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Quick reads from Bears' 41-13 loss to Giants

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I'm trying to rush out of the New Meadowlands Stadium, and get a little sleep before a morning flight back to Chi-town. But here are a few thoughts from tonight:

1) The Bears didn't get have any serious injuries.
That's significant, in light of the fact that the Giants lost arguably their top cornerback, Terrell Thomas. Another backup cornerback got hurt, too, so the Giants will be scrambling to bolster one of the game's most important positions. That's not an enviable position for any club in August.

2) The Bears offensive line did protect better.
In fact, you could argue that the lone sack of Jay Cutler was one he could have avoided, by rolling left and throwing the ball out of bounds. But, it's hard to argue the fact that he slid, as a linebacker was barreling toward him. The greater concern, though, is the fact that they could only muster 2.9 yards per carry in the first half, with the longest run once again coming from Marion Barber. Yes, the Bears can hang their hat on the explosive plays to Devin Hester and Matt Forte. But three-and-outs on three of the first four offensive drives, on the road, is just not a good recipe for a winning football team.

3) Where is the heat?
The Bears defense has racked up a whopping one sack in two preseason games. I swear to you that the defensive line has looked very good at training camp, but they obviously aren't producing anywhere at the same level in practice. And you can make fun of the offensive line all you want but that unit did play well against a very talented Giants defensive line. So what gives? Frankly, I'm puzzled. Other than Julius Peppers flashing something once in a while, the other defensive linemen just haven't done much to stand out. Only Nick Reed, among the undrafted players, made a few decent rushes.

4) Don't fret about the special teams.
Dave Toub definitely was experimenting with some different young players on Monday. And, by the look of it, they collectively didn't do too well. Robbie Gould wasn't banging it nine yards deep, because they are trying to evaluate their young players. It's the right thing to do. It should pay off in the regular season, if they can identify a player or two who can improve the unit.

5) Are the Bears going to be any better in short-yardage?
The good news: the Bears got into the red zone five times. The bad news: they only scored one touchdown, right at the end of the game. Marion Barber had a couple of short yardage chances, and he didn't convert either one. Earlier in his career, he was automatic in those situations. But, he struggled last season, which is one of the reasons the Dallas Cowboys dumped him. Barber has done many positive things so far but short yardage isn't among them.

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I think tonight was more of an exception than the rule in terms of D-Line/O-Line. Also I think the Giants match up well in terms of there O-Line vs. the Bears D-Line. Beatty looked pretty decent at times Diehl is actually a really good guard, not a lot of people know about him, but he is solid, Snee is a stud, and McKenzie is one of the better RT in football. They have what looks like a pretty good line and I believe Manning was only sacked 16 times last year.

I am not really high on the Giants D-line though, outside of Tuck who is very good Cofield is gone and Osi didn't play. Paul didn't show much last year and I didn't see much from him in this game, and Canty is not a pass rusher in any way shape or form. Joseph is a scrub at best.

They lost by a lot but it's preseason and teams are trying different things. Giants clearly have some talent. I would have liked to see the Bears recievers get open a little more early.

Not sure if this is right but I think the Bears had a 21 to 10 pass run ratio in the first half, and that doesn't help the run. Bears struggled on third down to be sure,

It's hard to be good in short yardage when you can't run between the tackles. I really wouldn't take much from this loss though, if Atlanta destroys them like this then worry, until then just hope the pass blocking continues to improve and one of the other pass rushers steps up.

Oh and lets hope the run defense and run blocking improves. Really, really improves.

I thought this was a game that showed no passion or depth on the field. The Giants out hit the Bears in every phase and throughout the game. We got some hard running from Barber and one good solid drive based on two big plays to get our first score.
Still not sold on Willimas yet as a starter, and even though the o-line played well, Martz needs to be smarter with his play calls early in the season.

Mostly disappointed with the defense depth, no one stepped up and was close to make a game changing play. Saw Addison get blown off the ball on 97 yd run, not good, but he was able to get some push off the edge. I saw no one really able to step in an play if any starter gets hurt at LB. I think we should revist the Taputu option again and see if he will come in to compete with Roach, this way we will have at least one NFL caliber LB on the bench whoever does not win the job.

Special teams did not play well, but it may have exposed a weakness for the offense to take into consideration. We will need to sustain drives to score this season, and not be so dependent on field positon and turnovers. This means the run game and short passing game will be important, l hope Martz sees the same thing I do he has to get the offense in gear. Bad night Hope for improvement on Saturday.

Over all o-line was ok but louis still didn't look good, might be time to move garza back to guard and put spencer in at center. webb still scares me at LT because Osi was out and giants did not really run many stunts nor did they blitz as much as they would if this was the regular season. I hope martz will establish the run first during the regular season. Chi I agree with bringing in Taputu

There were some bright spots to this game, first, the offensive line. How about the play of left tackle J'Marcus Webb, yes Osi Umenyiora didn't play, but, Webb did do a heck of a job vs Jason Pierre-Paul who gave Panthers all-pro tackle Jordan Gross a hard time last week. You gotta like the way Webb came back and played this week, hopefully he keeps coming on. Also, how about the job rookie Gabe Carimi did vs Justin Tuck, Carimi might be the real deal. Right guard Lance Louis looked a lot better also.

This was a pre-season game, the starting defense looked solid for the most part, they forced the Giants to a 3 and out and forced them to punt on their second possession also. The Special teams is what killed Chicago's defense, Devin Thomas had a 73 yard return that led to a Giant td, and then a blocked punt led to another Giant td! Not to make up excuses for the defense, but the special teams laid an egg tonight which put the defense in a very hard position.

A guy that came to play was cornerback Tim Jennings, who had a great open field tackle and a broke up pass for Hakeem Nicks. Jennings looked solid and I think has established himself as a starter in the secondary.

A guy that didn't come to play, Roy Williams? He's gotta hold onto some of these passes, if not, it might be time to give Johnny Knox another look?

The offensive line is getting better and Cutler was able to make some plays down field, you gotta like that, they got a couple weeks to sort some things out before Atlanta GO BEARS!!

Depends how you look at the line Kevin, I agree Carimi looked pretty good. But the Bears literally had no run blocking. As for pass protection, they had a lot of help, Cutler was stepping up and making his hot reads, TE and RB where blocking, and the Giants helped the Bears out by not blitzing or mixing things up. Martz helped with his play calling and those screens. All in all they did a decent job in Pass protection, Cutler was hit a few times and couple of penalties were on the line. The Giants created some pressure on a number of plays but again Cutler only went down once. The offensive line in the red zone and short yardage had it's struggles. As for Webb Paul, one of Paul's sacks last week was on Clausen who held onto the ball way to long, Olsen also managed to take out Paul last week who was Pff's lowest rated pass rusher last year. I don't know who Paul got the other sack off of it could have been Gross or it could of come inside or off a TE. I actually don't know.

Kevin I think your the only person who thinks the starting defense played well and that includes Lovie.

I was wrong about the Pass/run ratio they only ran the ball 8 times in the first half.

I thought Jenning looked decent as well.

What I don't get is why the Bears only ran to the right twice in the first half, Carimi is suppose to be a run blocker and they want Louis to be a mauler.

Be cearful with getting over excited, and I say this for a reason. If you remember all the talk from last week it was all about how good the defense was looking and how bad the line was practicing. How Lovie was as Giddy as Martz. His defense got hammered. It seems a rule in the NFL that when a team is practicing great they throw a stinker on the field and when a team has had a bad week of practice they surprise people. I wrote about that after the Bears/Bills game when people werer talking about how good Louis and Webb looked leading up to it. Lovie and the defense got a little cocky and the Giants brought them down to earth. I don't know how many times I have seen that in the nfl.

Titans game should be intresting. Hasselback has played well againstthe Bears defense, and the Titans like to run the ball, so it's a decent test for the Bears defense. Titans have some solid runners even without Johnson.

Titans seem to be blitzing a lot this pre season and that will be a good test for the Bears O-Line, they seem to like to blitz a corner out of the nickle usually Finnegan.

The Titans D-Line might be good it might not, Jones looks out of position to me, and Morgan has had some flashes. The front 4 looks active but I don't see a lot of pressure coming from that unit. It's a good unit for the Bears to practice blitz pick up on.

There is not much to be optimistic about regarding last night's game. The Bears were simply beaten in every phase of the game. I know it was a pre-season game, but that's no reason o look like a bunch of high-schoolers all too often. Kickoff coverage was almost non-existent, and the defense struggled to look even semi-competent. I have faith that things will get better, but the next game better show solid improvement, or my confidence will be shaken. Things are tougher in the Division this year as well, so the coaches best get hustling to eliminate errors and build a few fires under the loafers. Thes players are professionals and should not be blowing assignments, droppng passes, and missing tackles and blocks.

Wasn't it Jennings who got burned for a touchdown because he was too short?

Paul: that wasn't Jennings, it was D.J. Moore who got beat over the tiop for a big play that led to a touchdown. I think we need to get some depth on the defensive side of the ball, I just did not see anyone do anything of significance once the main guys went out yesterday, and that is not a good sign for us if we encounter any injuries on that side of the ball this season.

The Giants and Perry Fewell deserved what they got for trying to take out Cutler. Why else would they send a corner blitz in a meaningless preseason game unless they were trying to take out the QB?

Don't get me wrong. I do not wish injury on anyone, but to me, the injury to Thomas was totally avoidable if Fewell had enough common sense not to call a risky play in a meaningless preseason game, unless he was trying to take out our QB, like he did last year.

I think they're gonna miss the playoff again this year.

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