp?

Is Harvey Unga the most anonynous player on the roster? How does he feel about that? He is a second year veteran who was a draft pick, but the official team site still says "bio coming soon". This guy has a shot doesn't he?

Let me know if you need some more ideas.

I'd love to hear from my man Corey Wooten, who seems to be elevating his play to compete for a starting job.

Would also like to hear from DJ Moore, the heat seeking missile as he's known in the southside. How can anyone not love that guy?

I'd love to know what J'Marcus Webb is thinking about switching to the left side. How is the transition? And what did he do all off-season knowing a switch was possible, has he bulked up?

Dane Sanzenbacher!

The Bears are unlikly to unswer the truth on any (hard) questions we ask. But I would like to know from the Offensive personal (Forte) if there is any sign that Martze will stick with his altered game calling. You know a more balanced attack. Did he learn anything last year?

Nick Reed should surprise a lot of people. I would love to read your observations of his work.

How about Andy Fantuz?
No, just kidding, I'd like to hear how Paea is doing after his knee surgery. He looked quite good in college and hope he hasn't lost his speed.
Otherwise also interested in Corey Wooton.

Would love to hear from some of the rookies like Carimi, etc. Chris Harris is always fun to listen to.

thanx for the hard work.
Would like videos with Earl 80, Johnny13 and DHes23.

A question for Jerry Angelo:

"Mr. Angelo, have the problems you have had drafting quality players in the first three rounds of the NFL draft led to a more desperate approach when signing free agents?"

would like to hear from golston about whether he feels more comfortable with his hand on the ground like Rod thinks and wootoen about what he thinks his chances are to break into the rotation

Henry Melton -

What was the hardest part about transitioning from RB to DL?

Does he feel more comfortable at DT or DE?

Who is/was his professional mentor?

Who is the best O Lineman he's gone up against in the NFL?

What are his goals for this season?

Thanks, Sean!

How about, Toub,Tice, Roy Williams, Vernon Gholston, Webb, Garza, Spencer, and Podlesh I here he is a good interview, oh and Dez Clark I hear the Bears are brining him back and I find that so intresting.

Oh and tell Jay the fans here on insider paid for a bunch of raffle tickets for his charity last year and he owes his most bad a## supporter an interview, I did over time last year for "that guy"(channeling my inner Gruden). Do you know how many idiots I had to crush last year, do you know how much I hate talking to idiots. If I can deal with those idiots he can give you an interview for this idiot and the rest of his supporters. A video one and tell him he better not go Brady and mug for camera, I see him go Blue steel and I will puke. Zach gets him to do radio a couple times a year, I think you can get one short video.

Can you ask Nick Roach what the deciding factor was for him coming back? Did the Bears guarantee him a starting job?

Pena-- 1) How much faster is it playin in the NFL.
2) You talked about your family when you get drafted...DId you move them down yet?

Camari-- 1) Now that your a NFL Pro. Will you be going to your college school and telling them what to work on.
2) You said you were in the process of makeing a new bed. Is it done or where you studying.

Sananbecker---- God i hope you make the team. When you do make the team. You will score a touchdown. Who gets the ball..MOM,DAD, Or YOU

Wooten--I know you can play. dont give you..It's hard to play behind Peppers. But learn all you can. Because I believe you will make a big name for yourself. So when that door opens. Blow thro it like when you crushed Farve.

Good luck MEN
Semper Fi

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