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Market developing for Olin Kreutz

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While Olin Kreutz told the Sun-Times Saturday he was "leaning more toward retirement," the longtime Bears center now appears to be leaning toward continuing his NFL career.

Kreutz's agent Mark Bartelstein said a "group of teams" have expressed an interest in Kreutz, who's main stipulation is that any club he joins would be a championship contender.

"As I said all along, if he gets a championship contending type team, he's going to be really interested," Bartelstein said, "and I think we're going to get that.

"There are teams that are inquiring at that level. Do I think something will happen? I think there's a good chance something will happen. It's definitely moving in that direction."

Bartelstein declined to comment on any of the clubs interested.
Kreutz said he's in excellent shape, after a rigorous offseason in which he was able to build instead of rehab.

"We trained together this whole offseason," Bears offensive lineman Roberto Garza said. "He looks and feels great."

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I'd be lying if I didn't say it's to bad things didn't work out differently for Olin Kreutz and the Bears. I would have liked to seen him retire a Bear, and I kinda hope he still does. If he is still able to play I do wish him the best, he was one of the better players the Bears have ever had, and thats saying something. The Bears have been blessed with a rich tradition of great centers, from back in the day with Clyde "Bulldog" Turner, to heck, the last 30 years the Bears have only had basically 3 players man the position, from Jay Hilgenberg (who I think should be the next 85 Bear to go into the Hall), to Jerry Fontenot, to Kreutz. Thats saying something to only have 3 players man one position inside of 3 decades. Chris Spencer does have big shoes to fill, hopefully he pans? Or maybe this Alex Linnenkohl kid can be the next great Bear center GO BEARS!!

Remember, it's not about the money. But the "group of teams" interested in Kreutz need to know $4 million a year just isn't going to cut it. Kreutz' lowest price is $4.5 million or no deal! Let the bidding war begin!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jerry Angelo needs solutions, not questions! And Angelo says it's up to the local sports media to give him answers.

Sports media, do your job! Help Jerry Angelo find a bad team to trade Matt Forte to!

I have two suggestions. The Denver Broncos are bad. New Coach John Fox loves having two main running backs but may only have one in Moreno. He may lust after Forte. The Broncos took Kyle Orton didn't they?

Then the Miami Dolphins, another bad team, are so desperate for a running back, they are trying out Tiki Barber! And the fans there are chanting "We want Kyle Orton"!

Tell Jerry Angelo to pick up a phone and call these two teams and ask what they might give up for Forte. Can we get a combo 1st and 3rd round picks for him? How about two 2nd rounders, or is that too cheap?

C'mon everybody, brainstorm here! What other bad teams can we trade with? And how much do we settle for?

I think it's going to be pretty exciting watching Chester Taylor strut his stuff and show what he can do once the shackles are taken off of him. He seems a more dynamic player than Forte.

And at a cheaper price than Forte will demand to get ($3.1mil for Taylor versus $4.5 mil to $8.6 mil for Forte).

With Forte gone and not hogging all the plays, we can finally get more balance into the offense and spread out the plays so we can see what have in our other RB's and WR's. This way we maximize our talents and abilities.

This will improve team morale on the field and in the locker room. Which is what we need since our beloved team leader Kreutz has taken his "talents" elsewhere. Because as you know, it's not about the money.


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