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Putting Amobi Okoye's performance in perspective

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Amobi Okoye looked like a top-10 player on Saturday night.

The former Houston Texans first-round pick had both of the Bears sacks, and he also had several other pressures.

But remember this: Okoye was facing backups of the Buffalo Bills, a club that went 4-12 last season.

That's not to dismiss his performance; Okoye should produce like that.

But he's used to facing very good players, since he has 58 NFL starts under his belt.

How good can Okoye be?

It's hard to say at this point, since he's also stood out at Bears training camp. But, again, he's generally not facing the starting offensive linemen.

But this is a start, and he's fired up about being a Bear and working with defensive line coach/ defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli.

"I can't wait until the regular season gets here," he said. "Being a Bear felt good. Real good."

Okoye talked about the "trial" of having the Texans tell him that they were shopping him before eventually releasing him altogether.

"It was a trial period for me, but that's the thing about football," he said. "Football is like no other sport. When you get knocked down, you have to get back up.

"That's what you have to do, and that's why I love the game."

Okoye, 24, couldn't be happier to work with Marinelli.

"Man, Rod is a great, great coach. There's a lot of things I've already gathered from him, through the two weeks that I've been here," he said. "I'm glad I have this opportunity."

But the defense still doesn't feel natural to him.

"I haven't even got it down all the way. I was in a system for four years," he said of the Texans. "I still have old habits with the old system. I would say I'm only probably halfway through, as far as the mentality you have to have to be in this system. I can't wait until I get it all down."

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I can't wait till he gets it all down, too! With him proving his talents tonight, we have some seriously talented depth at the undertackle.

Yeah he looks pretty good, a little slower off the ball than I expected but it's ealy and it's preseason. It will be intresting to see what happens to these guys when Peppers is trying, you know he was not giving it much effort last night and pre-season is just not his thing.

What did you think about Carimi? I thought he played pretty damn actually, although he didn't have to face a legit pass rusher, his run blocking is what they said it was. Sean do you think you could ask Mike Tice about Lance Louis the elite pass protector again? I mean Tice called it I have never seen anyone that good before oh and smack Mark in the back of the head if you see him and tell him to stop sulking and remind him "Creighton told you so" be real obnoxious about it to so it sinks in.

So what was the worst part of last night was it the offensive line or was it Erik Kramer? I got to go with Erik Kramer who said the first half of the Bears Pre-season game was as good of football as you will ever see.

Quickest solution for the O-line? Get Spencer is there starting at C, and for goodness sakes put Garza at RG.

Howdy y'all!

Well, that new kickoff rule didn't ruin the game as badly as I thought it would so football is still fun to watch.

Anyway, my thoughts:

Cutler and Hanie running for their lives looks like 2010 all over again. No surprise. And my apologies to Chris Williams, he is no longer the worst lineman on the team. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you Mr. Lost and Confused...the one, the only... Lance Louis!

Damn, Knox looks like superman out there. Can't wait to see what he does this year.

Marion Barber, wow. Welcome to the team, sir.

Special teams, we can always count on you. Good work, Toub.

Lastly, I agree with Beef Bus. Spencer to center, Garza back to his old position. Stop playing games with our quarterback's health. The Bears look stupid on offense and both guards are liabilities.

I liked what I seen from safety Major Wright, he looks like he's gonna be solid in the open field, which is key for a safety. Wright looked good in limited play last season also, maybe Chicago has got something in Wright? Henry Melton looks good, and of course Amobi Okoye, hopefully he continues to come on. The Bears look like they got some down linemen that can straight up get up field. And on offense you gotta like what Marion Barber brings inside as a runner, and Kahlil Bell looks the part of an NFL runner also, and the guy seems to have soft hands, Chicago might have great depth at running back. These were all positives.

As for the negatives, well, the offensive line was horrible, what happened to right guard Lance Louis, I had high hopes for that guy and he staright up laid an egg last night? I didn't like what I seen from J'Marcus Webb either, I know its still early, and with the lockout a lot of bad football was to be expected, but, wow? Maybe it might be time to put Chris Spencer in at center and move Garza back to his right guard spot. Again, its early but this just seems like the best lineup. Robertoa Garza has been playing right guard for most of his career and has been solid, and Chris Spencer has played center for 5 seasons and is probably the best center on the team right now, why not play him there? I would have loved to seen Lance Louis come on, but if the guy can't play, he can't play. Tice has to get his best 5 in there and quick so they can get some kind of continuity going into Atlanta. GO BEARS!!

Hope springs eternal in TC, and this Texans' fan hope for you Bears fans is that the Amobi Okoye of the Houston 4-3 won't be the Amobi Okoye of Chicago's. "Okoye talked about the 'trial' of having the Texans tell him that they were shopping him before eventually releasing him altogether". There's a reason he had to endure that trial... nobody else wanted him. His top-10 pick status and a GM that had to save face are the only factors that kept Okoye in a Texans uni. The excuse du jour for this kid was always, "He's still young", or "Just give him time" - please! When 44% of your career sacks are made during one month of your rookie season, and you can only muster 5 more in the 3 years following, you had waaay more time than you deserved. Hey, Creighton, he "looks a little slow off the ball" to you, huh? He's a good kid, but being a good kid alone don't stop the run, and it sure as hell don't get you to the QB. You 'aint seen nothin' yet.

The Bears took some time to chat with Chalk Them Up about the upcoming season! Be sure to check it out at!

Shawne Merriman has made pro bowl left tackles look bad so I am hopeful that J Webb understands that at left tackle you are going to be facing the opposing teams best pass rusher. Coach Smith and his staff are going to more than likely let young Carimi get a playing time at left tackle and if it is against an elite pass rusher like Shawne Merriman Carimi will have a tough time also. Webb and Carimi are young and it takes time to develope a good left tackle. Shawne Merriman not only beat Webb but he also beat Garza on a stunt move and Garza has 11 years in the NFL I want Forte, Barber, Bell, and Unga to be our running backs. If Unga is not a running back lets place him at full back Unga is a power house we need him on the Bears special teams or some where. chest taylor needs to get cut we do not need him he has brought nothing to the table chester taylor is dead weight drop him.

Guys Lance Louis was not the worst lineman last night, he was bad but not the worst. Webb was the worst by a decent margin. "On back-to-back plays, Kyle Williams easily beat him outside to tackle the ball carrier for short gain and then on the next snap he was beaten to the corner by Shawn Merriman and held him on a penalty that was declined because of a sack elsewhere." Plus he also gave up a sack and a pressure. In a half against a has been. Outside of that Williams had help from Garza most of the night and most guards need some help against Kyle Williams.

One thing I wanted to see was more pressure from the Bears front 4, that Buffalo O-Line is pretty bad and while Melton flashed against the run I didn't see him real get to the QB.

Look the Bills are not an elite team in any way shape or form and it is preseason, but first team on first team, that's basically the first two series for each team, the Bills were sticking it too the Bears and winning. And while it is pre-season for the Bears, it is pre-season for the Bills too, it's not like they through the kitchen sink at the Bears. I keep hearing it's preason for the Bears, don't worry it's only pre-season. It's preseason for everyone it's not like teams are running around going oh man it's the Bears lets give them all we got in this preseason game, and it's not like the Bears are running around going, lets go easy on everyone.

Anyway I think when all is said and done Okoye will replace Melton, not that Melton did anything wrong but I think Okoye looks like the more natural pass rusher and thats what you need at the UT. Melton could slide over though if he keeps playing the run like that. Urbik is pretty much the worst player on the Buffalo line and he kept Melton from getting to his QB, he got blown up in the run though. We will find out early this year how good the Bears are at the UT, Sitton can play guard pretty damn good.

It's too early to cast aspersions, but the Bears were unimpressive. I remain optimistic anyway and hope for some solid gelling to occur a week from today.

Webb was by far the worst lineman on the field. As I have mentioned before, his first move is to stand up, when it should be to slide as he is coming up. he will get burned on the speed rush every time. While he may possess the athleticism to be a LT in the NFL, he certainly lacks the technique and quickness to be one.

Louis was not very good either...So much for being an elite pass protector, eh?

This line is really going to get Cutler killed if they don't get it together in a hurry. I did hear Herm Edwards say on ESPN that he was seeing bad OL play all over in every game, so hopefully they will get better, but they have a long, long way to go.

I did not see the game but from a review of the stats, the o-line should get a "C". they obviously had problems in the passing game, but must have been solid in the run game based on the yards the backs got on the run in the game. I think Its time to cut bait with Chester Taylor

What's the deal on the Kris Adams kid?, all I've heard about was the "Great Dane" from O-state, but this kid Adams keeps catching the football, and he may be someone who will sneak on the roster. Sean: How good does this Mike Holmes look? I understand that Bowman got knocked out the game on a tackle, and by not bringing in Hayden, the BEARS must think this kid can make the team along with Joshua Moore at corner.

I would watch the game again, Williams spent a lot of time on the ground, and you will want to watch Webb's pad level. I am not so sure Garza belongs at Center and I don't know how long Jay will trust anyone when they are giving up that kind of pressure.

Big pre-season game for the Bears O-Line this week, Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora(hoping he won't have his legs yet), Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka, Canty and Austin. Webb better drop his damn pad level and stop being lazy, needs to try bending at his knees and not his waist for a change. Carimi is going to get a test of his pass protection ability, Tuck is no joke.

0-4 in preseason last year.
11-5 when it mattered

I will always watch, but I don't hold hardly any judgement based on preseason games.

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