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Darryl Drake sends strong message to Roy Williams

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Bears receivers coach Darryl Drake issued a strong message to Roy Williams recently.
If he doesn't get better, he's going to lose his starting spot.
Asked where Williams is at, in preparation for the season opener, Drake said, "Not where he needs to be, and he knows that.
"He and I have talked about that. And the good thing about it is, you got Johnny Knox who is fighting and working hard. And believe you and me, [Williams] also understands that Johnny is there, and Johnny is hungry, and Johnny wants his spot back. And if things don't start changing, then Johnny is going to be in there. Heard it straight from the horse's mouth."
Williams said earlier Wednesday that he was being sarcastic about his comments from last week regarding his physical fitness. But Drake didn't debunk the notion that Williams still isn't in game shape.
"I understand that Roy's got some things to do, as far as getting in shape, but that's not my fault, and that's not my concern," Drake said. "My concern is making sure, when we play Atlanta, we got the best guys out there, that is going to give us the best chance to win. And if Johnny Knox is that guy, then he needs to be out there."
These are strong words from Drake. But keep in mind that Drake coached Williams at Texas, and he knows how to push the receiver.
Drake is one of the team's more outspoken and publicly honest coaches, but he certainly made his comments with a goal in mind.
Regardless, Drake likes the way Knox has responded.
"I know a lot is being made about Johnny not being in there but this has helped Johnny. This has helped him to be a better student of the game. Johnny has improved tremendously. I'm very proud of what he's done, and he needs to continue to do that because there were some things he needed to do," Drake said. "But as long as he continues to make the strides he's making, he's going to be fine."
Williams suggested he didn't have any drops against the New York Giants Monday night, even though he clearly botched the first ball intended for him, which would have given the offense a first down on third and long.
Asked how many of the three passes intended for Williams should have been caught, Drake said, "The first one, for sure.
"Aaron Ross made a great play and knocked it out, but you can't let Aaron Ross knock that ball out. That's the bottom line. The ball hit him in the hands - it was a great throw - and he let the DB knock it out."
Drake explained that the details of the offense are evident on that play. He said if Williams were one or two steps over, Ross wouldn't have had a chance to make a play on the ball.
"That was the difference in the play, bang-bang," Drake said.
As for the slant, Drake said there was no way for Williams to make the play, suggesting that the cornerback held the receiver.
But Drake added that the receivers have to play through those things.

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Now its getting a bit interesting ! I think this game on Saturday could determine even if we oipen the season with Roy Williams on the roster. Now before everyone freaks, hear me out. Earlier today we read where Williams in complete denial says he did not drop that pass on Monday night, we all know he did! then he says that he is not in shape yet, well why not? He knew he was probably going to be released by the Cowboys after his play there last season and knew he had something to prove to everyone this season. Three: this is the BEARS, we all know they are not going to pay a guy that king of coin to sit on the bench, and unlike Knox he does not add value anywhere else but at Wideout. so if he does not give us anything to make us stand up and notice on Saturday, I could see him being a surprise cut from the 53 roster before the season, I'm just saying stranger things have happened before in the league.....What do you guys think??

I think Drake is doing what he needs to do to give himself and out if it comes to that !

Plaxico is looking pretty good. As long as he doesn't shoot himself he should have a good year.

"As for the slant, Drake said there was no way for Williams to make the play, suggesting that the cornerback held the receiver."

Holding in football? Say it isn't so Sean, say it isn't so.

You gotta love the way Roy WIlliams being in Chicago is pushing Johnny Knox, it doesn't sound like Knox is pushing Williams although, thats probably why Bears receiver coach Darryl Drake issued the statement. It looks like Williams needs a little motivation. This is year 3 for Knox, the season where receivers usually take that next step, Knox did almost have a 1,000 yards receiving last season. Knox did seem to have a better camp than Williams also, although part of that is probably due to the fact Williams was late getting into camp, but still. One thing that has bothered me is the coaching staff said they never just hand anyone a starting position, see Chris Spencer, but then they basically hand Roy Williams Johnny Knox's job? Hopefully the best guy makes it to the field by week one GO BEARS!!

Kevin Armstead | August 24, 2011 8:14 PM | Reply
"You gotta love the way Roy WIlliams being in Chicago is pushing Johnny Knox, it doesn't sound like Knox is pushing Williams although, thats probably why Bears receiver coach Darryl Drake issued the statement. It looks like Williams needs a little motivation."

Kevin, is there a reason you so often state the obvious (or at least the heavily implied) in your posts and then act like you've made this major discovery?

Gee willikers! Roy Williams, despite being handed a starting position, hasn't done a single thing worth mentioning. He's been dropping passes and was said to have been out of shape. And now Drake is saying those harsh things about him? Hmm...

Could it be, wait I'm onto something here, could it be that Drake is upset and wants Roy Williams to improve or else?

Might his job be in jeopardy of being taken by one, Johnny Knox!?

Did I just summarize the article Sean put out in the most redundant of ways? Hmmm...

"One thing that has bothered me is the coaching staff said they never just hand anyone a starting position, see Chris Spencer, but then they basically hand Roy Williams Johnny Knox's job?"

Ummm not to pile on, but your just catching onto this? The ydo this all the time. They have gotten better about it but they still do it every year. I talk about it every year, you get mad at me for talking about every year or ever. But you brought it up this time. So I thought I would help you out. Yes Kevin it is strange that they say guys have to compete for a job and then just hand guys a job. Don't angry, take in the sarcasim, feel flow, gow with the groove, shoot the curl, some other stupid sayings.

Okay I gotta get back to McGrubber, have fun and try not to kill eachother. The rules are there are no rules, two men enter one man leave.

And yes Sean I am totally encouraging this. I never said I was a good person.

This is HORRIBLE!! I come back after a summer and all the studs are gone!!

Garrett "The Bus" Wolfe, the bestest and wonderfulest fullback to ever play the game...GONE! Pro Bowl receiver Rashied Davis...GONE!! What is the world coming to??!!!!

And by the way, Garrett wasn't fighting with anyone down there in Miami. He was just trying to add mystery and excitement to the bar just like Ced Benson was on his boat. You don't cut Pro Bowl talent for that!

Ohhhh, my. I just love Jerry and Ted, but I worry they lose their visionary perspective sometimes. Blessed my virgin soul, though, Tim Ruskell is around
to keep them centered.

By the way, this Roy Williams is a total beast!

The Bumstead is back!!

I heard on the radio yesterday about Johnny Knox looking a lot stronger this year, and that he really added some muscle in the offseason, which is a good thing, since he couldn't beat raspberry jam off the line last season. I am impressed with how the kid responded after last season.

But the reason Roy Williams was given a starting job ahead of Knox is that he wouldn't run the routes called in the offense, and wouldn't fight for the ball. Has either of those things been fixed? Will he hang Cutler for 3 INTs because he breaks off a slant route instead of flashing in front of the defender's face? Will he give up on deep balls that are underthrown rather than slow down, and go up for it? Those are the things that are stopping Johnny Knox from being a starting wide receiver. Roy just happened to be the guy they landed in front of him. Bennett would be starting ahead of him too if given the chance, because he does his job.

I didn't get the chance to watch the game Monday night, because I was in the process of moving (back to the Chicago area, so I can see all of the games now without having to pay for Sunday Ticket), but I did see Roy Williams look like the same stiff that has been in Dallas the last couple of years. There is no reason to pay him to play like that. He is slow off the line, runs lazy routes, and is sloppy with the ball. He used to just be sloppy with the ball, which is correctable. He was off by one or two steps on a quick in/stop route....that does not bode well for his future. The Bears need someone to step up in the passing game, because we can't rely on Forte to always move the chains. Knox running an occasional go and beating coverage is not good enough. Hester, Knox, and Bennett need to be threats all over the field, by running good routes, and getting off the line. I think Williams will get cut if it comes down to it, especially if he doesn't show significant improvement this weekend.

I just love how a grown man/woman stays up till 1:22 am in the morning to imitate me, now thats somebody with an active social life. Thats sarcasm. =-)

And Mike (Creighton wanna be), nice to see your back, thats sarcasm too....=-) Don't worry Mike, in a dark room in front of your computer screen, your funny, really, you are. GO BEARS!!

To whoever has the handle mocking Kevin, Garrett Wolfe was indeed absolved of acting out of pocket with his brush up in Miami. Spend less time mocking other posters, get your facts straight before posting, and post your own original thoughts. That'll make you look a little less pathetic, Mr. 1:22 a.m.

Joe, Welcome back my friend and solid post as usual ! You are lucky getting to move back home, I only get there two to three times a year now because of job, but Hey as you and I have proven once a BEARS fan always a BEARS fan.

You are spot on with the Williams observations and comments on Knox.

By the way your man Stinchcomb is a FA, I think he could be a possiblity for a swing tackle position, if someone in the young o-line gets hurt.

I'll be looking for more its from you soon .....

It's almost time for Regular season ....Go BEARS

Kevin you know your happy to see Mike. Your like Yin and Yang, the Sun and the Moon, Sunny and Cher, Tom and Jerry, Popey and Bluto.

Kevin: You say I'm dumb and I don't know
I watch the Bears and then I start to crow
Mike: Well I tend to think, you lost a screw
And you hate me and Kevin I hate you
Mike: Bud
Both: I hate you bud
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Kevin: And maybe are posts won't pay the rent
But fighting with you is always time well spent
Mike: I guess that's true, it takes some time
But at least I know your losing everytime
Mike: Bud
Both: I hate you bud
I hate you bud
Mike: I read your posts and I want to scream
You always compare me to this Blogs true king
Kevin: And when you get mad your such a clown
And when I get picked on, it's you who's always arounddddd
Kevin: So Don't let them say we post to long
cause fighting with you, we make a beautiful song
Mike: Then put your little hand in mine
and we will fight until the end of time
Mike Bud
Both I got you bud
I got you bud
I got you bud
I got you buddddddddddddddd

It's so nice to see you two together again, I am getting a little choked up. Ok Fred and Ginger you two have fun.

I think you might be right.

LOL ! got too much time on your hand the ode to Kevin was Hillarious !

Kevin A. your turn !

I really do, I am even taking a class this fall, Japanese 102. If football ever goes to Japan I am so gonna ready.

Lets face the facts, Williams is basically lazy. He has the physical ability but he is out of shape and does not work as hard as those with lesser talents, Roy Williams is lazy and JOhnny Knox deserves the first string position.

Williams was cut by Dalla because he is lazy and he sucks, his work ethic is suspect and he does not deserve to start any longer, He truly could be one of the best receivers in the NFL if he was committed to being the best. Roy Williams is committed to being average and collecting millions for an average performance in the NFL.

Lets face it Roy Williams you are mediocre at best until you decide to be better and you are too lazy to be exceptional because that takes work and commitment,which takes inner strength which you do not possess.

Roy Williams is a problem player. If he somehow gets an attitude adjustment, he'd be very good. But if his attitude remains the same, he's just another bad Bear pickup and they haven't improved their receiving corps one bit. If the Bears wanted to take a chance on a problem receiver, Plaxico Burress was the way to go. His attitude problems were at least off the field, and I'll bet his time in jail adjusted his attitude real good.

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