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Marion Barber "just here to play football"

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New Bears running back Marion Barber doesn't like to talk to reporters.

Just ask my colleagues who covered the Dallas Cowboys or the University of Minnesota.

Barber has politely declined interview requests since signing with the Bears, but he added after Saturday's win over the Buffalo Bills that he would talk today.

Barber honored his promise.

There wasn't much, but here it is.

* On his transition to the Bears: "It feels good. Not really a big difference. Feels good to be here."

* On what he wanted to accomplish: "Man, I'm just here to play football. However they want to utilize me, I've got to be ready at all times."

* On being known as a hard-nosed runner: "No question. That's what I've been doing my whole career so it's not going to stop now."

* On importance of fresh start: "It's just all about playing football. I mean, fresh start - I'm just glad I'm here and going from there."

* On Bears as opposed to other clubs: "I'm just talking about right now. I'm just glad to be here and I'm going to continue to work."

* On Bears tradition: "I'm just here to play football. I don't think about the past. I just think about now and helping contribute to this football team."

Then Barber was gone. As he walked by Scott Hagel, the team's senior director of corporate communications, Barber said, "That's it for the year."

I don't think he was kidding...

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Addressing the media is part of your job. You accept millions of dollars to "just play football" and have no time to give a few words to the fans who make that possible? Grow up and get some perspective.

Hey, if he keeps running like he did on Saturday, then I don't care if he's a mute. As long as he plays well, keep on playing...

The media will make up stuff about him anyway, like they did about Cutler. I just watch the game, and care about the play. Media are drama queens an gossip mongers, who should report on the play & what happened on the field, instead of inferring things from words... or faces.

Right on MB! Let your play on the field do the talking. Keep up the hard work son.

Sensible commentary, Sean. The concept of the quality of play speaking for itself is what all NFL players shoud accept. Too many simply like to shoot off their mouths, saying little or nothing of value. I would like to see the whole Bear team follow Cutler's and Barber's examples.

Don't the Patriots follow the same motto with the media as Marion Barber? Hmm. They seem like they are pretty good.

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