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Jay Cutler says Devin Hester having an "unbelievable" camp

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BOURBONNAIS -- The Bears unveiled some new weapons on Thursday, most notably receiver Roy Williams and running back Marion Barber.

But it was a familiar player who stood out: Devin Hester.

During the practice, Hester made an adjustment, noticing that a safety was out of position, and he beat cornerback Tim Jennings down the field and hauled in a pass from Jay Cutler for a 46-yard touchdown. On the sideline, receivers coach Daryl Drake excitedly pointed out how well Hester recognized and executed the play.

"Devin Hester is having an unbelievable - unbelievable - camp," Cutler said.

"Just so much more comfortable in the system," Cutler said of Hester later. "He's not thinking, and in this system, if you think, you're not going to be very effective. He's just out here, he's reacting, and he's running super fast. I'm happy. I think he's happy with where he's at right now."

Hester told the Sun-Times earlier in the week that he welcomed the arrival of Roy Williams. But he said he still believes he can be a major contributor to the Bears offense.

"I just want to make plays," he said. "I just need opportunities."

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Hester should be behind Williams, Knox and Bennett at wide out. Hester could really be effective if the Bears use him as they should, not as a starting WR. Who cares if Hester doesnt get 1,000 yards, what counts now that Roy Williams is a Bears is that Hester scores as many TD's on offense as he possibly can.

Can't Roy score some TD's to or are you reserving all the TD's for Hester? Shouldn't it be what is important is that the Bears score TD's, and believe it or not yards are important to because it generally means you are in control the ball and you want to control the ball.

All I was saying is the Bears should put Hester in position (only) to score TD's.

As I see it Williams will be #1, Knox #2, Bennett in the slot and Hester the 4th and Huard the 5th.
That could change but that is how I see it.

Devin and the other guys just need to be in position to make plays. Johnny is the Split End and Roy has been playing Flanker for some years and Bennett has been learning to play the slot for 3 years. So unless they go 4 Wide you should hope not to see Hester. Although as it stands Hester is first team and Williams is second team. Although Hester had a great camp last year, and people where talking about him, his problem seems to be he thinks to much when it's game time, or should I say worries to much.

None of this will matter that much if they can't block, and right now they can't block. The Bears keep talking about how great their line is looking, just like last year, all lines look good at half speed, no pressure, and running the same play over and over with the defense not throwing anything that complex at them. The interior of the line is a joke right now and 3-4 speed rushers are going to give the tackles fits this year. Although for some odd reason I get the feeling Webb may have some problems with power guys. Dind't Jenkins just abuse him in the playoff's?

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