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Nate Enderle runs second-team offense Monday

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None of the Bears quarterbacks played particularly well Saturday night in a 10-3 win over the Buffalo Bills.

But, the Bears coaching staff apparently wasn't too pleased with backup quarterback Caleb Hanie, who didn't take his usual snaps with the second-string offense.

Instead, rookie Nathan Enderle got those snaps.

When did he find out?

"When coach [Mike] Martz yelled out my name," Enderle said.

Asked if he got a heads up, Enderle said, "I just go in when they tell me to go in.

"So, I don't read too much into it."

But Hanie didn't look very happy, walking off the practice field. He was scheduled to appear on 670 The Score with starting quarterback Jay Cutler. But Cutler made the hour-long appearance with rookie receiver Dane Sanzenbacher instead.

Bears coach Lovie Smith said that, after the game, "your reps change a little bit, based on what you've done."

"We got Nathan Enderle a couple more reps today with the 2s," Smith said. "He did some good things in the game. He hadn't really gotten a lot of reps in practice right now."

Asked what it means in regards to Hanie, Smith said, "No, there's no punishment, there's no rewards.

"You look at how a guy played, and that determines what type of reps he gets the following week. As I said earlier, Nathan hasn't gotten hardly any reps in practice. He did a few things. We want to see what he can do when he gets a few more reps in practice.

"Caleb didn't play as well as I thought he did initially. But, again, first preseason game. All the guys will get better."

Enderle appreciated the extra work.

"It was nice," he said. "It's good to get the mental reps in, watching the other guys do it right. But, it's also nice to get in there and physically get the reps and see the things with my eyes."

For the game, Enderle completed seven of 10 passes for 110 yards, but he threw an interception and was sacked five times. His rating was 66.7.

Hanie was three for seven for 32 yards, and he was sacked three times. His rating was 56.8.

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Brilliant. Hanie never looks good. He just gets the offense into the end zone. Repeatedly.

On the bright side, it seems Lovie is still coaching like last year when he started poking his players a little more. More stick less carrot.
Thats great because one of the things I hoped for comming into this season, is if the fromt office and coaching staff would keep doing thier jobs like they needed to win to keep them. I dont think Jerry Angelo has done that, or he would have had a plan B to Willie Colon. But both Knox and now Hanie are on notice. Thats gotta keep the rest of them (under performers) thinking

I didn't think Hanie looked all that bad, I mean a little rust was to be expected with no off-season, your gonna be watching a lot of bad football for awhile till these guys get back in sync. I'm actually surprised by the move, even though Martz did say during the long off-season rookie Nathan Enderle would get a chance to compete, I guess he wasn't kidding around.

A lot goes on in practice that we as fans don't see, I know Hanie did have some problems last week in practice throwing some picks in drills, so I've read. Maybe Hanie just isn't grasping Martz's scheme like the coaching staff thinks he should going on year 2 in the scheme? Enderle wasn't sharp either but did show he has a pretty good passing arm, the knock on Enderle is he can't move around the pocket very well like Hanie, that could be a problem. If Enderle can come on and get rid of the ball quicker, get quicker with his decision making he might be alright. Thats gonna be key for both passers, the one that can grasp Martz's scheme quicker and show the ability to get rid of the ball quicker, with the key being they know where their going with the ball will be the #2. Maybe they think Enderle can be that guy? Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

I don't know why people are talking about Lovie, this is all Martz. Maybe I missed something but I thought Enderle played against the Bills scrubs, it's a lot easier to play better when you don't have anyone on the defense who can cover and Kyle Williams, Marcel Dareus, and Sean Merriman are sitting back watching the game.

Enderle stayed in the pocket and that's what Martz wanted to see. Hanie didn't look good but none of them looked good it's hard to look good when you can't protect the QB, and 9 sacks says they can't do just that. Hanie gets punished and Louis, Webb and Williams are handed jobs and stinking up the place. In some cases stinking it up for years. I don't think Hanie is anything special but I woould love see Enderle start against the Giants first string and see how he does. I think that would be really entertaining, for Giants fans at least.

Hanie is sloppy and all over the place, but he is good when he is improvising and with this line you will need to improvise. Seems like Martz will take that into account with Cutler like his little shovel pass, but not with Hanie. Hanie just wants to make a play Martz wants to see the greatest show on turf. Martz is delusional. Just wait till Martz starts throwing everyone under the bus, cause it's never his fault.

I don't think it really means much other than to get Hanie's attention. They don't play until Monday night, so there is one extra day of preparation, you can reward a few players in practice for selling out or playing well during the game. I heard that Kris Adams and Mario Addison got some reps today and I would not be surprised if Mike Holmes got some looks too at corner. We have to develop some youth out there for depth this year in case of injuries,and hopefully a few of them can become players before this team gets to old to contend with what we have.

All three will play on Monday and the Giants will surely help sort things out between these two young QB's.

I'm still trying to figure out why everybody thinks Hanie is so great! He holds on to the ball way too long because is still doesn't know the offense. He sucked in the game and has sucked all training camp but still pouts when reps are given to someone else. Let the rookie play with the twos and see what he does. It can't be any worse than Hanie! Hanie got a gift from the Packers in the NFC Championship game because as soon as he came in, the Pack quit blitzing and just layed back waiting for Hanie to throw some picks. He did and it cost us the Superbowl!

I think it's safe to say that Mike Martz officially hates Caleb Hanie. First Todd Collins and now Nathan Ederle. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if they brought back Mike Tomczak and made him the #2. Not sure why Martz is so down on Hanie, though. He may not be great, but he always seems to produce when it counts.

Martz tends to dump on Hanie and he very well could have cost them a Super Bowl apperance last yeaer when he put in Collins over Hanie. I don't think Hanie is great, but I don't like what Martz is doing with him. If the Bears don't want Hanie they should have traded him. Martz could have brought in one of his hand picked guys, Collins, BM, Taylor, oh he is on a role with his talent evaluation. Let's see how Roy Williams does.

By the way Hanie did not coast the Bears a Super Bowl he and the defense were the only reason the Bears were in the game. The Packer defense knocked out one QB, chased away another and pretty much beat the snot out of the Bears offense. You want to know what cost the Bears? The offensive line cost the Bears. To blame Hanie for not going to the SUper Bowl is a joke. Hanie did not differ on the opening kickoff, Hanie did not call a timeout on a completion to negate a first down and Hanie did not call an end around to gain three yards with the Bears slowest reciever, and Hanie did not put in Todd Collins who stank up the place and got chased out of the game. Yes Hanie threw a couple of picks, and played sloppy, he also put the Bears in the game, he was the third string QB how many reps do you think he was getting? Yes the Packers were playing coverage and not going after Hanie, that's what most teams do in the 4th Qt when they have the lead.

You want to know what cost the Bears, it was poor coaching choices, and a GM that has no clue how to build an O-Line.

By the way the next person that says just be patient with the O-line can bill me ok? They started rebuilding this line in 2008 when they drafted Chris Williams. He was suppose to be the anchor for a new line, they brought in Pace, Omiyale, Shaffer, Beekman, Edwin Williams, St. Clair. They are 4 years into building a line and so far once again it looks like garbage. The offensive line has sucked for 4 years in a row, this is year 5 in the project, how much patience do people want from Bears fans with this damn line? When this organization had a problem with the defensive line they signed Peppers, a problem with the Offensive line and they move a 7th round pick from RT to LT and he sucked at RT.

You don't know what you're talking about. If you have it, watch the film of the Championship game. Hanie was under as much pressure as Cutler. He didn't cost the Bears a Super Bowl berth, he almost got them one. If the Bears weren't such a messed up team, they would have taken Cutler out of the game as soon as he reported his injury (in the 1st quarter) and put Hanie in. And the Bears would have gone to the Super Bowl.

To build on Creighton's last comment, the Bears clearly needed at least one more starting offensive lineman after drafting Gabe Carimi, and that was before they fouled up and lost Kreutz. But while $34 million under the salary cap, they lost Kreutz over a measly $500K, then signed some bum who couldn't even make Seattle to replace him. There were several good offensive linemen available in free agency, but the Bears only tried to get one, and they failed at that.

So the Bears remain tens of millions of dollars below the salary cap and the only potentially good player they've signed is Roy Williams. They have an offensive line that can't pass block in a league that requires a good passing game in order to win. The sad fact is that Bear ownership is far more concerned with keeping their extended family living in opulence than with winning. Until that changes, I don't see how anything good can happen with this team.

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