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Martz lauds TE Davis; offense ready for 'quantum leap'

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Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz joined the chorus of his offensive players anticipating an improved performance in the second year of his offense with the Bears -- starting with quarterback Jay Cutler.

"We feel like we should be able to continue to improve from where we left off and make a quantum leap in some other areas,'' Martz said during is weekly press conference Wednesday at training camp in Bourbonnais.

''With the number of receivers we have and the quality there, I would think we'd be much better there. Kellen [Davis, the starting tight end] has stepped to the forefront and established himself not just as a blocker, but also a pretty dynamic receiver in practice. There are some things coming out of this that you get pretty excited about.''

The depth at receiver figures to be a factor. With Roy Williams at the ''X'' position (the old 'split end'), Johnny Knox will have to fight for playing time. Williams currently is listed as the starter, ahead of Knox, who led the Bears with 51 receptions for 960 yards (18.8 per carry) and five touchowns last year.

''Johnny's very, very talented. He's very young and he's still learning how to play,'' Martz said. ''Guys like Johnny just need to learn to be consistent. Consistency in his play, and that's with players at every position but particularly at that 'X' position. He certainly has the ability. He just is still learning to play, adjust and do the things we ask him to do.''

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The funny thing about Kellen Davis is that everyone sees his size and they automatically think that he is a great blocker. When he first came into the league he was a nice receiver but was a horrible blocker - he was a poor man's Greg Olsen and was not the overall player like Dez Clark. He was more body builder strong than football strong. He did improve his blocking last year but I wonder how he will be as a starter.

Yeah, just keep focusing on meaningless stuff like how good Martz thinks the receivers will be (they'll actually improve to average if Roy Williams plays well). But back in the real world, the offensive line looks to be even worse than last season, which means the offense will also be worse.

Well Mark that depends on what you consider a proven Coach. Martz has been fired 3 times. A lot of that was the fact that he focused to much on the pass and he has had a problem with his system getting a QB killed.

As for the line, well they are a question mark, they are not proven and last year they proved they were one of the two worst lines in the nfl. I do have some hope for the line though, but I will temper that until they prove they can get the job done. I think what Jay said about everyone on the line wanting to step up now that Olin is gone holds some merit. At the same time I did not see Webb play at big cat's level last year and Big Cat was a RT not a LT and they did not move him around. I like what Holmes said about Forte he is a real good cover band for Faulk. Webb could be a good cover band for Gaither, healthy Gaither who was a real good find for Baltimore and at his best a top 10 tackle for a couple of year. I don't think the Martz offense does a lot to help a O-Line maximize anything though. If Martz tones it down and simplifies the offense that can help the line but then it is not really his offense. You know Martz had guys like Pace, Tucker, Timmerman, and McCullom who were pretty good players, Pace was unbelievable in his prime and these guys were giving up 40+ sacks a year. The Bears don't have anyone near what Orlando was for their anchor, Timmerman was a pro bowler and McUllom was a solid starter.

That is the history of his O-Line every place the guy has been including here. They only have one new guy starting 3 guys have been moved and Williams is in the same place. I get how wrig is sceptical. I really think the line is a mystery right now, but there is evidence that they have some problems, like last year and even with Tice who is good at teaching run blocking has shown in his past that his lines will give up some sacks and that was with 4 pro bowlers, 3 in their prime and a hell of a good vet.

But then again it seems like you don't need a great or even good O-Line these days just look at last year, I don't think there is a great line in the nfl right now, and 3 of the worst made it to the nfl final 4. So the line can be pretty bad and they can still win. I think it's fare to say they have 10-11 win potential this season. But it also feels like a lot of teams can say the same.

By the way I don't pile on, I am either there early or I don't show up. That's my track record.

Anyway I feel like it's an anything goes year, crazy off season lot's of free agent movment, and a goofey training camp for the Bears and lots of other teams.

I'll say this I am about up to my neck with the Eagles hype, the nfl can bill me when they win the Super Bowl, Vick can only throw to half the damn field.

I would also like to say about Cutler's feet, lot of people are saying maybe it's to late in his career for him to corect his feet and that he may fall back to bad habits. Which is true, but Vick really improved his own feet last year.

Oh and big cat played with with Perry, Heck(the LT), and Villarrail and Olin in his prime, that's some pretty good talent and that always helps, good players help good players, bad players do not help bad players. It was not a great line but it did have some solid players, oh and Williams was mostly a run blocker that's why he was a RT.

But I don't expect you to think we can take the Bears word on how great everyone is. They always say everyone is great, they lie. I get why they lie, but we don't have to believe everything they say. To be honest I don't like the fact that Tice is now giving us the company line, he was pretty honest last year and now he seems to be just saying what he is told to say. Which is very much the Lovie system. I hope the line is great and I hope they don't get Cutler hammered again, I just don't believe that is the case at this point. I do believe they will be better than last year.

Mark can you tell me the last time Martz had a top 10 offense in either points or yards or better yet both?

Hey we got football tonight, at least a close resemblence of football, and I will take it anyway at this point.

You want to know why the Bears fans are sceptical of the Bears organization? Because when was the last time the organization embraced the fans? The players are usually great with the fans, but ownership has always been aloof with the fans, just like Lovie is with the fans. I have never got the feeling he likes the fans, I think Chicago fans are largely taken for granted, the Cubs do it the Bears do it, the Blackhawks used to do it(and they learned there lesson), the Bulls are great with the Fans and so are the Sox(they just don't have a ton fans near the stadium).

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