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Roy Williams catches two passes against Titans

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler didn't waste any time getting receiver Roy Williams involved Saturday night at LP Field.

On the first offensive snap, Cutler faked a hand off to running back Matt Forte then fired a pass for the right sideline for Williams.

The play gained 17 yards.

Then, on the very next play, Cutler launched a pass toward the middle of the field for Williams but the ball hit his hands and landed in the arms of Titans safety Michael Griffin.

"The second one, that's my fault," Williams said. "I still got to catch that one, but I felt like there should have been a flag somewhere in there. But, this is the NFL, so we got past that one and you just go to the next play."

Williams didn't play on the next series, but he insisted that wasn't punishment from receivers coach Darryl Drake.

"Don't look too far into it. Please, don't look too far into it," Williams said of Johnny Knox stepping in for him. "We were rotating the whole night.

"Tonight, everybody made plays, from 11 all the way down to 84."

Williams said the receivers played well, as a whole. Earl Bennett had a game-high 89 yards on six catches, while Williams was second on the Bears with 33 yards on two catches. Devin Hester had two catches for 31 yards, but he had at least one drop. Knox had one catch for 21 yards, while rookie Dane Sanzenbacher had two catches for 23 yards.

"It was a good day's work," Williams said. "Still not where it needs to be, but that's why you have preseason games and that's why you practice. We still have a long way to go, but I don't think we've arrived yet."

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Amongst all the Roy Williams hype, the Johnny Knox getting demoted saga, and the Devin Hester will be more envolved stuff, something went down during this pre-season, Earl Bennett has quietly become the Bears best receiver. Coming out of last season where Bennett was one of only 2 NFL receivers to have no drops with 50 or more catches, Bennett seems to be on the money so far again this season and has the best set of hands within Chicago's receiving core, and last night was a great example. Bennett even made a play after a catch last night, he had some YAC ( yards after the catch), one aspect of Bennett's game that has needed improvement. And Bennett's always had a great rapport with Jay Cutler since their Vanderbilt days. Bennett might not have Knox's speed, or Roy Williams size, but amongst all the hype of Chicagos other receivers, Bennett just shows up everday making catch after catch GO BEARS!!

Good take, KA.

I agree. With all the drama, Bennett has been the most consistent guy and rarely gets a mention. He's lacked explosive, in-game speed, but has easily been the best all-round reciever for the Bears.

I've am optimistic about Hester's reported improvement, as well as the addition Roy Williams (conditioning and drops aside). Here's hoping they can bring their best games to the regular season.

I don;t know what takes people so long but Bennett was the best reciever on the Bears last year. Question is why is he not getting the playing time. And why am I being force fed Hester again. Last year they talked about how great Hester looked in camp this year he was even greater. Yet he still sucks on the field.

It has been clear for awhile yet Bennett is not a starter. Cutler even said it, "I feel better when he is out there" Bennett belongs in at the Z, Sanzanburger can share time with Hester at the Y, Roy and Knox both kinda suck. Go with Roy to add some height.

The Bears can be so stubborn with there players, they want Hester to be a reciever and refuse to let it go. I thought the coaches were suppose to do what is best for the team, not try and force stupid mistakes down peoples throats because they want to be right about something.

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