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Roy Williams still remains catchless in preseason

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It wasn't fair to read too much into Roy Williams' preseason debut, considering he only played a couple of snaps.

But he played most of the first half against the New York Giants, and he was targeted early on. But he dropped two of the three passes for him, and he remains catchless in two preseason games.

The most costly was the first.

It appeared to be a 16-yard gain. But the Giants challenged the play, and the officials overturned it because he lost the ball as he was going down.

Despite all that, Bears coach Lovie Smith said the veteran receiver is progressing.

"Roy is getting better. He hasn't been in the system long - I'm talking about here with the Chicago Bears - and we've seen progress. Tonight, we didn't see a lot," Smith said. "But we see it behind the scenes, and eventually it'll show up on the field."

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler noted Williams missed the first six days of training camp, due to the new CBA rules.

"We're trying to catch him up to speed and get him in shape and get him where he needs to be," Cutler said of Williams. "But the desire is there, the want to is there.

"He just needs a little more time with us, working him in there, and trying to get him involved early. But, overall, I think that whole group is coming along well."

Johnny Knox, meanwhile, caught two of three passes intended for him, including an impressive 20-yarder in which he jumped high in the air to snare a hard pass from Caleb Hanie on third and long. Knox also had a 45-yard kickoff return.

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I'm going to nominate Williams for the annual Archuletta award. This award goes to a veteran player that Lovie insists on playing even though everybody else can see they have nothing left and probably shouldn't even be in the league. It may be early, but he is by far the early front runner. Last year's winner, by the way, was Todd Collins in a runaway performance.

Sean, you have been highly critical of Roy the entire preseason..

Granted Williams had a bad '09 with drops, but relax man!! It's his SECOND Game EVER with Cutler as QB and he has been targeted only 3 times.

How come you never tweet or complain about Hester or Knox dropping catches?? Seems like you have a personal vendetta with Roy.

Cut this clown already and put Johnny back with the ones!!
Start Steltz instead of Major "Wiff" Wright!
Izzy is worthless too....find another D-end somewhere or put Melton there!
Run the damn ball, Martz!! Forte is Probowl bound!
You better find some LB's somewhere and pray that 54 and 55 never get hurt!!
O-line will be fine because of our next Head Coach........Mike Tice!!!!!!

omay: you've got to be kidding right ! starting Steltz is a BIG mistake, he missed way more tackles than Wright does and is not an impact player. Wright got juked out because he was coming hard to lay a hit on a huge back with a head of steam....I'm sure you would have gotten out of the way if you were in the game. The guy just got beat plain and simple on that play.

Williams will need to do something through out the year to make me comfortable with him in the offense. The key is the run and short passing game for this team, along with field position and turnovers. A Martz offense is not going to be able to consistently move the football just by dropping back and winging it each play. BEARS football is usually first team to 21......WINS and it won't change much after last night !

Don't get too hasty, Omay.....I do agree with all your points except the Steltz starting. I would sign that Hayden dude from Indy, start him at corner, and put Peanut at safety. What do you fans think of that?
I just know one thing and this goes straight to Jerry, Lovie, and whoever else makes all the roster moves for this franchise.........You better keep Dane Sazenbacher on the 53 man roster and don't try to hide him on the practice squad. This guy is a stud! I would put him in the slot with the starters! Wes Welker #2!!

Two words for Bears fans: Dane Sanzenbacher. Last years' Ohio State MVP was the most underrated player in college football with nearly 2k yards and 11 TDs (yes 4 more than A.J. Green and Julio Jones). He already has 4 more catches than Roy this preseason. He must be on the field. Bears led the league in three and outs last year. He could change that.

Nothing wrong with RW that a year's supply of Stickum wouldn't cure.

Joke,, Roy Williams?? All mouth and tude... Was not happy he was signed. This team is headed 0-3 to start the year. A GM who cant draft + a coach who is clueless + owners that could care less = 5-11. Years of poor drafting.. ignored. Lovie being continually out couched.. gets an extension.. Chicago deserves better.. the NFL deserves better. I can hardly watch anymore.

I really do love reading some of these posts.

Oh and Sean I agree enough with your personal vendetta against Roys Williams, you are making him drop passes.

Chi always good to see you. But what are you talking about? The world needs more Stletz. "STELTZ STELTZ STELTZ" But really Wright had a really bad game and got juked more than once, when Lovie calls you out you messed up pretty bad cause that guy doesn't calls out anyone.

Jako Peanut is not going to Safety, that topic is long old and confusing.

Jim, Jim, Jim, is Dane Sanzenbacher the new Navy Blue Jesus?

As for poor boy Roy, well he has always had a problem with the drops, and he short arms a lot of stuff. Martz deserves the performace he gave last night, you never hand anyone a job who has not earned it, looking at Roy the last few years says he has not earned it.

Sean, I think the C-man is being sarcastic. He's not really blaming you, he's poking fun at that Matt guy who must really be Roy Williams in disguise.

Anyway, Roy Williams is Roy Williams. The same clumsy underachiever Detroit traded to Dallas, making Jerry Jones look stupid. I'm sorry, stupider.

I can understand the Bears bringing in Williams to "kick the tires" because of the familiarity Martz and Marinelli have with him, but giving him the starting job was just asinine. In my opinion, Knox and Bennett should be the starters.

Oh well...

Creighton my man, I must disagree with you on the Steltz take, he is a special teamer nothing more, and my point was to start him over Wright is insane, which was the point omay made.

The "great Dane" made some plays last night and I'm glad he admitted to his mistake late in the 1st half not going out of bounds and causing the team to use an unnecessary time out; hurt in terms of putting points on the board hope it is a lesson learned.

I am really focused on team depth (On defense LB & Corner) this season and as you know with Angelo every pick up is hit or miss....we need a few hits from this training camp to ward off the injury bug if he shows up this year, on this point I think you and I can agree.

Nope it's all your fault, like in 2009 when Roy dropped all those passes, that's on you. Granted you didn't write about him back then, but I bet you thought about it, thus causing Roy to drop balls. Matt is dead on about you, it's an evil vendetta.

Seems like you didn't pick up on the insane level of sarcasim from the first post, so I am just making sure you know I was being sarcastic. I can't really lay it on any thicker than that, or I will lose my dry wit status I worked so hard to achive the last 20 years.

I know your even minded Sean, no need to explain that to me. Matt on the other hand, well you could try, I don't think it will help though.

I need to really get back to working on my post, apperantly I need even more sarcasim in my posts. I didn't think it was possible, I guess I need to go watch some more Bill Murray clips, and maybe mix in some David Cross. Was I coming across as to Jaded, or more Smart @$$? Maybe I need more ironic distance in my posts? I know I need to mix in more withering deadpan. You can never have to much withering deadpan in a post.

Tsk!Tsk! I still say It's way too early to cast aspersions even though the Bears perhaps deserve a few of them. Creighton, notice the correct use of "to' and 'too" in the prvious sentence.I could not quickly figure out how to use "two" and the other 'too" ( meaning "also ) or the "to " which is an adverbial preposition rather than an infinitive key.

Maybe that "too" -"to" confusion was part of your ironic sarcasm, but if so, it definitely needs work.

mmmm, too true, but I did't use too, or two, I used to. Which actually works. By the way your not being sarcastic are you? Hahahaha. I hit the trifecta with that last post, I used sarcasim to make fun of sarcasim, while using Bill Murray and David Cross to make fun of sarcasim. That's like the holly trinity of sarcasim.

Paul is it me or is it wierd that there are three two's?

This isn't a joke everyone is missing the sarcasim, except Mike and Paul what the hell? I mean really "evil vendetta" sets the whole thing in motion, how can anyone miss that? Who talks like that? Maybe Lex Luthor or Doctor Doom.

Chi I think the part where I am chanting his name should be a dead give away, plus "the world needs more Steltz" comment. I mean really that's pretty thick sarcasim. I'm hurt Chi, I really am, really.

I guess it's back to the drawing board. You know I really don't want to have to add shtick to my posts, it's to obvious. I refuse to sacrifice my ironic distance just for a shallow laugh, my posts have deep, often meaningful and thought provoking chuckles within them. I will not prostitute my artistic integrity just to get a quick puerile laugh from all of you. You would ask me to lobotomize my soul just so you all can get a comedic jocular quicky. I think not, good day to you heathens.

LOL, Creighton .......

I'm with you my man, we got to say what needs to be said out here on the blog.......

Those kind of post are making you look at little like your stalker Crap-ton....and you know we don't need that ! Keep doing what you do, and I'll keep reading......

No sweat man. You know what helps me stay awake and be sharp. You want to eat a really big meal loaded with fats and trans fats, wash it down with like a dozen Bears, and three shots of NyQuil(this is the key to it all). Now for food try stuffed pizza with Sasuage, get a large one and eat until you feel like your gonna puke. When you get full take a break, belch a few times and then get back to eating. Also a large serving of turkey helps, pick a nice heavy Beer like Guiness to wash it all down. For desert drink the NyQuil, you will be up for days with all that good energy. Also you may want to listen to soothing sounds of the ocean or watch the English patient.

Either that or you may slip into a caloric food coma and sleep for about 36 hours.

Go to sleep Sean.

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