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DE Nick Reed making an impression

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Nick Reed isn't a former first-round pick, and he isn't one of the undrafted players.

Reed, a seventh-round pick of the Seattle Seahawks in 2009, is hoping to play in his second NFL season with the Bears.

After posting a sack and defending two passes as a rookie, Reed was cut by the Seahawks in September 2010.

Although he had a few options, Reed picked the Bears in January.

He knew new defensive line coach Mike Phair, he heard great things about defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli and he watched the Bears defense shine last season.

"It was kind of an easy decision," he said.

Reed definitely stood out during training camp, giving all of the offensive tackles fits.

"I do my best every day and hope I make an impression," said Reed, who set the Oregon record with 29.5 sacks.

But, in two preseason games, Reed has just one tackle. And he was the first player to step after the starting defenders left the game against the New York Giants.

"They keep you guessing," Reed said. "But you got to be prepared."

Reed said he did all four phases of special teams with the Seahawks in 2009, and he's trying to work his way onto all four with the Bears.

As for competing for snaps, Reed said he doesn't worry too much.

"That's energy wasted worrying about the depth chart," he said. "All you can do is bring your best effort and attitude. Nothing else you can do."

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Fact is, Nick Reed faces an up-hill battle to make the 53-man roster. Sure he's looked good in camp, but what good is that gonna really do him if he isn't making any plays during some pre-season games, not that any of the other ends are. Look at safety Craig Steltz, he's the Bears all-time leader in interceptions.....during training camp. But if you aren't making any plays during some games, the coaching staff isn't gonna notice you, like with Steltz. To make this team, or some other team, Reed needs to either come up with some sacks, or come up with a couple special teams tackles vs the Titans. Because with Peppers, Idonije, Wootton, Gholston, and Mario Addison in front of him, I doubt he makes it. Heck, Reed isn't even listed on the depth chart on the teams web-site. GO BEARS!!

Reed looked great in practice and in pre-season games with the Seahawks, but when the lights came on on Sunday, he was a no show. He was just overmatched. Its too bad, because was a fan favorite.

What happened to the kid from Troy? Man the Bears are loaded at end, Rods got at least 4 players he is going to coach into all pro talent. Just like he did for that bum Peppers, turned his whole career around.

I think we all know the defense is basically Peppers, Urlacher and Briggs. You lose Peppers or Urlacher and it's a going to be a long season.

Sean how is Winston Venable doing? Any chance he makes it on special teams, I hear he is a pretty good player.

Yes. The season maybe over if pepper or urlacher gets hurt,but are you at least optimistic about the oline. Considering eveyone except Williams is in a new spot with no OTA's and they improved agasint the Giants. If they keep getting better we know what Cutler can do when he's protected. Plus the oline will get a lot of help during the season from TE something their not in the preseason.

There no way but up the oline and offense as whole can go but up from last year. Knox and Hester should be better in year 2 of a very complex offense and we know what we get in Bennet. Plus they showed promise in the offense and show what Cutler can do if protected against some good defense in the Eagles, Jets and Vikings last year. I expect the bears to finish at least 10-6 and 2nd in the divison but i wont be suprise if they win it.

Mike Tice, please get off the message boards and go back to work.

Wow you must be knew here.

First of all you do not reply to my comments without adressing me as my king, my lord or your higness. You must have no friggin clue who I am kid.

Secobndm, no I have no reason to be optamystic about this line or this offense. They can get worse and they are worse then last years.

Third, 10-6? Don't make me laugh. I've sen enough to now that this i snot a playoff team. You homers make me want to puke.

Sean, I no you no how lucky that fool was. I shuold have smakced that jabroni around but I'm going to play nice this time for your sake. Just dont let it happen again. Keep your bloggers in check and no one will get hurt. Capiche?

Creighton, how come every time you open your mouth you make yourself look like a bigger idiot than the last time? Focus on two things Creighton, learning how to properly spell, and then getting a life instead of sounding like a wanna-by gang banger! The question/comments by DaBears06 were simple and straightforward and deserved no ridicule. By the way Creighton, don't forget we are all well aware of who and what you are, and that's the true jabroni of the blogging world. How you like them apples your highness?


When Jr. High starts next week, you should pay attention in English class. It might make your posts easier to read.

Speaking of Reed (nice segue, don't you think?), he's the best non-starting DE on the roster.

Bill your back, how is your best friend Jery Angelo, and your good buddy Tommy Harris? I still see you can't figure out who the real me is, just the way I like it.
I prefer your lordship by the way, I like to keep things informal. It's not as informal as the pet name we gave you back in the day but Sean asked us not to use words like that on the blog anymore.

Ps. Not a big fan of the apple, I like oranges and plums, and I love the kiwi with the skin though.

So how did your weekly phone call with Jerry Berry go? You tell him which players to sign again?

Oh and how did you figure out I was a wanna be gangster? Oh wait said "wanna by"(thanks for the spelling tips by the way) gang banger. I can never get those damn gang signs right, my damn middle finger keeps poping up, look it's doing it now.

Good talking to you Bill and you be good this time around, I don't want to have to put you on double secret probation again you wild and CRAZY blogger you.

Ps. Not a big fan of the apple, I like oranges and plums, and I love the kiwi with the skin though. Just letting you know in case you want to get me a fruit basket or something nice.

Your really gonna need to figure out which Creighton is which. Outside of that, well ummm after the read/Reed segue, I just, I mean, I don't know, did you actually like that when you wrote it?

This just is not worth my time, read/Reed, really?

Reed played behind p. Kearney in Seattle the first year. Made some tackles, scored in an 83 year fumble recovery and got a sack. Cut due to injuries in year two. Now in third year he shows alot of hustle, which the Bears need, BTW. Was a special teams player of the Hawks. Other than Peppers, he has gotten closer to the other teams QB in the Giants game. Worth the risk, I think.

Whoa King Creighton didnt mind to offend you. I better go sit in a corner until i learned my lesson

I like 10-6, why not!

If there are not too many key injuries, below is a few reasons why.

The Bears Defense will keep them in most every game and win half just through their points allowed being one of the best in the league. It should be a top 5 defense.
Pass rush should be good and against the run should be one of the best. Linebackers should be very good, safeties and corners average but because the Bears will be pushing the pocket and creating havoc at the line of scrimmage turnovers and 3 and out should be commonplace for this defense. The corners and safeties will look better because of the line and linebackers.

Special teams will still be one of the best in the league, you have Toub, some good gunners, return men etc.

Offense has also improved albeit the O line has some real issues, it should be at least equal to last year and maybe better by year end and playoff time. OT has improved Carimi is a good rookie addition, TE from a blocking perspective has improved, OG slight digress and Center is in a critical state of flux but at least Garza has NFL toughness and experience and the knowledge of working with Kruetz for years. They might take a flyer on O'Hara who was cut by NYG.

QB should be better with Hanie having one more year in the system to back up Cutler. The key for Cutler will be whether he truly reduces his turnovers particularly in the red zone this year. Cutler should pass for more touchdowns this year with one more year in the Martz system.

Wr's will be good maybe better than average in the NFL.

Running game decent better than average with backs that can catch the ball out of the backfield.

Bears win the division, split with the Pack, sweep the Vikes, and split with the Lions, they should beat the Panthers, Chiefs, Bucs, Raiders, Seahawks and Broncos. and be in just about every game against all other opponents in 2011.

Lovie is Lovie average and becoming slightly better than average.
Marinelli is good and will be a top DC this year.
Tice is good needs better talent to work with but the line will play mediocre this year in the middle of the NFl.
Drake, jury still out on him.
Toub great, one of the best.
Angelo needs to make up for some stupidity for hiring his PR buddy from Seattle and for letting Kruetz get away from what could be a Superbowl winning team if all cards fall in the right direction.
Phillips is a lackey for the McCaskey family.
McCaskey's not committed enough to winning it all or to the city of Chicago and its great fans or they would spend more to accomplish that goal.

Creighton, come on take a look, it is not the apocalypse as you suggest.

Not worth your time? Really? Your post stating that just appeared as spontaneous prose? That's funny. You funny, too. (thanks George)

bears will be 3 - 13 this year, don't forget lovie will screw up at least a dozen time., remember the time he called time out on a reviewable play, then threw the red flag after the time out was over. just one of many game time calls that he makes. i can't wait to see all the stupid side line in the heat of the moment blunders he makes this yr.

If the NFL needs any more evidence that the preseason is too long they just have to look at this blog. Jeez you guys are negative.

Y'all should take a week off and come back. I've been off the grid but got my first look at this year's Bears team against the Giants. Even then I missed the first quarter. Even though the Bears got clobbered in the score, I actually found it encouraging.

In the first place the O-line didn't suck. Against a pretty good Giants D-line they held their own. That alone put's the offense about 8 games ahead of where they were last year. (and yes I realize the Giants were not playing a regular season game either). It will probably take a few games into the regular season to fully replace Kruetz but the oline looks like it could gel and be OK.

With the exception of cornerback, I'm not worried about the defense at all. Say what you will about Lovie Smith, but he knows better than to expose his veteran defense in the preseason.

As far as these young DE prospects remember we are talking backups here. Izzy will start right? Marinelli may stick in his thumb and pull out a Wooten or Reed, but they will be backups and special teamers. If they find somebody who pushes for PT, that will be great.

The O-line, well that depends how you look at it. 3-4 edge rushers are still gonna give the Bears problems, I have not seen the Bears O-Line do anything remarkable yet. NY didn't do anything to push them, they didn't blitz, they didn't scheme, and the Bears ran a lot of screens. Not to mention they only played against one legit pass rusher in Tuck. The also did a terrible job run blocking.

So I will have to wait to see how they protect against good pass rushing lines who are actually trying to get after the QB. Plus it depends how the the play calling goes and who the individual blocker is facing. Big tackles tend to struggle with smaller speed rushers. I don't know of any dominant Pass rushers on the Titians defense so if I was looking ot see something tonight I would be watching for blitz pick up by the Bears line.

Really Dahli, really? Take a closer look at the post Dahli, take a good close look at them.

The offense has improved you say? How many points have they put up? I don't think anyone will touch O'Hara after his major surgery, which is why nobody has.

Cutelr reduced his turnovers last year, and was pressured more than any other QB in the last 5 years at 43 percent of all drop backs. There are sacks and there is pressure and the Bears need to reduce both. If the line improves in pass protection than that means one thing to me. Martz will call more passing palys and more deep drops, thus putting his line and QB in a bad position. If you think he was bad last year go watch some of those Rams games. If you think he put the line and QB in bad situations last year, think again that was him being conservative.

I don't have a lot of hope for the recievers, Martz has gotten guys like Furrey a 1000 yard season in this offense. But that didn't make Furrey good, Williams does not appear to care at all, Hester is just not a natural reciever, and Knox is basically a big baby, who has not worked all that hard at his craft according ot a lot of people, he has bad study habbits, he has not learned his routs nor does work hard on them, and if he does not get his way he pouts. Bennett still looks like Cutlers favorite target but is not a big play reciever, more of a dependable tough reciever, but I don't see him exploding of r a lot of big plays.

Let me know when the Bears learn to run the ball into the end zone from the one. You want to complain about Cutler in the red, how about Forte? I believe they pulled him from that job last year and brought in a power back to take over the short yardage job cause someone can't do it.

Creighton good to see you stirring the pot again, some fine points made but not all pass the smell test.

First things first... This is preseason and you and I know that Preseason sucks, you really see very little as far as scheme, you get to see a lot of young players make an impact and make the team. Points on the board will start in September on opening day, until then don't worry about them.

As for Cutler in the red zone, yes he has sucked in the red zone as a matter of fact ESPN's new QBR has rated Cutler as average and less than average the last two years of 2009 and 2010. His only good rating was with the Broncos before he became a Bear. I understand that the pressure and a mediocre line only hurt Cutler's effort but lets face the facts he has made poor decisions particularly in the red zone and to get even three is better than a turnover.

I agree with you on the receivers, although I have been very critical of Williams I am hoping he will play to his talent level which could be great. Bennett is good not great and Knox has some real talent, Hester has looked shown signs and one day will have a break out year.

Forte sucks at the 1 yard line but we have a new addition at RB and a tight end group that is better at blocking than last, the Bears will be better within the 5 yard line this year.

Creigton, I agree with many things you say, I just believe that the Bears have a 10-6 season in them, the veterans like Peppers, Urlacher etc want a championship because they are not going to get many more chances and who knows stranger things have happened.

I never said Cutler had been good in the red and he often tries to make throwing plays that do not exist in the red or tries to force plays. But Cutler is not the team he is the QB, and I do expect him to improve this year, like he did last year. But I will never know how good he can be until he is behind a good line and the Bears have a duel threat attack in the red. Barber had some problems in the red last week. Blocking is the main culprit in this case as I don't see many running lanes being created by the Bears, and they seem to trya nd get by with screens.

ESPN stole there new rating system from PFF.

Knox's talent means nothing if he does not maximize his ability and all reports say he is not doing that.

Calling the Bears O-Line mediocre is a joke, that was the lowest rated line in PFF history.

Me and Neil Hayes already gave are win loss total for the year. Even though neither where realistic and we were doing it for fun. Sure they could go 10-6 or they could have a rash of injuries and it turns into a train wreck. By the way I had more wins than you and I also picked the teams I thought they should beat. But I am really a week by week guy as injuries on either team can change the aspect of a game.

I am already disappointed with the Titians game, I was hoping to see certain match ups but Jones and Morgan are out on defense and Britt is out on offense. The Giants will be starting a third string back as well, plus the Titans O-Line sucks. Same thing happened with the Giants game, I don't care about the score in preseason, I watch matchups and look for certain situations in each game.Right now there is not a lot to look for in this game other than blitz pick up.

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