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Mike Martz: Rookie WR Sanzenbacher 'has a chance'

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It's not easy for a rookie wide receiver to make an impact in the NFL, especially in Mike Martz's offense. But precise route running and versatility are two qualities that can make a big difference, which is why Dane Sanzenbacher, the undrafted rookie from Ohio State, might be more than a novelty at Bears training camp in Bourbonnais.

Sanzenbacher has impressed the Bears' coaching staff with his route running. And his ability to pick up the offense at several wide-receiver positions -- primarily split end and the slot -- without any offseason preparation is sure to earn him a serious look in the preseason.

''He's done very well,'' Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz said Wednesday. ''I think we've made him play three or four different positions. He's really done a good job in the slot as our nickel receiver, and he plays 'X' too. He's been very steady.

''He's got real tired legs right now so we're going to back off his reps a little because he's taken so many but we're very pleased with his progress. With the things we continue to add, he's been very, very good about his mistakes; very few mistakes. He's got a chance.''

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Hell ya baby! SAN-ZEN-BA-CHER! Come on man you can do it! This kid is flat out a football player to the fullest I was so excited when we got this kid! This guy can be a pro bowler I see Wes Welker in him, hes so quick and tough kid has no fear what so ever he is exactly what a Bear should be.....please please make the team because if we put him on the scout team another team will snatch him up a 2 seconds! DO THIS KID DO IT...! YOU CAN BE A GREAT ONE! *BEAR NATION*

Well he is smart, runs nice routs, and has good hands. The downside is he is small and slow, and not that quick for his size. However Welker ran 4.65 and is even smaller, however Welker is quicker, although he does fit the mold of a Welker. But it took Welker about 4 years to become Welker. Then again Martz knows what he likes with Recievers and that is rout running, Knox is benched and Williams is brought in, and I am sure he liked what he saw with this kid as well.

Look if you can get Mike Furrey a 1000 yard season you should be able to do that for almost anyone, which really begs the question what happened last year with the best recievers he has ever worked with according to him? Yes that's another dig on Martz cause he is a crazy Fruit Loop. He has a nice eye for skill position talent and has worked with a ton of good recievers but he is what he is. A fruit loop.

Sanzenbacher compares to Welker and several others. His cone drill times were among the fastest in the NFL Combine. His 40 was much better than Welkers at 4.48sec. But despite his size, he gets the job done. I think the Bears will soon be chanting his name from the stands and applauding his abilities.

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