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Monday, Aug. 8 practice observations

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On Sunday, I packed my Gore-Tex jacket and an umbrella. It didn't rain.

On Monday, I headed out to practice with nothing. And it rained.

Up until then, just before 4 p.m., the practice was shaping up to be an interesting one.

I usually watch the defensive line versus the offensive line, but I tried to pay more attention to the receivers and cornerbacks today.


* Devin Hester had his way with Corey Graham on at least three plays in practice. Graham appeared to get frustrated that maybe Hester was too physical on a couple of shorter routes. But, Hester got Graham on a double move for a 50-yard touchdown from Cutler.

* Zack Bowman picked off a Cuter pass that was intended for rookie Dane Sanzenbacher.

* The offensive line again did a nice job, during a portion of practice when the focus is on running teh ball.

* Rain and lightning ruined the final hour of practice, with players rushing off the field.

* Undrafted rookie Kris Adams hauled in a deep pass, as he has several times. But on that play, he was jammed, and the quarterback probably wouldn't have had that much time to get him the ball.

* Safety Chris Harris flat dropped a pass from Cutler.

Practice ball goes to... Sam Hurd. The new receiver, who will be a key part of the special teams, stood out in Monday's practice. Facing Charles Tillman, Hurd made a difficult down the field. Tillman was in very good position, but Hurd just made the play for a 25-plus yard gain. Later, he cut hard toward the post then cut outside. Tillman fell down, and Hurd made an easy catch.

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I've been hearing Devin Hester's name a lot so far in camp, hopefully he can make a few more plays from his flanker postion this season. Also, I love the fact he's aiming toward 20 career return td's, if he does hit that mark, he should be the first special teamer to go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I like what I've been hearing about receiver Sam Hurd so far in camp also, he should make the Bears special teams better with his physicality, and I like the muscle he brings to the receiver position also, he may surprise this season?

The position group that scares me is the corner position, all I've been hearing in camp is how these guys have been getting burnt. I mean its nice to hear Zack Bowman's making some plays, but he needs to get a little more consistency to his game. I don't like hearing about Hester having his way with Corey Graham, Hester has also been getting the better of starter Tim Jennings. I know one thing to keep in mind is the receiver always has the advantage because they know where they are going, and going into year 2 in Martz's scheme, Hester should be that much better. With all that being said, hopefully the corners step up their game before week one vs Atlanta, they're gonna have their hands full with Roddy White.

I am glad Chicago is satying away from cornerback Kelvin Hayden even with the problems the current corners have been having in camp, Hayden's solid but injury prone, he's only put together one full season during his 7 year career and went out on IR last seaon. He would add size but what good would it do standing on the sideline? Hopefully the current group steps up and if young linemen like Melton, Wootton and Okoye can help Peppers get more push up front, that would help the secondary also GO BEARS!!

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