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Roy Williams trying to add life to the party

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Bears wide receiver Roy Williams has been careful to let his play do the talking so far (''I'm just one of 11 guys trying to make a play,'' he said.). But he still wants to have an impact on his fellow receivers, with a little help from Sam Hurd, his teammate in Dallas who also has joined the Bears.

''I'm trying to loosen these guys up,'' Williams said after the Bears practiced Saturday at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais. ''These guys don't talk as far as receivers go. Sam and I are coming in to put smiles on their faces and let them know they this game is fun. Have fun while you're playing. You're going to mess up. But when you mess up. It's all right. Just don't mess up tomorrow.''

Asked if this offense can be as productive as the one in Detroit in 2006. Williams had 82 receptions for 1,310 yards as the Lions were seventh in the NFL in passing yards, but 32nd in rushing and finished 3-13.

''We'll see,'' Williams said. ''I like the parts that we have. I like the quarterback. I like the offensive line. The thing we have here is we can run the ball. [Matt] Forte can run and catch it and pass bock. With the addition of Marion [Barber] and Chester [Taylor], it can be a good offense. But we have to keep working to try to get there.'

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