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Lovie Smith's take on Bears' 14-13 loss to Titans

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It's hard to react to anything that happens or doesn't happen in a preseason game without overreacting, so we'll let Lovie Smith handle the assessments of the Bears' 14-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Saturday night at LP Field in Nashville.

On the overall effort: ''We have to be pleased with some of the progress we made. We got better in most areas from the Monday night performance [a 41-13 loss to the Giants] we had.''

On the offense: ''We're moving the ball. The offensive line did a good job for the second week in a row of giving Jay protection. Running wise, we had the holes open, our running backs were able to get a few yards with it. [Matt Forte gained 74 yards on 17 carries; Kahlil Bell gained 48 yards on 11 carries in the second half].

The negatives: ''Turnovers -- too many,'' he said [Caleb Hanie and Jay Cutler each threw an interception]. ''And we still need more points. It's one thing to get yards [the Bears gained 416 yards], but they don't determine the winner based on yards. It's based on points and we had to get points.

''The amount of drops. Some big dropped passes that we had that really could have given us a little bit more defensively.''

On the pass defense, which did not have a sack or a takeaway: ''We've talked a lot about taking the football away and we haven't been able to get that done. We have to take the ball away, it's as simple as that.''

On the first-team pass rush producing no sacks in three preseason games: ''We're pretty vanilla right now. We'll rush the passer well during the course of the year, I feel pretty confident about that.''

On Major Wright missing a tackle that led to a touchdown for the second consecutive game: ''You're going to miss tackles. There are a lot of tackles missed each week. Sometimes safety shows up a little bit more. As long as Major's missing one tackle, we can live with one tackle missed.

''But we're still wanting a little more production. I thought Major had an opportunity to possibly make a play on one of those long balls. We're not quite there yet, but we'll get there.''

On Caleb Hanie's interception that rookie Tommie Campbell returned 90 yards for a touchdown in the second half: ''Bad throw. Whether the receiver's in the wrong or whatever, we can't do that, it's as simple as that. I don't know exactly who was at fault right now, but you can't throw the ball directly to him.''

On Chester Taylor not playing a down, even though Marion Barber missed the last three quarters with an injury -- does it mean he's not in your plans?

''That meant that we wanted to take a look at someone else tonight, in particular Kahlil Bell. Kahlil hadn't gotten an opportunity to play that much. We wanted to get a good look at him and we were able to. And I think he did a good job of taking advantage of the carries he got.''

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One key i take from the game is the oline is far and wide from where they were last year granted they played a average at best dline in the titans. But i saw some good thing and they did good at picking up blitz and cutler find the open man. The oline isnt anything close to a finish product but they have taken nice leaps each week.

Second is the drop pass by WR. If i remember correctly last year the WR did a decent job of catching balls last year and maybe the preseason is a fluke, but if not we may be in trouble.

3rd kinda follows the second problem, which was scoring put but Wr drops contributed to that

Lastly is the dline finishes plays and get sacks. They always even last year get pressure but can seem to get to the QB. I think they'll be a good defense regardless if tthey get sacks or not but it will be nice to see the sacks and get the lose yardage

first string looked good... hester needs to catch the dam ball!! thats two games in a row with 2 drops and a trip over his feet!!

pass rush has been non-existant and will hold judgement until regular season..

o line much improved!!!! kudos to them and tice cutler has been having more time and looks crisp and strong in his delivery..

like bell and barber as 2- 3 but worried about barbers durability so maybe they should carry 4 backs..

hanie is not impressive to me... 4 years and still bone head weak armed throws and perhaps the bears need a seasoned vet like bulger to back cutler up..


Not really sure what to make of the Bears at this point. They have played all losing teams from last year and struggled with all three in the pre-season. The Bears are happy with their O-Line? I don't think so, they have played one team that can inside out them and that team was all over the QB. Even the Titans who were without both starting ends were able to get decent pressure.

The Titans were one of the worst teams in the nfl last year and were missing there best reciever, Chris Johnson and there best defensive player. And the Bears had some problems with them.

Jay looks good, Forte looks good, Bennett looks good, Barber is good whe nhe can stay healthy. For two weeks in a row I have watched Hester and I don;t see this huge improvment that the Bears have been talking about. And my god Roy Williams, are they kidding with this guy? It also looks like Knox is going the worng direction, he looks worse than last year.

On Defense I think the line will be ok, defenses don;t usually play very hard in the preseason unless you have some guys trying to earn jobs, but guys like Peppers and Urlacher are just working on staying healthy and not making mistakes. O-Lines on the other hand have to work hard because you can't let some guy like Peppers tee off on their QB.

I think the secondary is a pretty big concern, can someone teach Wright to stop dropping his head, it's hard to tackle someone when your not looking at them.

A team like the Falcons is going to be areal handful for the Bears. Smart accurate QB, decent O-Line(Although Baker sucks), power run game, and a very talented group of recievers. 3 Pass rushers on the D-Line. I don't think they are a great team, but they have some real talent and can expose some of the Bears weaknesses.

I don't know if I agree 100% with Lovie Smith when he said, "Kahlil hadn't gotten an opportunity to play that much." Kahlil Bell has gotten way more opportunities to carry the ball than Chester Taylor has this pre-season. Whats going on here with Bell getting more carries than Taylor is one of two things. Either Chicago knows what they have in Taylor and they just wanted to take a longer look at Bell, or, Taylor has lost some burst due to the fact he's a 10 year vet, and might not be with the team much longer. And Bell, who is younger and does seem to have more burst through the hole, is in all likely hood gonna be the Bears 3rd back behind Forte and Barber.

As far as the offensive line, you gotta love the progress they've made since the Buffalo debacle, not allowing a sack since then and really taking charge as far as running. They seem to be playing harder and I even seen left tackle J'Marcus Webb make a pancake block last night. This line is young and has nice size, if these guys can stick together and continue to get better, Chicago might be on to something up front. Going into the pre-season Chris Williams seemed like the weak link, but since then you haven't heard his name mentioned at all, and left tackle J'Marcus Webb and guard Lance Louis both seem to be getting better, hopefully these guys will stay on track GO BEARS!!

One thing he didn't say that has me completely jacked. They didn't just open holes. On a couple of those plays, the offensive line moved the pile. I know it's not against the "walls" we will see in the NFC North, but it's been a while since we have seen that against anybody.

Moving the pile is big, real big.

Cry-ton.....again as always, you make an a$$ out of yourself!! Please go back to Green Bay where you came from! I wish I could meet you face to face and knock some sense into that fat head of yours! You are the definition of "A Fair Weather Fan!!!"

Hey tripper, you call Creighton a fair weather fan but what did he say that was not true. You can also rip Kevin for what he said, webb and louis seem to be getting better. In my opinion louis still sucks, but its my opinion just like Kevin has his. If you want to knock some sense into someone at least give your point as to why!!!!!

Agreed. However, I also agree with Creighton. As much as I want to feel good about the offensive line, they barely kept a weak defensive line off of Cutler -- actually, they didn't keep it off of him, he was hit a lot. And just as the Bear D line is playing vanilla in preseason, so is their opponent's. I'm almost afraid to see what will happen when they play against an actual defense in the first game.

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