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Jay Cutler press conference highlights

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was in a fine mood, perhaps because he was a like a little boy who got to play with some new toys.

Cutler had a chance to play some catch with receiver Roy Williams and watched as new running back Marion Barber made a strong first impression with his hard-hitting style.

"Just to get them out there and get them in the flow of the offense, and get a feel for the complete team we're going to have for the season. It was definitely nice," Cutler said.

Asked if it felt like this was the first day of camp, since many veterans couldn't practice until today, Cutler said, "You do, with some of the new guys and some of the teaching techniques.

"We had to go back to Day one and start over. The good about it, a lot of the guys have been in a system similar to this, so we shouldn't have to spend too much time catching them up."

Here are some other highlights of his press conference:

* On his impression of Roy Williams: "You know, he's going to be dynamic for us. He's going to be good. He's very steady, very consistent in his routes. You know where he's going to be. He knows the offense. I'm excited."

* On how he feels about his arm: "Yeah. It's Year Two, so it's completely different. It's night and day. I feel more comfortable with the reads and where I'm going with the ball. It's just a matter of getting the offense line worked out, and giving me and the receivers time.

"We're kind of playing catch up; we don't really have any time, with no OTAs. So we have to make it happen pretty quick here."

* On how he improved his footwork, which surprised offensive coordinator Mike Martz: "It's hard, but this system kind of requires it. If you can't do that, if you can't do what he wants, it's hard to be effective in this system. You just have to think about and look at yourself, and kind of break it down step by step. We threw a lot this offseason, with the guys, and they did a great job. And I came back in pretty good shape, and it's paying off for me."

* On what he did differently to get in such good shape: "Just ran a little bit more. My diet was different. Just standard stuff. I'm getting a little older, so I got to get in a little better shape."

* On Martz not knowing how he improved his footwork: "I like kind of keeping him on edge. I'm not going to tell him exactly what I did, just so I have that up on him, because he knows pretty much everything else."

* On Martz saying he was "giddy" when he saw how much Cutler had improved: Yeah, I bet he was really giddy. I haven't seen Mike giddy. I'll be excited to see that someday."

* On his excitement about the second year in Martz's offense: "It's exciting. I think right now, today was a little bit rough, with the new guys and kind of starting over. But the last five practices have been extremely sharp. Devin Hester is having an unbelievable - unbelievable - camp. Johnny, Earl. Matt Forte looks great. We have a strong core of guys and we add some of these new guys in there, it should make us better."

* On if Roy Williams' familiarity with Martz will help: "Yeah. Just bringing in a big receiver in here - a big name guy - and having to start completely from zero is going to be hard, especially with the amount of time we have. He's familiar with Mike, he knows what we're trying to accomplish out here. It's not going to take long for him to step right into the mix."

* If he's concerned about his offensive line: "No. Roberto [Garza]is going to center now. But he's been there. He knows what we want. Lance played a lot for us last year. Gabe [Carimi] has to come along pretty quickly. He's doing really well for us. We've got four guys that have been in there and played a significant amount of football for us. You know, we added one new guy at right tackle. But he's a first-round pick, so we're expecting a lot of big things out of him. But those guys, I think they might surprise some people."

* On Devin Hester: "Just so much more comfortable in the system. He's not thinking, and in this system, if you think, you're not going to be very effective. He's just out here, he's reacting, and he's running super fast. I'm happy. I think he's happy with where he's at right now."

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"On Devin Hester: "Just so much more comfortable in the system. He's not thinking, and in this system, if you think, you're not going to be very effective."

Sounds perfect for Devin. Sorry you can't leave me an opening like that and not expect me to walk through it. I would like to point out out that everyone was talking about how great Hester looked last year at the begining of camp. Unfortunate for Devin when the game starts he starts thinking to much about how many steps he has to take and second guesses his routs which causes a delay which leads to missed timing and sloppy routs. You have seen it in his return game he spent 2 years questioning himself and he stank and Toub kept saying he is thinking to much. When he get's jammed he worries about his timing, when he uses a double move he worries about his rout and if he has gone off it. He gets caught up in his own head.

As for the interview Cutler clearly has a very good attitude going into this season, seems more relaxed, he got a huge monkey off his back last year when the Bears made the playoff's and notched his first pllayoff victory.

Yeah I can see a difference with him this year, you can almost feel it with him. Still worried about that line though, I wonder how light and fun he will be if he is getting hammered again this year. I get the feeling Martz and Tice are blowing a lot of smoke about the line this year.

Webb has feet and size but looks like he is still a year or two away from being a finished product. Carimi is a rookie with no off-season, Garza is a mediocre player and has been his whole career, Williams is a busted first round pick and most seem to think he does not look very good at guard, and then you have Louis and Spencer. Spencer gets dummped from his former team and Louis is suppose to have had this great off-season where he cleaned a lot of things up. What off-season. it's been a lockout. Cutler got together with the skill guys, but the linemen did not get together. So what great off-season did Louis have. When the Bears make comments like that I get worried, Like When Olin was saying Williams and Omiyale would great and were super talented, I got worried cause it wreaks of smoke blowing.

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