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McCaskey: Bears still like grass at Soldier Field

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Bears president George McCaskey apologized to Bears fans for the cancellation of the Bears' Family Fest last Friday at Soldier Field and said he was confident the playing field at the venerable lakefront stadium will be in fine shape for the team's preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills on Saturday night.

''I was there yesterday and spoke to Ken Mrock, our groundskeeper [and] John Nolan, the park district's groundskeeper,'' said McCaskey, speaking to reporters outside the mess hall at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais. ''Both of them said they're very confident the field's going to be ready Saturday.''

McCaskey reiterated the organization's stance that natural grass is the best surface at Soldier Field because, he said, there are fewer injuries than on artificial surfaces.

''Our primary concern is player safety,'' McCaskey said. ''We want to prolong careers. We want our guys to be available on a week-to-week basis. The evaluation is ongoing. Every year we take a look at it. Our considered opinion is that right now the best surface for our team, primarily considering layer safety, is a natural grass field.''

Many Bears fans also would prefer natural grass -- as long as the Chicago Park District isn't in charge of it. But McCaskey said he did think the team needed to find an outside groundskeeping specialist like Roger Bossard or George Toma to alleviate future problems at Soldier Field.

''The park district has a consultant and we have an experienced groundskeeping staff that we have faith in,'' McCaskey said.

''The park district has already said that it was a miscalculation on their part, that they need to do a better job. And we need to do a better job to take an active role in monitoring their treatment of the field. It needs to be a collaborative effort. And we're confident it's going to be.''

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The McCaskey family is full of it, they are studying the injuries on turf? Whatever are the studying injuries by teams who play on turf or injuries that are actually caused by the turf? And how can you even tell when a player would not have been injured if he had been on grass as opposed to turf? It's bull, most injuries come from hit's.

And if they took there collective head out of their ##### they would know that a hybrid surface is 99% natural grass. GB uses it and Denver uses it and the Bears have playeed on both and the players say they loved it. All it does in is uses some fibers to anchor the grass so it does not get pulled up as easily, it also uses a dry pump system to pull surface water to the root level rather than let it sit on the surface. Which might come in handy considering the Bears have a problem in the winter when their heated field becomes a bog every year and then when it gets cold enough the bog freezes.

Take the water off the surface and you remove the bog and frozen surface, and your still on grass. Oh and the Park district will pay for it. You have to be an indiot not to make the switch.

Crap I meant idiot, I type to fast sometimes.

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