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Matt Forte: Run game will be there

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Running back Matt Forte made a highlight-reel play against the New York Giants on Monday night when he took screen pass and cut across the width of the field for a 42-yard gain to the Giants 7-yard line.

But he didn't get much on the ground, gaining seven yards on four carries as the Bears were held to 81 yards on 26 carries overall (3.1 yards per carry), including 23 yards on eight carries in the first half.

''It'll come. We started slowly last year, too,'' Forte said. ''We've got a lot of work to do up front and a lot of stuff to figure out. We're getting better as at team right now.''

If the screen pass play is any indication, Forte will be able to produce in the run game as soon as the offense gives him some room to run. The blocking of his teammates, he told me, made the play work more than anything he did.

''It was just a reaction,'' he said of the cutback across the middle of the field that turned a short gain into a whopper. ''Screen plays are designed to go certain places, but there's no telling where it can go. We had a lot of good blocks by the receivers and o-linemen. That's what made the play go.

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This is the pre-season, most teams don't game plan for these contest, they go into these games wanting to work on certain aspects of their team, usually ones they need a little extra work on. If you seen Jay Cutlers post game interview, you know what Chicago wanted to work on, pass protection. Even Forte said "we have a lot of work to do up front and a lot of stuff to figure out." He was probably talking about the pass protection. If you want Forte to put up big rushing totals, the Bears would have to commit to running the ball, Chicago didn't. I doubt run blocking is gonna be a problem for Chicago, again, pass protection is where the most work was needed.

To me, the next problem Chicago needs to figure out is not pass protection, but pass rushing. Somebody else on the Bears defensive front has to step up other than Julius Peppers. Getting to the quarterback looks to be a problem for this unit. There were times last night Eli Manning had all day to throw, they can't do that in week one vs the Falcons. If you give Matt Ryan a couple seconds, he'll tear you apart. They need to step up, Marinelli needs to get these guys going now GO BEARS!!

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