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Jay Cutler says everything is progressing

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said he expects his receivers and offensive line to be ready for the Sept. 11 opener against the Atlanta Falcons.

"Yeah, they're getting there, just like everybody else on this team," Cutler said of his offensive line. "It doesn't happen overnight. So it's progress, and we're headed in the right direction."

Cutler said he isn't sure if he will play in the preseason finale at Soldier Field against the Cleveland Browns on Thursday.

"I haven't heard," he said. "I'm preparing like I'm going to, and we'll see what happens."

Despite missing most of the offseason workouts, the Bears offensive line has looked better this preseason than last.

"Guys have been in the system. They know what's expected," Cutler said. "[Mike] Martz is very demanding, but he also tells the guys exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. So we've got a good core group of guys, who have been in the system, and they know what they're doing."

I'm not going to grade it. This is preseason. Games start counting when we play Atlanta, and we'll figure it out then.

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At least Atlanta is @ Soldiar Field. I don't like the idea of that young offensive line opening in the Georgia Dome, especially without Kruetz.

Domes are tough on even veteran O-lines. Week 2 in New Orleans should be interesting for them in a lot of ways. Do anybody know if Garza can holler loud enough to matter?

I am a lot more worried about his ability to recognize and pick up the blitzers. Gregg Williams will put a lot of pressure on us, and expect that his corners can bump our skinny little slot guys out of their timing. Webb having to look inside while waiting for the snap is something that scares me too. He is already at least half a step slow out of his stance. If he is watching the ball instead of listening to the snap count, it could be even worse. Expect Will Smith to own him for most of the game.

I would like to see what we would look like with Spencer in at center, and Garza at RG for a series or two on Thursday, but I know they won't do that. It would make way too much sense....

I don't know about Spencer, he was not good in Seattle and he did not look good last game. Williams will blitz a lot, his defense is nothing to worry about, you can run on them and that is important. I would worry more about Carimi early than Webb, he will probably be jumping. Webb will get help in the Dome. Will Smith can play and Rodgers will get after the QB. we will Know how much Chris Williams has improved, they also have Ayodlel who is a run stuffer. You gotta worry more about the Bears defensive interior vs. Carl Nicks and Evans although Nicks has not stood out this pre season. The Saints have a small secondary, I would not worry about there defense, then again everytime I think it's gonna be a shoot out it turns into a defensive battle. Bushrod can't handle Peppers, or at least he shouldn't be able to. Saints might be able to run on the Beas and that is a scary offense when they can run.

2 weeks till real football.

My bad they don't have Ayodlel anymore they have Aubrayo Franklin, an even better run stuffer and Rogers comes in on third downs. Gonna be a tough day for Williams.

I like some of these posts, but would like to add something to the thought process. The run game will be critical in the first three games of the season, we can not, nor should we try to outscore these teams. ATL, N.O. and the slackers all have top notch offenses. Tice went BIG and Young on the line for this reason, in order to get some Wins early Martz needs to swallow his pride and RUN the football ! We have Forte, and hopefully a healthy Barber to use with a short passing games to maintain possession of the ball and keep those offenses off the field.

I still say cutting sacks down into the 30's is critical to success this season, everyone is hyping the Lions based on the front four, we need to run on them also. Tice has a plan for these young guys we have to be patient and grow with them this season, if these guys turn into a solid line we have a foundation to build on for the future. Pass protection while important will only be one way to grade out this line, the run game I believe will be more important.

Dallas cut All pro center Gurode is now available, time for the Bears to pick him up spend a few bucks move Garza back to Guard and have better depth.

McCaskey's spend the bucks for the Chicago fans, please!!

I can't say that I know Gurode, but my formula for players that come from either Dallas or New York is simple. They are about half as good, or bad, as their press clippings would make you think.

He is a 2 time All pro MS you don't get those by press clippings. He was released because they could not agree on his contract being restructured. He lost his starting spot and at 33 is not what he used to be, he used to be a great run blocker, but just like a certain center we all know he could not handle the shotgun snap. He was still the best Center in the NFC east last year, but that is not saying a lot.

Lots of teams are going to sniff around him, but the Bears already signed Spencer, they are not going to bring in another center.

Well according to you, although he is a 2 time all-pro, he is now the second best center on his team, he was released after refusing to take a pay cut, and his best years are clearly behind him?

Sounds to me like he is about half as good as his press clippings would make you think?

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