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Undrafted rookie DE Mario Addison stands out

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Thanks to an active offseason, the Bears have a lot of depth along the defensive line. The club picked defensive tackle Stephen Paea in the second round of the NFL Draft, and they've added former first-round picks Vernon Gholston and Amobi Okoye.

But an undrafted rookie is turning heads and consistently making plays.

And he's from a smaller school with a reputation for developing pass rushers.

Undrafted rookie Mario Addison hails from Troy University, and he's hoping to be the latest pass rusher to come out of that Alabama school.

"One thing about Troy, we produce defensive ends," said Addison. "The coaches work with us, day after day, to make us rush men."

New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora and Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware both played at Troy.

Addison has distinguished himself with an explosive first step and his flexibility. With former Northwestern defensive end Corey Wootton sidelined after a knee scope, Addison is competing to earn the extra snaps. He's mostly going up against Gholston, and he currently has the edge.

"When [Wootton] went down, I was like, 'Ah man. I hate to see good players go down.' But I know when he went down, coach was looking for somebody to step up," Addison said. "I said, 'This is my opportunity to show what I'm about, because I know coach would give me more reps, if he put me in that second spot, which he did."

Okoye had the only two sacks in the preseason opener against the Bills. But Addison was largely responsible for the first one, flushing the quarterback out of the pocket and toward the sideline, where Okoye was the nearest defender in pursuit.

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DeMarcus Ware is the leagues best pass rusher, hands down. Osi Umenyiora isn't no slouch either, so it stands to reason why Troy is known a pass-rush U. Kinda like Penn State used to be linebacker U. Now, if Mario Addison can be half of what these guys are, the Bears might have something. Addison had an impressive senior season at Troy, he put up 10.5 sacks and 15.5 tackles for loss, and he did it all with a club on his hand! Can you imagine the kind of numbers Addison would have put up had he been healthy? Probably good enough numbers to sneak into the draft. One scouting report on Addison says he has elite physical tools. I'm excited about his potential. Its kinda cool if you think about it, the same year Richard Dent, another small school prospect the Bears got late in the draft years ago, an 8th rounder, that means in todays draft Dent would have probably been a free agent rookie like Addison, went into the Hall of Fame, the Bears get Addison, who may be another late find as a pass rusher? And Dent slipped in the draft for kinda the same reason as Addison, health. Dent's wasn't a bumb hand, his was dental, but still you get my point. Now Addison could be another find for the Bears.

Its gonna be interesting to see what the Bears do with Addison, if he continues to come on, they're gonna have to sign him to the 53-man roster. He's never gonna make it to their practice squad. As we all know, NFL personnel men grade pass rushing as a premium skill set. If Addison is the real deal, they need to sign him GO BEARS!!

You forgot to use Crap-ton.

Ware is not the best Pass Rushrer in the league, top 5 yes, but not the best and he is a OLB not an end and they should be placed in a different catagory, cause it's a different position.

John Abrahan is the best Pass rusher, followe by Freeney, and Harrison is the best rushing OLB in the league. I would put Ware and Hali in the 5 hole together.

He is signed Kevin, what your trying to say is not to cut him, or move him to the practice squad. They don't have to send him to the practice squad though, Wootton is hurt so they can try him out before he returns and decide if they like him enough to keep him.

He's a tweener, to small to hold the point against the run. Can't believe anyone can out play Vern or go up against the Bears long line of powerful tackles. With Wootton hurt he may see some real game time once the season starts and then the Bears can figure him out a little better.

Creighton, I agree with what your saying, a 3-4 rush linebacker and a 4-3 end are two different positions. I just put them all together and ranked who I thought was the leagues overall best pass rusher, and to me its DeMarcus Ware. As far as who I think is the leagues best 4-3 pass rusher, that would definitely be Dwight Freeney. Now Creighton, we could sit here and compare stats between these guys all day, in the end, its simply a matter of opinion.

As far as Mario Addison, he could end up being a 3rd down pass rusher as a rookie if Chicago keeps him? Your right Creighton, with Wootton hurt, he does have a better chance to stick. If he is a legit talent, the Bears have to keep him. Addison probably could bulk up a little to improve his game vs the run. Maybe in a season or 2 he'll be ready to be an every down player. Should bei nteresting GO BEARS!!

Well I would say Freeny is the best Pass rusher period if not for the injuries and the lost step. The top 5 or 10 guys are all close. And yes it is a matter of opinion who is the best, so it is Abraham hands down.

I was saying you put the two positions together I was just a genreal statement.

I think he will stick, if they keep Vernon I lose it. I'll have to see Adams on special teams though.

So I watched football and can I juat say the Atlanta offensive line kinda sucks. Oh they can run block for sure, at least on the inside and right side, but pass protection, Sam Baker is terrible and Clabo is bad, in fact they kept getting blown up by the Jags.

Detroit, that D-Line is not as great as people think the Browns O-Line kinda kicked there a####, then again if you have Joe Thomas, Alex Mack and Steinbach you should be pretty good but my surprise was Lauvao who really held his own, at least I think that is the RG. Either that or the Detroit front 4 is not as great as everyone thinks. Not that it matters with the way the Bears line looks, but I find the Detroit hype a little annoying, them and the Eagles another team with a so so offensive line who is trying to buy a title.

Ny may have a pretty good line this year. The Browns, Pats, and Jets as well.

Demarcus Ware is hand down the pass pass rusher in the league. Over his 6 season in the league he averages 13 sacks a season and has only 14 less than Dwight Freeney who has 3 more season in the league over him.

Abraham is good to and injuries had played a part in the fact that he only averages 10 sack a season compared to Ware, but injuries are part of the game.

I also find the lion hype annoying. There defense still sucks and if you double Suh they have nothing on defense. And Stafford has to prive he can stay healthy and if so he still has shown he can play and their oline is in as much disrray as the bears

I usually don't go six year back when comparing players from today. I usually feel the last three years give the best picture. If I just did it over the last year it would Hali who had 583 pass rushing snaps and 103 disruptions. Ware had 509 rushing snaps but only 79 Disruptions.

Last three years, Abraham has 1239 pass rushing snaps and 194 QB disruptions, which is the highest percentage of diruptions per pass rushing attempt in the NFL over that period. Ware has the most disruptions over that period only the 5th highest percentage, and his pass rushing snaps 1626 is the second hghest in the league.

Peppers finished 18th over the last 3 years, just beloow Mario Williams and tied with Abraham in disruptions but had over 400 more attempts at rushing the passer.

If one guy rushed a QB 500 times and got 50 sacks he would be amazing

If another guy rushed the QB 1000 times and had 70 sacks who is the better pass rusher?

Sean Dude blasted me twice in 7 days for no reason, so yeah I blasted him back, what did you expect? At least mine was funny,. Not to mention it makes a point about people having a right to an opinion. Sorry I had to use you but if the score had not mentioned your tweets about the O-line I would have never known. You rising public persona worked against you. Fame is a ##### Sean, and really the Jeffery middle name was a little funny.

Sean I got a question for you, last couple of weeks the Packers offense has been out of rythem, in order to get in rythem they have gone to the no huddle. Any chance we see the Bears do this with Cutler to help get the offense in rythem and also to help protect him?

Intresting stat I found, last year Cutler was pressured on 41.42% of drop backs. I don't rememeber a lot of no huddle last year, any chance the Bears may try this, at least in preseason to try and keep Cutler on the field for more than one series so he can get some game time with his recievers?

Interesting, is Addison the real deal? Lets see where the Bears are on Monday night, it should allow us all to see better which of the players really stand out and might have the upper hand in being kept with the team at cutdown time to 53.

Don't know that much about Addison, can anyone on this blog update me and others on his skills if any on Special Teams? How does Gholston figure if at all on Special Teams?

Wootton, seems a little suspect with the injuries, last year and this year. How does Wootton compare to these two Gholston and Addison?

Creighton, Kevin, Wrigley Field Bear and others, what are your thoughts as to who the Bears should keep of these ends? Keep all three, they probably will at least keep 2 of the three. Indonije (DT or DE), Peppers, are a lock it would seem.

At Defensive Tackle it appears Harrison (being out of shape and not performing so well) might be on the bubble and cut/traded, since Okoye, Paea, Adams, Toeaina appear to be in a better position to stay with the team. How many players will most likely be kept in total at DE and DT?

That's a tough question at this point, I am going to wait awhile. First I need to see the entire preseason before I make a firm call on any players I don't really know or have not seen much of. Second, Wootton is out and I have not seen enough of him healthy to make that call, in fact I have never seen Wootton fully healthy with his full burst and I think this may be a issue for the rest of his career. Third I need to see more of Vern and Addison in a real game and since they can keep both with no problem at this point I don't see a reason to rush a call.

So basically lets wait and see. But as it stands I would say Addison, Vern just does not seem like a football player to me, he has more talent than Addison, but he really just seems like a good athlete who wants to play football rather than a guy who is what I call a natural football player Addison is not the athlete he is but is more of a natural player. Here is a clip of Addison in action, although a lot of the stuff he does aganst the run in the clip would not happen in the nfl, he was going against some pretty poor blocking, but you can see his first step, and his reaction and flow to the play and he goes lateral pretty well which Lovie likes, I did not see a ton of flexability in the clip but it's hard to tell.

To be honest Wootton would be the guy I would think of cutting first, I think I am pretty well on record about how I feel about players with long injury histories at this point. I was mad when he was drafted, and I am not happy about him now. As it stands I think next year the Bears will still be looking for offensive line help and secondary help, along with help at end and LB for depth. Also probably more help at reciever.

How could I forget Melton, he most likely will be the three technique starter at DT, he looked strong in the first preseason game. So who will be cut on the D line at both end and tackle positions.

Dahlillama, I gotta agree with Creighton and not make a call until these guys play a few more games. With that being said, as of right now, we know J-Pep and Idonije are locks to make it (as they should be), but as far as who should be the 3rd end, I'd definitely go with rookie Mario Addison. The reason being is the ceiling just seems higher for Addison potential wise vs Gholston, who I think is as good as he's gonna get. Maybe keep Addison on as a 3rd down pass rusher. Now, with that being said, Gholston might be better right now just because he can probably hold up vs the run better than Addison, if someone ever went down Gholston might be nice to have as an every down end where Addison probably isn't ready to be on the field for all 3 downs. Again, Gholston would probably hold up vs the run better. Addison I can see being a 3rd down rush specialist for a couple seasons before he's ready for full time duty. I say keep Addison because he might become something special as far as pass rushing, and hold onto Gholston for depth. Maybe Corey Wootton is the odd man out?

As far as the defensive tackles, there were no major changes in the off-season. The Bears basically swapped Tommie Harris out for Amobi Okoye, Okoye will give the Bears the same thing Harris did for cheaper and Okoye is younger. Your starters will be Henry Melton (who I think is gonna come on this year) at the 3-tech, and Anthony Adams at the nose, and you'll see a lot of Matt Toeaina. Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

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