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Martz defends end-around call in NFC title game

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Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz leaned on the default response for bad play calls when finally asked about the Earl Bennett end-around that lost two yards and set up a fourth-down interception that sealed the Bears' fate in the NFC championship game in January: It was a good call, but bad execution.

If you were expecting to say, ''I sure wish I had that one to do over again. The good news is, I learn from my mistakes,'' or "It was a team breakdown -- a bad call and bad execution,'' you were in for a disappointment.

In case you wipe out Bears losses from your memory bank, here was the situation: The Bears trailed the Packers 21-14 and faced a third-and-three at the Green Bay 27 with 1:15 to play after calling a time out that wiped out an apparent first-down run by Matt Forte.

After the time out, the Bears tried an end-around with Bennett, but Desmond Bishop dropped Bennett for a two-yard loss. On fourth-and-five, Caleb Hanie was intercepted by Sam Shields to clinch the game.

"It's just an execution thing,'' Martz said. ''If that works ... then it was a great call, it didn't work and we didn't execute and it was a bad call. I understand that. I did know what the defense was going to be in and I guessed right. We just didn't finish the play right. It happens. It is what it is.''

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It was an execution thing. The Packers had a better team executing a better game plan including better execution of better in-game adjustments by the coaching staff. They did it again to Pittsburg the next game.

Tip of the cap to them. Don't mean nothin this year.

Mike Martz at times seems like he is calling the game from Cloud 9. The O-Line on paper scares me and those dang 7 step drops. I hope Mike "I learn from my mistakes" Martz can junks the idea of dropping VaJayJay Cutler 7 steps deep. Only time will tell.

The call didn't make sense what so ever. This was the biggest game of the year and the ball never was given to the best player on the field (Forte). Is it me or does it seem like Martz believes that you can win games by using wide receivers only. I recorded a number of games last year and reviewed them lately. The game calling from game 1 thru 5 was totally different from the rest. Running the ball more is what put the Bears on the upswing. The line got better which in turn the rest of the offense vastly improved. Who ever reeled in his play calling last year should start now. Martz's be weapon is Forte and this needs to be drilled in him. Marshall Faulk, remember him?

I can't think of another QB in the NFL that would've taken the kind of beating he did last year.... he never said a word about it despite being spoon-fed every opportunity to throw his line under the bus.

If you want to argue that he didn't play that well, you may have a point, but to contend that he isn't tough shows your ignorance.

Martz is a tool, first off start with that timeout call right before the end around. That was not Smith that was Martz, second in the final regular season game Forte was ripping the Packers early and then Martz went pass happy. Then you have the Giants game, I mean really that was like a blatant attempt to kill Cutler. He learned so well from that game that Cutler ends up getting sacked 6 times in his first game back after that when Martz is once again going pass happy.

He learns? He...learns? Then please explain to me why this clown can't keep his QB's standing 44 Sacks in 2000, 40 in 2001, 46 in 2002, 43 in 2003, 50 in 2004, 46 in 05, 63 in 06, 54 in 07, 40 in 09 and that was with a tight leash on the man, and 56 last year and that was after Lovie and Tice had to strap the nutter down.

He...learns? Did he not watch the Carolina game? Collins couldn't even handle the 2-14 Panthers a game that saw him throw 4 picks. Everyone new Hanie was better so what does the Martz do against the vastly more dominant Packers in the NFC title game? He throws Collins out there again and leaves Hanie on the bench after he already new Collins sucked and Hanie was better.

I would almost feel sorry for Smith, that is if he had not gone out of his way to get his good friend hired to bring in an offense he already tried he first year in Chicago and twice now I have seen it blow up in Smiths face.

MSBears Fan has it right, it was and execution thing . . . and it don't mean squat this year. Bring on the bears! -I Bleed Green & Gold

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